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SAUDI ARABIA: Riyadh commits $50 million to Haiti relief efforts

After taking a beating in the media for failing to come up with aid for earthquake-stricken Haiti, oil-rich Saudi Arabia has now agreed to pitch in $50 million to help the poor Caribbean Sea nation, news agencies are reporting.

The aid will be directed through the United Nations.

"The kingdom, by instruction of King Abdullah, is donating $50 million ... to assist the Haitian people," foreign ministry spokesman Osama Nugali told Agence France-Presse today.

-- Los Angeles Times

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To "getyourfactsstraight" person from back on January 26, 2010. The US is the stingiest country in terms of % of GDP given in humanitarian aid. Funny that the US always has seemingly unlimited amounts of money to spend on wars and military occupations (remember your own President Eisenhower who spoke of the military industrial complex)! It has been noted even by former President Jimmy Carter who commented on the US and aid: 'We are the stingiest nation of all'. Denmark is top of the table, giving 1.01% of GDP, while the US manages just 0.1% of its GDP for aid. The United Nations has long established the target of 0.7% GDP for development assistance. Also most US aid goes to a few specific nations; the two nations receiving the most American "aid" are first Israel and second Egypt (which is under by the dictator Hosni Mubarak who is heavily supported by the US and Israel, to the extent that he is seen as a puppet of these two nations and rules by torturing his people and completely rigging any attempted "elections" so he gets 90% plus of the "vote"). The US gives more in "aid" to Israel, the the US gives in aid to all of Africa. Again the US gives more "aid" to Israel then all of Africa! As for your claims about "personal donations" this is another common claim made by US policy defenders against those who criticize the stingiest of the US in terms of total % of GDP given in aid. Even in terms of private donations the US is still among the stingiest per capita (just like % of GDP, were again the US gives only a puny 0.1% of GDP) and falls far behind even Western European and Scandinavian countries.

I like how racist many of the commenters are here, they go along well with this racist news article. The latimes likes to try to claim they "shamed" Saudi Arabia or something lol! Did you ever thing Saudi Arabia was assessing what should be sent and that is why they made their $50 million donation, the largest from any Middle Eastern nation to date, on January 25, 2010?! By attacking Saudi Arabia (who did give this $50 million donation to Haiti) you anti-Muslim Western racists also get to put aside the fact of how Western imperialism made Haiti poor. Why don't you actually read history and see how the Haitian slaves freed themselves from French colonialists in 1804, and then following this the US and France blockaded Haiti and made the Haitians pay "reparations" that equal $21 billion today just for their freedom! Then the US military occupied Haiti to "secure" US business interests from 1915 to 1934. Then the US backed the Duvalier (Papa and Baby Doc) dictators from 1957 to 1986 because they were seen as an "anti-Communist bulwark" especially against Revolutionary Cuba after they had overthrown the US puppet Fulgenico Batista in the late 1950s. The US backed Duvalier dictators had their own death squads called the Tonton Macoutes who murdered thousands of Haitians, all while the Duvalier's (especially Baby Doc) stole Haitian money with US blessing. Then in 1990 Haiti finally elected a nationalist leader Jean Bertrand Aristide who was overthrown in 1991 in a US CIA backed coup. Aristide was only reinstalled by Clinton in 1994 when he finally was forced to accept and agree to the imperialist neoliberal economic policies the US imperialists want to force on him; i.e. anti-nationalist and pro-sweatshop! Then again in 2004 when Aristide was elected Haitian President, the CIA overthrew him again and kidnapped him into exile!

am confused here, i can't understand how do you blame saudi for aiding $50m to help people have suffered a natural disaster, and thank the states for leading this humanitarian aids to recover from this disaster.
forgetting the fact that saudi arabia is not the country that made the most devastated manmade disasters in the past century, it is not the country responsible for killing more than 250,000 people by atomic bombs more than 5,000 miles away from its borders. also it is not the country that led to a war cost the lives of more 1.5m people in vietnam which is more than 8,000 miles away from its land. also i don't think that saudi arabia is the country that when they don't like some countries' leadership, who they are more than 6,000 miles away, they just go and smash every thing creating what could be worse than a natural disaster killing more than 1.5m people in two different countries.

somebody might come over and say ohhh these were the governments' bad decision, i would reply by saying i feel sorry for you, saudi arabia never made a Regime Changing Policy of other countries they don't feel they are cool, which has passed 380-36 in the House of Representatives, which should represent the public believes, which is btw against UN International laws, because in saudi arabia they never had a "House of Representatives".

anyway I feel sorry of these people who believe that their country is a role model of the noble country, since it is way far from that.

$50 million that's not bad. if every country donates 20% of that, meaning $10 million on average (some will donate much more like the US, China, Japan, the UK etc. they can donate 300-500 Million a piece and other lets say 1 million or so) we can give Haiti about $1.5 Billion assuming about 150 nations.

What matters are the people in Haiti

Saudi Arabia's rulers are unconcerned with the suffering of others, and show the face of the entire muslim world. I have heard nothing from any muslim leadership that speaks for the worldwide muslim community regading this suffering in Haiti. Only when they are cornered by public humiliation do they help. In regards to the below comment about Israel, It was noted that Sudia Arabia was dead last out of all the countries of the earth in finacial aid. It is disgusting that this country is so selfish.

I think this donation and every effort should be appreciated.

YOU want to get your facts right.
1.US GDP per ca pita is $47,440 ranked 6th in the world
saudi GDP per ca pita is $23,814 ranked 38Th in the world
so 50 million sounds good when comparing GDP, government to government.
2.Americans make much more than saudis ,because the saudi royal family control most of the will be surprised by the number of Saudis live in poor conditions.
the Zionist propaganda like to portray Arabs as either spoiled rich sheiks or terrorist.
so complaining about the rich saudi citizens being not as generous as the US citizens is unfounded.
3.I don't hear about Greece ,cypress,slovenia and Malta lack of contribution to the relief effort,even though they all have higher GDO ranking than saudi arabia ,I guess the fact that they are non Muslim countries has something to do with that
So take your bs and take a hike

I wonder how much Israel contributed? Right, they are too busy building racist walls, demolishing homes, attacking the UN for documenting atrocities. Let's just focus on the evil Saudis.

This is to Neutral M,
The US has donated far more than $100 million. One thing you have to realize is that in the United States the majority of the donation is done by the people themselves. It is very unique in that the government is not the sole humanitarian. In most other countries the government donates over 90% of the countries total contribution. In the US it is the exact opposite. So take your bs and take a hike. You need to get yourself educated before you open your mouth.

J... Saudi Arabia is the size of Texas and has contributed exactly as half of what the whole United States has contributed which is $100 million... UK only contributed $10 million.. Japan which is one of the richest countries is contributing $70 million... so you want to tell me $50 million is nothing!!! WHAT ON EARTH!!... And you're talking about Jihad.. you're such an ignorant, stupid........ who all he knows in this world his gun and his beer... Look Saudi Arabia is a 100% Muslim nation and Haiti is a Christian nation and still the who you call "jihad" have helped this Christian nation when lots of Christian nation have done nothing.. why don't your hateful eyes see the humanity Saudi Arabia has shown.. you're just like a b..., you will always keep whining no matter what!!

$50 million thats all. where all these reports of $800 million coming from. Simply amazes me that they would lie... The Donation came too long after the quake. This is just 100000 less ak-47s and 25000 less rockets that would be used in a global jihad against Israel and the rest of the non-muslim world.

I was one wondering why Saudi Arabia had not contributed. This is sizeable & dwarfs the aid of some other prosperous nations. I hope they prove to be a role model for other nations.


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