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MUSLIM WORLD: King of Pop was about to convert to Islam, Michael Jackson's brother says

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Michael's Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson reached out to the Muslim world in a long, controversial interview with the Dubai-based pan-Arab news channel Al-Arabiya aired Thursday night. 

See below the jump for the videos of the interview, Jermaine Jackson's first ever with an Arab news network.

During his nearly hourlong talk, he spoke out about his brother's death, the conspiracies he believed were behind the singer's downfall -- and how he believes the King of Pop was on the verge of converting to Islam.

After spending time in the Gulf (Michael Jackson lived in Bahrain for a while in 2005), "Michael hired a team that was all Muslim,” Jackson told Al- Arabiya, dressed in a red Arab Keffeyeh scarf.  “His behavior at the time also showed that he was very close to converting.”

Jackson went on to recount to Arab households how the King of Pop was drawn by Islam, saying his brother loved hearing the Muslim call to prayer and eagerly read books on Islam.  Jackson said Islam  would have protected his brother from harm.

"I felt that Michael was looking for that divine feeling .... I brought him books from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, from a lot of mosques. He read all of them. He was studying ... he was ready to make that journey. His protection would have been Islam ... he had a very tough life," he said.

When asked by his interviewer whether Michael Jackson ever suggested that he would convert, Jackson implied his brother may have been a Muslim in his heart.

"I wished he would have made that announcement. Maybe he made it in his soul ... but at the same time we want to hear it,"  he said.

He added that the amount of time Michael spent in the Middle East and the number of friends he had there also indicated he had embraced Islam.

Jermaine Jackson, a composer and former member of the Jackson 5, himself developed an interest in Islam during a trip to the Persian Gulf in the late 1980s and later became a Muslim.  When asked to share his travels with the viewers, he said he  "never felt a connection" until he became a Muslim and how he believes his ancestors were Muslims and that Christianity was imposed on them through slavery. 

At one point, he explains his emotional and spiritual journey in his pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

"We drove from Bahrain to Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia) and then took a flight to Mecca.  It was the most wonderful feeling. It felt so pure, so special. I knew that was the connection," said Jackson.

He only wishes his brother had followed his example and become a Muslim too. Islam, says Jackson, would have saved the King of Pop from many hardships.

"I believe that Islam would have helped him a lot. Had he converted, he would have been spared all the problems he had been subjected to throughout his life," he said.

-- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photo: In his first interview with an Arab TV channel, Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson told the Arab news network Al-Arabiya that he believes the King of Pop was on the verge of converting to Islam. Credit: Al-Arabiya

Videos: The interview in three parts. Credit: YouTube

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Please post your picture. We would all like to critique your looks.

JohnRJ08 -
Read Lisa Marie's own words that she wrote the day after Michael died. She contradicts everything you said about their marriage. Most people would believe HER, except those who need to make up their own stories. I'm sure she was closer to the situation that you were. Although, living 2 blocks away WOULD make you an authority, if you are a stalker.

Wow, folks, there's a Class A hater on this board by the name of JohnRJo8. I suggest y'all just ignore him and let him stew in the juices of his hate forever.

Good for you, beau! You used the good brain God gave you instead of listening to medialoid (mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism) and its pack of lies.

JohnRJo8, I didn't see "revulsion" in that kiss. Not at all. Only those who see the world through tabloid eyes viewed it that way.

just because michael loved everyone and all religions, just because he studied everyone and various religions does not mean he was about to convert. he was a genius, and like all geniuses he craved knowledge, in all forms from all sides. he was said to read a book everyday, how many of us do that? he wanted to educate himself in any way possible without having to stoop down to the nonsense of media and propaganda. i can see how his purity and innocence can be twisted around into peculiar behaviour as we all live in a world controlled by the media. if you don't follow, if you stand out, you are seen as different, as odd, as creepy. words get easily twisted around, and so does the intention and meaning so it's no wonder that he eventually became the hunted. this world is full of greed, and while ppl symphatize with you, or adore you, they do it to a point, and then if they see you having more power, they hunt you down. i do believe in what jermaine said about the trial and the conspiracy against michael, he had too much power and someone didn't like it. i hope that someone burns in hell one day, and all of michael's haters alike.
to understand michael is actually really easy, i quite things he preached about, he is right about children, about innocence and unspoiled love, and about the necessity of its perservance. love for all could save many of today's problems, but people in this world don't want utter perfection for everyone, or equality for everyone as this conflicts with the notion of you and soleley you being the better one, having more, etc. michael tried to see past that, he wanted to be the voice of the children, of innocence of good. he used his music to teach us all about the most important thing in this world: love and truth. he sacrificed his life for everyong and you dare to question him, his actions, condemn him and crucify him? why because he is different from you, and the rest of the cookie-cutter robots that follow you and yours? i know that time will come when ppl will finally understand him and follow him back into innocence and good. his name will live on forever, not only because of his musical talents, but cuz of his humane talents. he is, was and will be one of the most influential beings that have ever walked on this planet because of what he tried to show us. michael jackson is a force.

Lots of rabid Michael Jackson fans here who refuse to deal with the facts. That's OK. We all have our heroes and idols. Please don't hold it against me that Jackson isn't one of mine. I couldn't care less who believes me here. Far too many irrational and puerile responses. Michael Jackson was a deeply trouble man, and it seems that he shared that characteristic with many of his fans.

Frankly, I don't believe Jermaine. Michael had a curiousity about the religions which is why he was so well versed. Of course, when he lived in Bahrain for a time, he respected the culture. That doesn't mean however that Michael was going to convert to Islam. For a fact, Michael referred to himself as a non-denominational Christian. Three weeks before his death, Michael spoke to Andrae and Sandra Crouch and wanted to pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He wanted to know what makes people "come out of themselves" and what makes people lift up their hands in praise. Andrae explained to Michael about Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Although Michael may not have said so publicly, he was a Christian and was not converting to Islam.

michael fans dont have to be mad at Johnrjo8,it is not his fault,if the media had not misrepresented mj and reported the true facts about most people would have a better opinion about him,I was like him before but when mj died I decided to search for the truth I read the court transcipts,articles,books and dvds in short everthing about him and recently the FBI files,I concluded he was innocent though a deeply troubled man,The media were extremely biased

most of the statements he made about him are from the tabloids,Most people are too lazy to research into any topic talkless of someone they despised

jermaine is a joke and should try and mourn his brother in private and stop hugging the cameras

JohnRJ08 who in the hell do you think believes anything you say? First of all, Lisa Maria made it known that she lived in her own house and stated that when Michael was not on the road he was with her at her house. I guess you forgot that Michael stayed on the road.

Second of all love is always magical and for your information Lisa Maria had been going to Michael Jackson's concerts since she was 8 years old and did not stop. They had already known each other by-the-time they were grown so they did not just meet as you think they did.

They had been talking on the phone nightly for months before Michael asked her to marry him and they were married a year before the public even knew. It is very easy for two mature grown people to fall in love and marry without having to date for years.

You need to find yourself a new hobby because coming on blogs and spewing lies about Michael is not working. Also you Damn right Michael was Black and he didn't try to change that and no one else can ever change that. Not even your stupidity of not recognizing his vitiligo. Ass hole.

James said "After knowing this, I am glad Michael passed away at the time he did -- which is BEFORE he crossed the street to the wrong side. Truly he was a blessed man, and God pulled him out just in time. See you in heaven, Michael!" How do we know that Michael even had any relationship with God? and know if people like James or anyone else will see him in Heaven? We do know that he was extremely self-centered just by the self portraits as a self proclaimed king, his possessions and self adualation, that doesn't seem like a humble person.

Lisa Marie Presley lived a couple of blocks from me during her marriage to Jackson. Once or twice a week, a stretch black limousine with tinted windows would show up and everybody in the community knew it was taking her over to Neverland. They were never together as man & wife, regardless of whatever public statements were made. And, of course, everybody remembers that famous moment at the American Music Awards when Jackson kissed her spontaneously in front of the audience and she pulled back in revulsion. That was a sham marriage that had been concocted by Jackson at a time when his fame was beginning to ebb. How anybody could believe that Michael Jackson and the daughter of Elvis Presley would meet, magically fall in love, and get married is only a mystery to those who know nothing about show business and the importance of publicity.

Jermain is spreading his AGENDA, trying to hide the conspiracy against Michael.

Michael would have never wanted to convert into Islam, there had never been any reason.

Michaels kids have Jewish origins because of Debbie Rowe, the mother of Prince I and Paris, she is Jew, and kids too.

Jermaine should STOP spreading bullsh!ts about Michael. He and Michael had not spoken more than 1x a year, so Jermaine should stop to promote Islam and merging it with Michael!!!

Michael was raised as Jehovah Witness but separated his connections with that sect, and he lived as a person respecting all religions, believing in faith and GOD, not only Christian god or Allah ... or whatever, simply he was believing in the GOOD.... and that way he raised his kids.

Michael Jackson had a cadre of high-powered attorneys on retainer who went around threatening people with lawsuits if they said anything about him. His security personnel at Neverland had to sign non-disclosure statements and those who quit were threatened with legal action and who knows what else. Jackson plied his young guests with alcohol, which he referred to as "Jesus Juice". He also exposed them to pornography. The Ventura DA and investigators all knew what Jackson was doing and their failure to get a conviction had nothing to do with his innocence. Jackson was so frightened of being convicted that he dosed himself and showed up at the courthouse one day in pajamas. This was not a balanced personality. Everything that Jackson did, including the way he decorated his home, was consistent with the behavior of a pedophile. As for his alleged conversion to Islam, the only person Michael Jackson ever truly loved was his mother, and she raised him in her faith. The suggestion that he would reject that faith while she was still alive without telling anybody is preposterous.

JohnRJ08, sadly you are one of the guillible public who allowed yourself to be brainwashed. Obviously, you cannot tell the difference between rumor and fact.

Lisa Marie Presley mentioned numerous times that her marrige with Michael was real and they did have sexual relationship. Unless you are in their house, otherwise how you know or anyone knows Lisa and Michael never slept in the same bed.

I don't even want to argue with you on the other "facts" you brought up. They are simply ridiculous.

Please tell us where you get your so-called "facts" from. I doubt you educate yourself with National Enquirer.

Did you all actually watch the interview? Jermaine told the truth. Michael Jackson was completely innocent. The FBI and DA Sneddon were on a campaign to take down the most popular man on the planet. If you do not believe that you probably are one of the people who thought Saddam was responsible for 9 -11 and that we needed to invade Iraq to get the WMDs. MJ was a victim of social injustice. He was a Christian who tried to live his life according to Jesus' teachings and he was ridiculed, persecuted and crucified by the media and the gullible public which allowed itself to be brainwashed.

There are some terribly naive comments here. One asks why, if Michael Jackson was so evil, did millions of people grieve at his passing? The answer is easy. They knew nothing about Michael Jackson and were fans of his music. Many people simple chose to ignore all the reports about Jackson's behavior because it didn't fit with their idolized image. Michael Jackson was a world class performer who gave us some great music, but he was one sick puppy when it came to young boys. This was a 50 year old rock star who never had a normal relationship with any woman, and who preferred to sleep with pre-pubescent boys. He paid out tens of millions of dollars in hush money to the families of several young boys. This was all underlined by his sham marriage to Presley, whom he never slept in the same bed with. The same is true of the alleged mother of his children. Now, you can argue with this and whine that it's just tabloid rumors, but that's just a denial of the facts. Even Diana Ross has stated that she told Jackson to stop sleeping with kids. The people in his inner circle and his security personnel all knew what he was doing. But he couldn't help himself and he continued doing it. We can all celebrate Michael Jackson's genuine talent and what he gave us, but the canonization of this creep is unjustifiable.

This is quite a statement by Jermaine. He's saying that his brother was fully rejecting his Jehovah's Witness upbringing. And Michael Jackson was about as "black" as PeeWee Herman. He had all of his African-American features surgically removed and wore straight hair extensions. He also walked around dressed like Captain Crunch, and talked like a shy 12-year-old girl from Beverly Hills. He may have been the self-proclaimed "King of Pop", but he was an absolute fizzle as a human being. This was a grown man who slept with young boys-- not boys AND girls. Just boys. Jermaine and the rest of the Jackson family are doing everything they can to rehabilitate and exploit Michael's image and put themselves back in the limelight that they obviously miss so much. Saying that Michael was going to convert to Islam without a shred of proof is just more evidence of that.

After knowing this, I am glad Michael passed away at the time he did -- which is BEFORE he crossed the street to the wrong side. Truly he was a blessed man, and God pulled him out just in time. See you in heaven, Michael!

I'll believe this when Janet, Jackie, Tito or Marlon says it's true.

I failed to see the controversy. A saw a brother talking about his persecuted brother. A black man persecuted in America, imagine that.
Anybody who doesn't know that Christianity was forced onto Africans brought into this country in shackles needs to learn the history of the US. What Jermaine seems to not know is that before the European slave trade across the Atlantic, the Arabs also traded Africans as slaves in the Middle East and Asia. Islam is not the native religion of Africa. We as a nation are far too uneducated to know that the war between Europeans and Muslims dates back centuries. Because we think history started in 1492, we are quick to blame everything on some other culture's religious beliefs. The world hates us because are ignorance is VASTE.
The author of this article might want to know that French public television also did an investigative report of the American media's treatment of Michael Jackson. Spoiler alert: They trashed American media for the trash you wrote. They tried to explain the truth behind the stories, as in fiction, published in the American media. In it, you all look like the National Enquirer. Bravo!

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