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IRAN: Rafsanjani reminds Khamenei of his duty to save the Islamic Republic

Iran-akbar_rafsanjani1-iran chamber society

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has repeatedly warned the nation's political class to rally behind him, calling the country's domestic troubles a test of their fealty to the Islamic Republic.

But in comments reported today, the relatively moderate Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani reminded the country's highest authority that he too was undergoing a test of his ability to pull the Islamic Republic out of its greatest political crisis in decades over the disputed reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Rafsanjani's comments to the leaders of a small political party were a paean to moderation and stability, as well as a subtle warning about the dangers of extremists loyal to Khamenei himself.

"At the present juncture, I consider the supreme leader to be the most competent individual to resolve the problems the Islamic Republic is currently faced with," he said, according to the Iranian Labor News Agency. 

"I'm quite sure that moderate individuals from both political camps in the country can help the supreme leader find solutions to the existing problems," he said.

Iran-khamenei-ap-vahid-salemi Khamenei's power rests mostly among his hard-line supporters in the Revolutionary Guard and its associated Basiji militias as well as those close to the politics of Ahmadinejad. 

Hard-liners and opposition supporters are gearing up for what could be a cataclysmic showdown on Feb. 11, the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Republic, when pro- and anti-government forces are expected to face off on the streets during one of Iran's most important political holidays. 

A group of moderates such as former presidential candidate Mohsen Rezai, parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani and the Islamic Coalition Party is  trying to forge some kind of political compromise between the pro-government and opposition camps, so far unsuccessfully.

Rafsanjani seemed to place himself in that camp. 

"I've always based my action on moderation and refrained from any extremism," he said. "Since the victory of the revolution, we have not witnessed proper conditions any time extremists were given room to maneuver."

Rafsanjani's comments could be read as an answer to Khamenei's most recent remarks calling on the political class to get behind him or else.

He appeared to warn Khamenei that giving hard-line militias and vigilantes loyal to him a free hand in the crisis might ultimately backfire. 

"Extremists have always cleared the way for counterrevolutionaries to damage Islam, the regime and its leadership," he said. "As far as I know the supreme leader, he never favors illegal acts and extremisms from any political factions."

Then he took what could be interpreted as a swipe at Khamenei and his allied hard-liners, who critics say have lost popular legitimacy and whose power now depends solely on the iron fist of suppression.

"The Islamic Republic has managed to reach stability thanks to popular support and the leadership of Imam [Ruhollah] Khomeini who won people's hearts," he said. "Today, all forces loyal to the system and the revolution should feel obliged to safeguard this valuable legacy. The world will open to us if we effectively create a free and developed country free of any superstition."

-- Times staff

Photos: Above, Rafsanjani. Credit: Iran Chamber Society. Below, a demonstrator holds up a poster of Khamenei. Credit: Vahid Salemi / Associated Press.

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It is urgently to be wished, that intelligent and open-minded Iranian politicians – if there are any - could achieve some sort of societal conciliation. One hindrance seems to be the problem of “face-saving”. In 1968 even the French Premier De Gaulle felt himself forced to leave France, and a peaceful conciliation between the protesting part of the French population and the government was possible without anybody having to die and without any problem of “face-saving”.

Remarkable about the societal conflict in Iran is the influence and power of parapolice/paramilitary armed executive forces:


• The regular armed forces have an estimated 820,000 personnel (
• The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or Revolutionary Guards, has an estimated 125,000 personnel
• The Basij is a paramilitary volunteer force controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Its membership is a matter of controversy. Iranian sources claim a membership of 12.6 million, including women, of which perhaps 3 million are combat capable
[Iran’s military was called the Middle East’s most powerful by General John Abizaid chief of United States Central Command (U.S. forces’ commander in the region). However General Abizaid said he did not include the Israel Defense Forces as they did not fall into his area of operations.]
• Law enforcement in Iran has 60,000 police personnel served under the Ministry of Interior and Justice, including border patrol personnel.
Iranian total population: around 74.000.000 inhabitants

• total figure of regular police forces plus regular army personnel: 880.000; in proportion to the population total: 1,2%
• total figure of forces potentially involved in law enforcement (police plus Baisji plus IRGC): 12.785.000; in proportion to the population total: 17,3 %
• total figure of IRGC plus Basiji: 12.725.000; in proportion to the total population: 17,2%

Is it wrong/absurd to count the total figure of ca. 20 % (IRGC-forces plus the Basiji-auxiliaries) as loyal, stalwart and staunch ARMED supporters of the current ruling government?

Inhabitants: ca. 82,000,000
police force total: ca. 247.000 – 0,30 % (percentage of population total)
armed forces total (i.e. active plus reserve personnel): ca. 610.000 – 0,74 % (percentage of population total)
police forces plus armed forces (incl. reserve personnel) total: ca. 860.000 – 1,05% (percentage of population total)

There is hardly any difference (expressed in percentage-proportion to population total) between Germany and Iran when the calculation is restricted to the regular police and army forces.
Differences emerge clearly when additionally taking into account the Iranian parapolice/paramilitary forces.

As a non-Iranian I would like to particularly emphasize that corrections as to statistical details and as to the interpretation of these statistical details are urgently desired !

The Khamenei's tyrannical regime in Iran today, as was Khomeini's regime, is a protectorate of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization country members), that have for the past 31 years exercised "Stratagem" and "Ruse of War" against Iranian nation to install and keep Khamenei's regime by force in power in Iran, in order to safeguard NATO's energy and crude-oil-interests.

The present NATO, its puppet regime of Khamenei, his butler the total fraud Ahmadinejad, has synchronized their insidious propaganda with that of their puppeteers, the NATO Countries and Russia.

This ruse of war involves deceptively hiding the permanent 24-hours contact of NATO, as protectorate of the Khamenei's puppet regime from 1990 (as protectorate of Khomeini's regime in the past, 1979-90).
This stratagem consists of presenting each other (puppets and puppeteers) as enemies, by lies and deception on all outlets, including VOA-Persian Service-TV, BBC, Newspapers and other NATO Media outlets.
This stratagem is designed to deliberately distort political reality for the people of Iran, by presenting the political relationship between NATO and regime of Khamenei, as 180 degree opposite of what it is in reality.
This up-side down propaganda is synchronized by the leaders of the puppet regime in Iran and by the NATO members, the puppeteers. So that it is done at the same time, by both sides, whenever this clandestine relationship between the regime and NATO members is in danger of being exposed.
The bad news for the NATO members, and the regime is that; the people of Iran have now blown up the cover of this insidious “Stratagem” and "Ruse of War" and it has lost all its intended effects and its ability to fool the Iranian people who have risen up to liberate their country from the shackles of neo-colonialism.

Rafsanjani is just trying to save his OWN ass! Bust his ass! He is a traitor to Islam.


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