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ABU DHABI: Please don't stop the music, Rihanna, but do cover up (?)

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The organizers behind acclaimed Barbadian singer Rihanna’s planned concert in Abu Dhabi on New Year's Eve are denying media reports that the star has been told to trade in her trademark revealing, raunchy stage gear for a more wholesome look in her gig at the Emirates Palace Hotel in the emirate. 

“The facts and figures recently reported around Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi concert are totally inaccurate,” said concert organizer Flash in a statement quoted by the United Arab Emirates-based English-language newspaper Gulf News.

The wardrobe row surfaced after the British tabloid the Daily Mirror claimed in a report over the weekend that Rihanna had been instructed to dress more conservatively for her show in Abu Dhabi and that the 21-year-old star was “tearing her hair out over what to do" about it.

The article also claimed Rihanna was being paid a whopping $500,000 for her performance, a sum for which the Daily Mirror said the star is likely to leave her latex body suits and extravagant bras in the closet.

So Rihanna’s team is now said to be working around the clock to somehow figure out a way to make Rihanna's daring stage outfits go along with the local traditions in Abu Dhabi, which prides itself as the more mature and conservative brother of neighboring, freewheeling Dubai.

But Rihanna's supposed scrambling for a more wholesome look so as to not upset her conservative fans might prove a challenge.

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“She knows that she'll have to compromise her style to fit in with local traditions, but a huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear,” an unidentified source told the Daily Mirror.

Aside from maybe having to cover up in a sweater and a pair of jeans in her planned New Year's Eve gig, the British tabloid also suggested that Rihanna and her crew might also have to ring in the new year with soft drinks and juice instead of champagne, saying the singer may have to obtain a special license to store alcohol in her dressing room during the concert.

The incident is likely to mark this year's last wardrobe row in the Middle East, but it's certainly not the year's first.

Only two months ago, Islamic conservatives in Egypt branded pop singer Beyonce's concert in Cairo an "insolent sex party."

Hamdi Hassan, a lawmaker from the Muslim Brotherhood, reportedly submitted a written complaint about the concert to the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

He said the posters advertising the show, in which Beyonce was shown wearing a revealing outfit and gripping a pair of motorcycle handlebars extending from her hips, threatened Egypt's "social peace and stability."

-- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photos: Rihanna has supposedly been told to skip her raunchy stage gear and cover up for her show on New Year's Eve in Abu Dhabi. Credit: Lower image: The British tabloid paper the Daily Mirror suggests Rihanna might be performing in a sweater if conservatives in Abu Dhabi get their way. Credit: Associated Press

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You people have it all wrong. Rihanna's decision to dress scantily is not of moral or feeling of personal rights. It is for one reason and one reason only: she is an alien from another planet bent on destroying mankind with her sex appeal. Her and other major artists are a part of a doomsday cult that call themselves The Illuminati. THEY WANT TO MAKE US THEIR SLAVES! Act now or forever be in the grasp of the Illuminati! DO NOT DELAY BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE ALREADY!

Get over it. The human body is God's creation, and those who use His name as an excuse to cover His creation are really just sick in the head and sexual perverts who only think about sex.

here's a crazy idea .. how about just NOT INVITE HER ..

she went totaly crazy and she's not really that hard

To Angela Gonzalez: The proper name when referring to someone from Barbados IS Barbadian. In island dialect/slang it is Bajan. ;-)

I dont know why they bother , if she chooses to go almost naked on stage , dont invite her , go for more conservative artists , the uAE is going overboard to try to please the west . Go anywhere in the UAE you will not hear Arabic spoken but english as if English is the main language . the night clubs ounumber anything else , the UAE is destroying its culture and its traditions and when it realises , it would be too late , Indians and Bengladeshis would be the main speakers at the Parliament at the time .

I mean I love her music, I'm trying to see her in concert on NYE.

Check out this playlist:

Really Kewpie??? Then why do we allow all the worlds "expats" to come here and we bend over backwards to allow them thier "culture". To follow your line of thinking everyone should be maintaining mainstream American customs in the US, right?

I haven't travelled all over the world but I have spent a lifetime observing those who come to this country from abraod and I don't see a whole lot of effort on the part of many immigrants to adopt our ways. Many of them refuse to dress like we do or observe many of our customs. So for the person who calims that Americans try to forcce western customs on others try to walk down the street in one of these middle eastern countries in western attire and see how much understanding you get.

My husband and I are American expats and have travelled the world for his job. Quite frankly, I get sick of Americans who want to visit other countries yet maintain American standards and customs as it relates to behavior and attire. When you are in a foreign country, you abide by their customs or you simply stay away. Period

Even though most feel that Rhianna can wear whatever she wants, that's fine. However, one must remember that she is going to another country with a different culture and rules and she has to respect their laws. As Americans we must get our heads out of the sand and be less arrogant about the rules of other nations and respect them. Its just like someone coming in your house. You have your rules and routine and your neighbor has theirs. Rhianna is young and creative and I am sure she will come up with a way to do her thing without any problems.

Someone said that she could do as she pleases.....this is totallu incorrect. The Bible says that a woman should be modeste in her apparel, hes speech, her conduct, etc..... Why does she want to reveal to the world what God has blessed her with? Why not use her talent for his Glory and not the opposite way around which she is apparently doing? I do applaud Abu Dhabi for thier effort and this should be the case for all singers wherever they go..... Leave the exposing for the bedroom with your HUSBAND!!!!

My name is Shannon,
and i think that Rihanna can do whateva she likes at any time, this is wat make people unique, every one is different and she is her own self. So every one needs to mind there own buissness!!

@AnneMarie McQueen - please show any proof where Beyonce has ever worn a cutlet - you sound ridiculous and obviously don't know fashion. Beyonce's show outfits are beyond classy. No S&M extra b.s. because her outfits don't make the show, her talent does and the outfits add on to it.

Case in point why her tour was ranked #1.

People in the U.S are 'spent'(used up or/users). Why try to bring the U.S. 'all you can eat - anything we want to do' losers attitude to a nation that respect its religion more than you ever could? That country is obviously superior to the US. Its simple. Just because people here in the US will 'try' anything - GOD respects the people who dont. Abu Dhabi doent need the US to bring its garbage to its country. Remember the man and so-called women having sex on the beach in Dubai? That was just 'fine' with you wasnt it? U.S....your fools - 'whipped'. Get over yourselves. Keep your trash in your 'house'...done

People from Barbados are referred to as Baijan...not Barbadian! I've seen this mistake so many times....if you don't know something, google it!!

How about these "artists" take a stand, ANY STAND, against the corrupt slave-society known as Dubai? Or we can stay ignorant on indentured servitude lasting into the 21st century so Rhianna can sing about her personal struggles to rich white expatriates.

No idea where this story came from, but judging from how Beyonce was decked out in her Abu Dhabi concert last month (complete with wardrobe malfunction and momentary chicken-cutlet loss) it never was true. Check out:

The Daily Mirror article is full of inaccuracies. I've stayed in the Emirates Palace Hotel when on business in Abu Dhabi and I had wine with every meal in the number of excellent restaurants in the seven star hotel. I also attended a concert in the hotel and there were tons of Emirati women in the audience, they looked like young women attending a concert in the US, but they were polite and well behaved (no comment). My two teenage sons were with me on the trip, and they loved the UAE and the Emirates Palace Hotel. Get your facts straight, LA Times, before running a story from a tabloid. This is another anti-Gulf article by people who are jealous because Abu Dhabi has money....

pfft, get over it, this is what celebs are like now. Beyonce's concert was not a sex party. theres mostly girls at her concert anyway. She is a female woman in the public eye, she cant wear bathrobes. leave her alone . she's a strong minded woman, and what she wears is what todays celeb society wear. so get over it!

I AM...Beyonce's No#1 Fan x
dont start stories you cant finish;; x

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