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IRAQ: Kurdish leader talks about Turkey and the prospects for peace

Aso6 The Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, has been battling Turkey for an independent Kurdish state since the 1970s. Now Turkey has promised to come up with a plan to give Kurds more political rights in a bid to end the conflict. At the PKK's main camp in the remote Qandil mountains in northern Iraq's Kurdistan region, the PKK leader, Murat Karayilan, spoke to Babylon and Beyond about the PKK's suspicions of the Turkish offer.

Q: Turkey has shown a willingness to resolve the Kurdish issue. How do you read the situation?

A: We are serious, and we want to resolve the Kurdish issue in Turkey, and we are working towards peace. We want to solve the issue by dialogue, away from violence and the use of weapons. If Turkey is serious and has true intentions about peace, there must be an initial step of good faith to stop the ongoing military operations against our soldiers and our bases inside Turkey.  To begin with, there should be a halt to military operations against us, then dialogue and negotiation, and then we will start talking about giving up our weapons. Any solution or peace initiative to give up our weapons will be considered at the end, not the beginning.

I see a number of politicians demanding that we should abandon our armed struggle, but they do not talk about the Turkish side and the military operations they carry out against us. On the ground, we feel their agenda is unclear and they don't have a road map.

Q: What is the PKK's stance at the moment?

A: At the present time, we are not satisfied and we doubt the policy of Turkey … and whether they are committed to peace. Within the ranks of our party we are keen to take all necessary measures to preserve our survival. We have long experience with Turkey, we fear they will attack our bases, but we also have enough strength to confront them.

Currently in Turkey there are many ways to resolve the issue. In a poll by an independent organization, 55% of citizens supported the idea of solving the Kurdish issue through dialogue and peaceful means. In the past, when they had a poll on the same subject, the number did not exceed 10%.

Q: How do you view the policy of the United States on the Kurdish issue? The U.S. has asked Turkey to resolve the issue peacefully.

A: I am doubtful of this policy by America. When [President] Obama visited Turkey he met with Ahmet Turk, the Kurdish parliamentary bloc representative in the Turkish parliament. The meeting had implications, but America does not want to resolve our cause for their own interests in the region. They want to put pressure on us to make more compromises.

Q: How do you manage to stay in Iraq? Do you get any assistance from the Kurdish Regional Government?

A: We have no relations with the KRG, we are not in need of their assistance, we rely on our own finances from our people in Turkey and our supporters abroad. The Kurdish people in Kurdistan sympathize with us and support us morally, but not materially. At the same time, we believe the current situation of the Kurds and their role in the political equation in the region is becoming weaker day after day.

-- Asso Ahmed in the Qandil Mountains

Photo: Murat Karayilan in 2006. Credit: Asso Ahmed

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We Kurds will never ever give up armed resistance until turkis murder evey one and all the Kurdish people or there will come end of the world

PM of Turkey
VS. PKK failed policy

Jaff Sassani



There are possibilities that PM of Turkey with the help of the anti Kurd forces can defeat PKK. PKK failed to attract other Kurdish political parties to join them in the united front so far. DTP of Kurdish political party in Turkey is not enough to balance the anti Kurd forces alone. We called on them many times but they are not listening to others. The dictatorship mentalities of Kurds are always above any other interest. When you question them they are getting upset instead of listening to each others. The Kurdish parliaments are useless because the decisions are made by dictators always.

PM of Turkey is in the process of PKK eliminations. He is trying to use the method used by Sri Lanka Government whom they used Chinese Government help against LTTE (The Liberations Tigers of Tamil Eelam). PM of Turkey is Using EU, USA, Israel, Massoud Zebari (Barzani) Xianat Kar, and agent Talabani plus Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Syria and Iraq for the eliminations of PKK and Kurdish democratic voices in Turkey.

PKK must change the plan if they have any at all, by accepting principle of true democratic system first. They should invite other Kurdish democratic forces to join them based on principle of free elections and rule of laws. DTP gained success because of the free elections, which is provided by Turks of Turkey not Kurds or PKK.

PKK, Barzani and Talabani are never accepting that kind of free elections which are provided by Turks in Turkey today. We Kurds are asking PKK to accept such system for Kurdish people. Why they are pretending that no one told them, listen to Liela Zeina and her husband plus other Kurdish democratic parties in Turkey.

PKK should stop wars in Iran immediately by joining other Iranian forces for building Iranian Economic Union similar to EU. They should challenge the USA, EU and Israel to help the Iranian people for building an Economic union similar to the EU instead of fighting IRI for Atomic Bomb building and PKK should stop fighting for language right in Iran now in favor of building Economic Union for Iranian people.

The Kurd in Iran is the majority why they are fighting for language right. For the amount of sacrifice are given in Iran they should call for freedom of religions, Economic Union, Liberations of Iranian people from dictators so they can attract other Iranian groups to join the fight against the unjust practice by Islamic Republic of Iran.

PKK should open the access to Iran in case PM of Turkey is successful with his plan. Join the Iranian people fight for justice in Iran by declaring broad economic plan and be ready to move to other parts of Iran when you get attacked by traders like Barzani and Talabani.
The majority of Kurdish people are with you today but that will change in time if you continue with the failed policy of Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) of China, remember LTTE used his policy and where they are now. The time is changed and you should change with time. The people are not accepting dictatorships. Saddam Hussein helped Barzani and Talabani with his policy. Today Turkish military are helping you (PKK) otherwise PM of Turkey will defeat you politically and you will be gone very fast.

Ottoman Empire defeated Kurds many time because they did treat Kurds better than the Turkish republic. The Kurds do need educations to know their own interest. They are not ready yet, look at the Kurds in south Kurdistan how they are treating each other. Barzani and Talabani are lucky because of the stupidity of Arab ruler in Iraq they do exist otherwise we Kurds will send them to hell; ninety percent of us Kurds are ready to join Arabs or any other forces against Barzai and Talabani today. The US Governments are protecting Barzani and Talabani just like they are protecting Saudi royal family and those Arab Sheikh’s in Persian Gulf otherwise we had civil wars in Kurdistan now.

In conclusions you PKK are facing PM of Turkey which he is determined enemy to defeat you. Take note of that, he is working very hard and he have Barzani and Talabani plus others, the standoff with Iran is helping you for time being. The Turks opened window for you because of the timing.

I ask my Kurdish bothers for more patience and love to peace.
We can see it here in this forum, how the atmosphere is between us Kurds and our Turkish bothers.
While they call PKK terrorist, we point to the Turkish army as the evil hand of Turkish Racism that our Kurdish bothers and sisters have been witnessing with their lives. We have the truth at our side and love and respect. We are grown up in love and respect to other people.
We need more time and believe in peace, since our Turkish brother are grown up with denial to Kurdish culture. We need to be patient with them and stretch our other hand for peace.
We can not blame the whole generation, who was grown up with the belief "there is no Kurdistan" . Lets do not let the old pain come up. Lets make a wonderful place of love for our people.
Both Turkish and Kurdish mothers and fathers love their kids, that is what we need to feel always. It is not about a piece land, it is about protecting life.
I peace
David Kurdistani

karayılan is terrorist leader. they killed so many peoples in turkey... they don2t want peace... they JUST lier !!! they will finish this is their last attack... karayılan you can't die peoples... we will fight everytıme,everywhere... don't forget..

You figure throughout the world there are enough people willing to call Osama Bin Laden a hero. You will also meet people even in this day and age who call Hitler a hero.

And now we have people on this specific message board calling Murat Karayilan a hero. The problem isn't that there is a minority out there calling the head of a ruthless terrorist organization a hero. The problem here is the fact this newspaper is giving that "hero" a forum to rationalize his mass murder.

Would this newspaper give Osama Bin Laden such a chance to speak out? Would this newspaper allow Osama to spread a message that he is for peace and anybody who disagrees with him are the ones who cause the pain and suffer? Imagine the outrage.

Sad no outrage for this interview in the mass media. Now lets consider that Murat Karayilan is the head of a terror network that makes Osama's organization look childish.

The PKK is responsible for 40,000 innocent deaths, how many people innocent people has Bin Laden killed? Far too many yes, all innocent life is precious. But "hero" Murat Karayilan is responsible for a lot more deaths than any other terrot network on earth.

Bravo to the LA TIMES for putting them on moral equivalency with their victims.

Then we wonder and wonder why terrorism doesn't end. How can it when even newspapers are willing to serve their cause.

one's terrorist is another’s freedom fighter! We have to be reasonable to look back at history. Authentic history in order to gather facks as to why these once nomadic people, the Kurds have been fighting for so lon? what are the reasons ehins their continuous struggles? Can anyone just for once, put their minds that's filled with solid, narrow views of the kurdish issue aside an really take a minute and think to themselves. The kurds were promised their land since 1920's and until that promise is complete, this issue will continue. I’m a firm believer of only supporting the truth even if goes against my beliefs, family, etc. and i believe in an autonomous Kurdistan. Thank you.

long live independent Kurdistan

Biji Serok Apo*(Long Live President APO*)

*:Abdullah Öcalan

please watching:

Kurdish village burned down

Murat Karayilan is a man of peace. Abdullah Ocalan is the key to peace. PKK has called out for peace for decades and the turkish state has insisted on further persecution of the kurdish people.

The only way to peace is to reach the hand of the kurdish political will (PKK and Ocalan)which been put out for a long time.

Long live Abdullah Ocalan!
Long live the kurdish freedoom movement PKK!
Long live brotherhood between all people of the world!

if the idea is "my terrorist is good terrorist" then the world is in big danger.Pkk killed many innocent people aspecially teachers,engineers and educated people,because they did not want for the region educated and good life standard.Even though Turkish government sending million dollars to create better education,standart and better life. WHY ????
Now PKK is threating to get money from their own Kurdish people.if not ,kill them.Those people dont understand living in peace at all,they need to get instutionilized at least 10 years to be for normal people.

Kurdish leader??? This man, Murat Karayilan is the head of a murderous organization and is a terrorist according to the UN,USA and EU declarations.Interviewing him is basically the same thing as a media organisation interviewing Osama Bin Laden.Both terrorists and leaders of armed groups killing and abducting innocent people.Murat karayilan has been accused and found guilty by courts of Drug Dealing.There are lots and lots of kurdish leaders in Turkey,politicians ministers even presidents.We live side by side. But people like this Karayilan(wihich means blacksnake) are just murderers with hands soaked in the blood of innocent babies,teachers,doctors.They were killing teachers because they were teaching in Turkish!!! Please ignore this culprit.

if people struggle for thier FREEDOM in Turkey, they are named terrorists by Turks (what a pity). Maybe Turks are DESCENDANTs of Hitler :p i travelled to Turkey and saw the situation of other nations there.You(turks) have to learn that World doesnt just belong to STop!
You have to accept rights of other nations in Turkey...thats democracy, if you believe in democracy ,you have to do that...

Their soldiers in Turkey? A country has one army, one state by definition. This terrorist gang leader has no say in this matter sitting on a mountain top in another country and waging a bloody war against Turkish people. PKK is the problem. It is ludicrous that he pretends to be a political leader. He is a mini Osama. Freedom of action they enjoy in Iraq is despicable.

Pers,Turkish,Arabic please let's be honest and Tell the truth

Please read below:

We hope they,Our protective us they,they we our brother,us their sister,They protector of our identity,

thanks for freedom fighters

long live humanity,long live kurdistan

This is nuts. He says Turkey should give up attacking their bases in Turkey. What bases is he talking about? Are those the camps that are used to train the terrosists to kill the innocent? Nothing goes unpunished. These guys don't care if you are Turkish or Kurdish. Just last year, they bombed the tutorial center in the city of Diyarbakir which is mostly Kurdish populated city and many kids died. And those kids weren't Turkish at all. They were all Kurdish.Well, if they really believe in Kurdish cause, then why are they killing their own people?

And he says, they are getting a moral support from Kurdish people and getting financial support from illegal drug traficking. Most of the illegal drugs used in Europe and USA supplied by PKK. Just a couple of weeks ago, Turkish officials caught 10 tons of cocaine in the city of Diyarbakir Turkey that was being delivered to Europe through Turkey by PKK. It is a very lucrative business.

Turkish people and Kurdish people live side by side in Turkey and cannot live without each other. Both nations want peace and resolve this problem, but not the way PKK wants to resolve: killing innocent people. Ofcourse, in the past, Turkish government made a lot of mistakes and alienated Kurdish people.

They don't care which side wins or loses. What they only care is that to keep their lucrative business going.

There is no Kurdish state as long as there is a united states. that is an upsokute

The USA interest is best served if they help Kurds and Turks to get along in Turkey. We believe the Kurds should get united with the Iranian people for their own survival. They have opportunity now to lead Iranian liberations.
PJAK the off shoot of PKK are well organized to lead Iranian for freedom. The entire Iranian people used to speak the language of Darius the Great. After finding below now Kurds have opportunity to lead the Iranian people for better tomorrow.

PKK should declare the constitutions similar to the USA constitutions and pushing for Economic Union of Iranian people. They can allow every sub-nation to have an independent country within the Economic Union.
They should fight for doable goals instead of fighting for Kurdish language right. The Language problem is solved below.

PKK should promise the USA and EU for friendship and cooperation’s.
We are from Persian people will help if they take such initiative.
The entire region from Turkey to Pakistan and From Syria to former Soviet Union countries needs Economic Union similar to EU.

The US Government should be active in such plan instead of going to war with Iran.

There are business opportunities for American, Europe and Russian too.
We are calling on PKK to lead the liberations of Iranian people.

Darius the Great answer our question and said stop the war for languages

Please read below:

Thank you

Darius the Great answer our question and said stop the war for languages
First Greek scholars, second Jewish scholars, third Arab scholars, fourth those Jewish and Arab scholars whom they claimed to be one of us, through history they called themselves Persian and made Persian to fight other branches of their own under the name of false languages of Persian, Kurds, Elamitie, Lor, Lak, Giliany, Mazanderani, Bluch, Tajick, Peshtu, Taylish, Azeri and hundred more names.

Today let celibate for the finding of scholar Hamma Mirwaisi who found out that

Is not what we have been told as Old Persian language? It is Aryan language with 80 % are used today by Kurds in Turkey and 20 % by Persian and Elamitie.
“They called in purpose

Median Empire, Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great and Parthian Empire, Sassanid Empire used the language of Prophet Zoroaster called Aryan language of Avesta.
Those scholars lie, to make us fight for 2500 years. The Islamic Arab army used us to fight each other. Today the Islamic Republic of Iran (Arab Government) is using us to fight each other, about the language.
Thank you Oh God, for your kindness, you guide honorable scholars like Hamma Mirwaisi to find out the truth. Today is the beginning of the end of Jewish and Arab scholars plus those Persian traders whom they went along to make money by having our people fight each other because of language.
We are Persian apologizing on behave of our Persian people after we read the content of BEHISTUN_INSCRIPTIONS.
They use us to fight each other for language, for religion, for regional’s, for no reason so they can destroy our unity. Since Alexander the Great they never let us have peace.
We are calling on each one of you to read the content of BEHISTUN_INSCRIPTIONS by HAMMA MIRWAISI
And then understand those people calling them self Persian and see really whom they are. You will find out very fast that majority of them are working for Israel.
We are going to fight for the establishment of Aryan Economic Union for our Aryan people much better than the European Economic Union (EU). Support us as much as you can.
We are going to give what we had during Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great.


Discovery of 2500 years old Aryan language (Kurdish, Elam, Persian and others language) below for you to read
From Behishtan cuneiform inscriptions to the Kurmanji Kurdish Alphabet

In Darius, Behishtan (DB), Column 4, number 89 below:

He is saying I used Aryan language in my inscreptions writing.

89 ramazdâha : i(ya)m : dipîmaiy : ty(âm) : adam : akunavam : patisham : ariyâ : âha : utâ : pavast

Of God, this is the inscription which I made. Besides, it was in Aryan, and as you

know on clay tablets

Jaff Sassani

Well, I guess, about the 'financing', he conveniently forgot about drug and human trafficking..


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