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LEBANON: Israeli army says video shows Hezbollah blast site was weapons cache

October 14, 2009 |  7:53 am

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The Israeli Defense Forces has released a video it says shows Hezbollah fighters clearing munitions from the home of party member Abdel Nasser Issa in southern Lebanon, where a mysterious explosion took place Monday evening.

The grainy surveillance video, which was purportedly shot by an unmanned Israeli aircraft, shows dozens of figures loading trucks at the site of the blast before the Lebanese army and U.N. peacekeepers arrived on the scene. Click here to view the video on the IDF's website.

The incident is under investigation, with contradictory news reports saying that the site was a Hezbollah weapons cache or that the explosion was caused by old Israeli ordnance. No one was killed in the blast, but Lebanese authorities confirmed that one person was wounded, reportedly Issa.

Israel filed an official complaint with the United Nations after the explosion, which it said proves Hezbollah is continuing to store weapons in southern Lebanon in violation of U.N. Resolution 1701. Hezbollah, which describes itself as a resistance movement, has never denied its weapons and often boasts of its military capacity.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut