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LEBANON: Snoop Dogg brings West Coast style to East Beirut


First Obama went to Cairo.

Then Snoop Dogg came to Beirut.

The famed, foul-mouthed rapper performed before thousands of enthusiastic fans Thursday night at the Beirut Forum, one of Lebanon's largest concert venues.

Rap is huge in the Middle East, especially among the young, some of whom have woven its beats and attitude into rhymes that capture their own lives


Snoop Dogg's visit followed a 2006 concert by rap megastar 50 Cent. A month later a war between Hezbollah and Israel devastated Lebanon's economy and drove away tourists as well as hot international acts. Both started trickling back last year. 

This summer's tourist season is sizzling, with visitors from the Persian Gulf countries and Lebanese expatriates pouring in at an unprecedented rate. According to official statistics, a million visitors descended on Lebanon in June, about the same as in all of 2007. 

Where there's cash to be made, an entrepreneur such as 37-year-old Long Beach native Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg's real name, will want to get paid. 

Standing-room tickets for the show started at $50, out of reach for many Lebanese. 

"This is a very elite sort of affair. Very few people get to see it," said Timur Goksel, a lecturer at the American University of Beirut who once proposed that the U.S. government should sponsor acts like Snoop Dogg as a public diplomacy tool. "An event has to be steered toward a larger audience to have any public diplomacy effect." 

At a news conference before the concert, the rapper reportedly shrugged off tricky questions about the Middle East's tangled politics and Lebanon's recent troubles.

But you can't help wondering whether he was being just a little coy. Snoop Dogg rarely makes it out to the Middle East. He canceled a performance in Israel last summer, citing contractual difficulties.

At one point toward the end of Thursday's 75-minute concert, he rapped, "East side! West side!" as he ran back and forth across the stage in a bright yellow jersey.

Of course, it's a song about shuttling between the richer and poorer sides of Los Angeles. 

But in a country where the Christian East and Muslim West sides of the capital were at war until 20 years ago and continue to eye each other suspiciously, it carried a special resonance.

"Both sides!" he cried out as he held up the Lebanese flag.

-- Borzou Daragahi in Beirut

Top photo: Snoop Dogg holds up the Lebanese flag during the concert. Credit: Bilal Hussein / Associated Press. Below: Fans at the show. Credit: Borzou Daragahi / Los Angeles Times.

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who sayed they cant afford, i was once in lebanon, and i went to a concert, when it comes to party, those guys can do anything, i was there when akon was in lebanon, ppl paid 200 dollars for first class. and this summer the stars that where there are: Akon, Teisto, David Guestta, Pussycat Dolls, Yves Larock. and much more, i dont remember though.
and to all lebanese, You Are Great PPL

Apparently Snoop Dogg's crude lyrics have caused a 'reaction' in Beirut! has the low-down..

We welcome Snoop Dogg here, as his appearance can only mean one thing: Beirut is off the war map!

As usual, Hip Hop and Rap praxis bring worldwide unity and a sense of belonging to the important demographic ... youth (and to those who can afford the tickets)!

Go Snoop!

Adrienne Zurub

It was great to have Snoop Dogg here in Beirut! Fo'shizzle!

For a fun 'in-depth' interview with the wild boy, go to:, a popular Beirut blogsite

Given the millions the CIA gave to promoting Abstract Expressionism and other American art movements, surely they could slip a few dollars to the brothers?

Hey Simon Columbus, Don't hate the player, Hate the game. But you are entitled to your opinion........or haterism.

i would have went to the concert if i was still in beirut!

This was NOT a war between Israel and Hezbollah but a war on all of Lebanon by Israel. Ask the men and women who worked at gas stations in the Bekaa Valley who where bombed but the Israelis. I guess you can't because they are dead. This was vicious collective punishment at its wost. I am not saying that Israel should not defend itself or that it should not attempt to avenge or retrieve its soldiers BUT what they did to that country was nothing less then a war crime. I know I was there and I saw the death of innocents; Shia, Sunni, Christian alike. By the way Snoop thanks for visiting Lebanon!

I don't want to rant about greedy rappers and such, but I think Mr. Goksel's proposal to give even more money to already too rich mainstream artists like Snoop Dogg is more than stupid. I know that Germany's Goethe Institute regularly sponsors tours by lesser-known artists around the world, be it Brazil, be it New Zealand, and I think that's the right way to do it.


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