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IRAN: Full text of Rafsanjani's lengthy speech


Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani delivered what turned out to be a momentous prayer sermon today that inspired tens of thousands (some say hundreds of thousands) of demonstrators to march to the streets of the capital in renewed opposition to the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

Here are excerpts from the lengthy speech taken from BBC Monitoring:

As far as the occasions of the week are concerned, the most important occasion was the death anniversary Imam Kazem, our seventh [Shiite] imam, who was one of our most oppressed imams who experienced much hardship. His excellency became an imam when he was 20 years old and during his whole life he faced much hardship from the Abbasid dynasty. Throughout his life he was either isolated and under pressure and surveillance or in exile and in prison...A number of Caliphs gave him a hard time and finally Harun al-Rashid sent him to exile in Basra and then to Baghdad, where he was sent to and held in the dark and dim tunnels of Baghdad with chains. They chained his feet. But Imam Kazem was happy about this. He said that for his whole life he had asked God to give him time to worship him and now his prayer has been answered and he can spend all his time praying to God...

I will briefly speak about another issue, the killings in China. Muslims in China are experiencing some bitter days. I would like to mention a few points to the Chinese government. The Chinese government is expected to exercise patience in the face of aggressions that people are facing. 

Worshipers began chanting, "Death to China. 

Please allow me. Dear gentlemen! I, as the leader of the Friday prayers, pleaded with you not to chant any slogans. Considering the situation here , the adjacent streets and the entire area, I would like to ask you not to chant slogans.Thank you.

We would like to give a friendly word of advice to the Chinese government that we believe is a wise government working towards the progress of China. We would like to tell the Chinese government that what is going on is not in its interests. They are aware that there one billion and 600 million Muslims in the world. They live in around 60 independent countries. 

Muslims in all parts of the world enjoy their own identity and character and all their hearts are linked to those of Muslims in China who are experiencing acts of oppression today. China must be careful and consider its own interests and its relations with the world of Islam and the hearts of Muslims. 

And, God willing, from now on we would not witness such acts of oppression against Muslims in China or other parts of the world. Problems in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan are unfortunately the same as they have been in previous weeks and months, and bloodshed, corruption and clashes continue. Those problems will be solved one day, God willing...

And now to an issue which concerns us and the discussions to which I promised to dedicate the second and third part of my remarks. 

As far as the [presidential] election which was held [on 12 June] is concerned, praise be to God we made a very good start. A sound competition took shape and good preparations were made. The four candidates who were approved by the Guardian Council competed against each other and demonstrated a good competition. The people became hopeful that the elections were completely free and they truly demonstrated an unprecedented participation. In these circumstances the conditions were set for the creation of a proud moment for the country. We have to present this glory to the people. It is their right. It was the people who demonstrated a good presence. The people broke a record as far as presence at the ballot boxes was concerned. We all have to thank the people who participated freely in the election at a time when no other country has seen such a level of participation. That was very valuable. 

I wish those conditions could have continued until today, and today we would have been experiencing the most proud moments in the world regardless of the election results. 

However, developments did not take shape as we wished them to, and I will explain them now. The principle issue concerns what we want, as I mentioned earlier, and, secondly, to ask what is required by the revolution. What you are hearing now is from a person who has been with the revolution second by second from the very beginning of the struggle which began by our leader the Imam [Khomeini]. We are talking about 60 years ago up until today. I know what the Imam wanted and am familiar with the basis of the Imam's thinking. 

Even during the time of the struggles, the Imam would always say; all I am concerned about is the people when it came to a suggestion, for example to use arms, terror [preceding in English], this party [words indistinct]. He would say, you do as much as you can to solve the people's problems and familiarize them with the struggle. He would tell us who were theology students, that our mission was to go to mosques, prayer houses and villages and explain what we were after...

It took less than 20 years for people to become alert. Obviously the price was also paid in terms of people who were martyred, people who were put in prisons, the Imam himself was sent to exile and many other things. However, our gains were much more. People became so alert that those whose ages allow have seen how in the final couple of years people poured into the streets. 

All the streets were full of Imam's supporters. And, all the forces which were supporters and believers in the Imam were alongside Imam, all ranged against the very arrogant forces of the Pahlavi regime.

The Shah whose coffers were filled to the brim from oil revenues could do anything it wanted. The people came to the fore and the demands of the people were such that they had to abandon everything and go...

We have to be with the people; this people acted very wisely...[Khomeini] was in a hurry to handover the power to the people....Later on, when we had meetings with the leaders of other countries, they were surprised about that. The Algerian leaders said that it took them 20 years, after their revolution, before they could draw up their constitution. They asked: How could you do so in a hasty manner. We said that since we achieved the victory by people's power [word indistinct] and since the people support their revolution and religion we are not worried. That was a fact. 

As you are aware, according to the constitution, everything in the country is determined by people's vote. People elect the members of the Assembly of Expert and then they elect leader, that is, leader is [indirectly] elected by people's vote. Presidents, MPs, members of the councils are elected by direct votes of people. Other officials are also appointed [indirectly] through people's vote. Everything depends on people. This is the religious system. The title of Islamic Republic is not used as a formality. It includes both the republican and Islamic nature. 

The title of Islamic Republic is not just a formality. This is a reality passed on to us on the basis of Koran, as well as the religious sayings of the [Shiite] Imams and prophet. We believe in them. We should have them at the same time. Rest assured if one of those two aspects are damaged we will loose our revolution. If it looses its Islamic aspect, we will go astray. If it looses its republican aspect, it [The Islamic Republic] will not be realized. Based on the reasons that I have offered, without people and their vote there would be no Islamic system...

This was our path. We should reach the destination. We should strengthen it day by day. If the problems after the [presidential] election had not emerged, we would have had taken the best largest step towards realizing the Islamic [aspect of the establishment] at the 30th anniversary of the revolution. I am not going to say that we have not taken the step. I want to explain why this happened. 

What I understand is that towards the end of the election campaign we were taken over by doubt. In other words, people started to have doubts and the seeds of doubt were sown, for whatever reason. Whether it was unfavourable publicity or the Voice and Vision's inappropriate actions or other things,  seeds of doubt were planted in the minds of the people. We consider doubt as the worst disaster.

Doubt came down on our nation like the plague. Of course, there are two separate currents. There is a group of people who have no doubts, they...and mind their own business. But there is also another group, whose numbers are not few and include a great section of our erudite and knowledgeable people, who say: " We doubt". We should take measures to remove this doubt. This period, after the results of the elections , is a bitter era. I do not believe anyone from any faction wanted this to happen. We have all lost in this event. We have all lost and now ask ourselves: why did it happen. We need unity today, more than ever.

Our country should be united against all the dangers that threaten us. They have now upped their ransom demands and are coming forward to take away our achievements in the fields of hi-tech and particularly nuclear technology. Of course, God will not give them the opportunity to do so, but they are greedy. My brothers and sisters, first of all, you all know me, I have never wanted to abuse this platform in favour of a particular faction and my remarks have always concerned issues beyond factionalism. I am talking in the same manner today. I am not interested in any factions. In my view, we should all think and find a way that will unite us to take our country forward and save ourselves from these dangerous and bad effects, and the emerging grudges. We should disappoint our enemies so that they would not covet our country.  What should we do? I have a few suggestions...

We have decided, and  I will read them out as solutions and maybe others will accept them and God willing, put them into force with sincerity. 

Our important issue is that the trust that brought so many people to the polls

 and is now harmed, will be restored. This should be our holy objective,  that this trust is returned. One, we should all, the system, government, Majlis, security forces, police and the people, i.e. the protestors, move in line with the law. If we violate the law, then there will be no boundaries left. We should raise our issues in the context of the law and find solutions for them within the framework of the law. We should accept whatever the law says and if there are some people who have problems with some laws, they should wait until those laws are corrected. God willing, all these problems that we have seen, will be resolved one day. But everything should be within the framework of the law. 

Two, we must act in a way that the trust of the people is restored. Of course this cannot be achieved in one day. This is a relatively long process. 

We have to create an atmosphere that all sides can come and express their views. And all sides must act rationally and without quarrel. Logic should rule. Of course the main task here falls on the Voice and Vision [of the Islamic Republic, meaning state broadcaster] as it has greater audience. And all other media outlets must do the same. They should sit down and talk to each other in a brotherly and sisterly manner and point out their reasons. Eventually the people will find out the truth and we can ask the people too. We have to provide the ground to return this trust to the people. Unfortunately, a good use was not made of the opportunity that the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamene'i] gave the Guardian Council in which an extra five days was given to them to talk to the ulema. I do not of course want to blame anyone for this lost opportunity, but, nonetheless, it did not happen. [Crowd chanting] We have passed that stage. We are going through another stage  now. 

I believe that for the sake of the future and our unity and for preventing the danger facing the system and for safeguarding the values created by the Revolution and for the sake of the martyrs and the efforts of those who struggled on this path whose achievements are now passed on to us and in order for these achievement to be passed on to the third and forth and following generation, at this juncture we can move along this path. If we accept the above two points that we move in line with the law and leave the door to debate, negotiations and reasoning open, perhaps in a short while we will be satisfied. 

Meanwhile, we have to do other things. Under current circumstances, there is no need for us to have people in prisons. Allow them to return to their families.  

Let's not allow our enemies to reprimand and laugh at us and hatch plots against us just because a few certain people are in prison. We should be brave and patient enough to tolerate one another. Sympathy should be shown to the victims of the recent incidents which took place. We should offer condolences to those who are mourning and bring their hearts closer to the establishment. And this is possible. Those who are faithful to the Revolution and know that the system needs them, can cooperate with us with their heart and soul. We have to do this, be tolerant and show them sympathy. 

There is no need to make haste here and put ourselves into trouble. We should not limit our media, which have got legal permission for their activities. They should be able to work within the framework of the laws. As I mentioned before, the law is the criteria. Neither the media should expect to have activities beyond the legal framework, nor should the establishment expect them to ignore their legal rights. All should let to create a calm, open, critical, or even confirming atmosphere. I think that our officials, Law Enforcement Force, military and security forces should help to create that atmosphere. 

We are all members of a family. All of us have endured hardship in the path of the revolution. All of us have invested in this long holy jihad and given martyrs....Do we not have 30-year experience of running the country? Do we not have ulema? Why should our Sources [of Emulation, meaning senior clerics], who always have been supportive, and our seminary schools, which have never had any expectations for their efforts, be upset today? We should keep their support and rely on them. If we preserve the unity, God willing, I hope that this Friday prayer sermon will be a turning point for the future and we will be able to successfully resolve this problem, which unfortunately can be described as a crisis. I hope that unity, fraternity, and fair competition [in elections] will again prevail, so that  people can elect whoever they like.

May God bless you. May God support all of you. May God protect you and help you [word indistinct] to be present at the scene. Thank you very much.

Photo: An opposition demonstrator kicks a tear gas canister during a protest in front of the Tehran University, the place of Tehran prayers today. Credit: Associated Press

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We need to be clear that this is all a family quarrel. Neither Rafsanjani nor Moussavi nor any of the other leaders has any intention of dismantling the Islamic dictatorship. They are not pushing for "democracy"; they are just trying to make the dictatorship a little more acceptable to the masses. The essence of democracy is legal equality for all citizens, including non-Moslems and women, plus the freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights. Equality and freedom is prohibited by the Koran and the sayings of Muhammad which all of the ayatollahs and other religious Moslems must uphold.

Please does anyone know where we can find the FULL speech given by Rafsanjani on 17 July? Including all parts and in english or arabic?

Thanks a lot

We are watching history of people standing up and asking for their rights to be free. This is history, not a game. Pay attention and learn from history. Human beings will not tolerate being oppressed for too long. It is not our nature to be chained and ruled by anyone or anything. We will always fight back when our patience ends. This is huge for people of Iran and no matter what else is going on around the world, people are standing up and fighting for their rights everywhere, even in the US and Russia, France, Korea, China, African nations, etc... We are watching history of human rights being rewritten, please do not make fun of life and the people fighting for their life.

OH yes.. Rafsajani wants to excape just in Case.. Iran get Real Freedom and wants a Death Inquiry to his own Accountability in the Deaths during the Iranian Uprising and after the Uprising. And oh .. yes all very well to criticise China about Muslim deaths , what about Chinese Deaths which is more .. from the Muslim ? And if he is so honest.. why dont he call for Free Press of the World into Iran.. right now ? The Rest of his speech is drama.. and romance for the Friday People Captured Minds Mostly.. Thank you !

Thank you very much for posting excerpts of the speech.

I am very interested and looking for the full speech, specially the first part that is missing in the article above. Can you tell me please where i can find it?

Thanks again

As an Iranian-Amrican listening to the sermon live and translating part of it for online audiance I am very dissapointed with Los Angeles Times doing a poor translation on this important speech. The end result is full of misstranslation and shows that the translator did not grasp the important points of the speech. Looks like Google translation would resulted the same.

Mr. Rafsanjani is reading from a teleprompter written by my prmoter who t runed predetor Mr. Massood Khojasteh and what is the content of his speach in a Holy Friday of Islamic Republic is nothing but my pioneering work and new humanity and psuychology of Health and Excellence and Pattern Change Programing;Creating Your Own Destiny;an evolutionary revolutionary Psycho-Spirituality of Being! My Revolution ofCompassion of Dialogue through all medium as the bridge to the ocean of my life work not to nowhere as other pawn of Khojasteh iSaraPalin indicates to smear me in a global wayfor globally my life work is making its way to baring fruits and the bullies do not want anyone to know tha author creator of all this is a woman of their race and religion if they believe in god they would not have stolen from her and stuck it to every dick and harry promoting them in our one and only media or Aerican national global media while censoring and silencing and slandering me!So, I see no hands or work of god working here but that of mine and as the Time Prophet and scientist author creator and guide to all this Rebirth movment I demand that my credit be given to me and as Mr. Rafsanjani talks about path of evolution and addresses Our Global Family he must know that in my democratic country he has entered a copyright infringement zone of my copyrighted work and Global Peace and Reform Program his promoter has stolen from me and I have spent 12 years guiding him and the reformists to come to a civil and scientific balance while they have kept claiming my life work denying me and Khojasteh has used his toxic position of a corrupted CIA to promote t hem spreading Rafsanjani money to silence ther rest and put their conscience in remmision with disgrace to humanity and how is this possible when rats are sitting in the middle ofthe media claiming to be me and I a revolutionary scientist am not able to get through this thick shell of censor and denial of the truth and humanity! You god is in me and is angry at all of you in denial and sinful acts of greed for money and power at the cost of innocent people and humanity that needs your mercy
and evolutionary change to come to the light and change patterns and at least give credit to the torch holder of your evolutionary change and rebirth from being dead and burried alive without anyone caring leaving you alone with your old body parts of your palins killing the passengers not letting go of your arrogance to say you need help of the global community and you must let go of the corrupted selction of lunetics who put Iranians in danger and after my 12 years of hard work of bringing my life work to claim back the right and dignity of Iranian youth and all the children and dyouth in the world, you are putting them on the stick like your Kababs and making them the target of your deal makings and martyr makings only to deny the true source of your existance which is the god in me! Only the truth will set you free! Only truth will bring true freedom for you and me! meet me at the bridge of truth there I will show you true history!There I will show you true love! for true love is love of the one and only god that is in me and the like of young pawns saying no god but god like Reza Aslan who then go and for selling their self copy me and my philosophy I say god appears in the most vulnerable and most dedicated to the truth and self discipline and principals that make the challis of body the temple of god and noone of you old or young but me has that challis so like civil people stop denial and censorship of me and start giving me credit I deserve and serve the people first through the truth telling and then through service of making the wrong right for me and my people so that you can be accepted or not! Stealing my Global peace and censoring me while benefitting form that is th workof the devil getting you to nowwhere but hell and more disgrace!


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