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IRAN: Video emerges of Tehran tensions

Amateur video has emerged of today's jittery encounter between would-be demonstrators and plainclothes Basiji militiamen wielding batons.

The video above could not be confirmed but appears to conform to witness accounts that described club-wielding Basiji militiamen hurrying pedestrians and would-be demonstrators along in Tehran's Seventh of Tir Square.

"Go!" the security forces call out, striking their clubs against metal objects for punctuation. "Don't stop."

The person who took this video included a segment at the end that focused in on the faces of the street enforcers.

-- Los Angeles Times

Video: Tuesday in Tehran's Seventh of Tir Square. Credit: YouTube

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Peaceful demonstrations show the wrold you are not happy with your government! Do not get yourselves killed noone here is bringing you back to life for god does not want martyr only man wants you murdered to put you up the stick and gain more dictatorial power!
God wants you to stand alive and behind the truth that your leaders have failed you by any standard and measure! Universal Laws of Human Rights of Rose Parvin the Time Prophet who has proven her scientific knowledge of Rebirth and Creation and Evolution to be true once passed in United Nations your leaders must step down peacefully and let a democratic process begin! Meanwhile tell them you respect them more in gom than in leadership palaces where they too are lost and exposed to know nothing of governing living in vein!

i don't get the significance of this video .. specially it says it could not be confirmed!!


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