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IRAN: Footage emerges from demonstrations across the country

Videos are surfacing on YouTube today of what appear to be mourners’ demonstrations in cities outside Iran’s capital including Ahvaz, Shiraz and Rasht.

This video, claiming to be from Rasht, shows marchers silently making their way down a street, some with their heads bowed and holding candles. A similar protest is posted and said to be held in Esfehan. On the 40th day since the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, demonstrators defied authorities and participated in protests for those killed during the post-election unrest.

-- Amber Smith and Naveed Mansoori in Los Angeles

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This is more like it: peaceful demonstration whil we are working to get their rights from the UN. Everyone can play martyr killing themselves and distract from the true reason for revolution and movement for epace and freedom! We are at a place where the world is watching Iran and now knows that photo ups on front of millions of people does not mean this nation is happy with their government and they transparently want change! United Nations much help Rose Leadership Standard to disqualify unfit leaders aswe disqualify unfit mothers! 60 million children need to be served not abused and martyred! They need security and a govenment that ares and puts them where they belong into the 21st century without threatening other countries and without spending their money on making atomic weaponry! Political Prisoners must be freed and Universal Laws of Human Rights take the Place of old and outdated Islamic Laws that are Time Innapropriate & harmful to humanity!

The road to democracy and freedom for the Iranian people is near.
I would like to invite people from around the world to raise awareness on this issue and condemn the actions of the illegal Iranian government.

I am so proud of you guys!


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