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IRAN: What Obama just said and meant about Iran and democratic protests

June 20, 2009 |  2:26 pm

In a somewhat unusual Saturday statement, usually reserved for significant deaths or tragedies, just out from the White House now, President Obama warns Iran's leaders that the world is watching, mourns the loss of life among demonstrators protesting the recent elections there and urges respect for the people and by the embattled theocratic government there.

The president has come under increasing domestic criticism for not standing stronger vocally with the pro-democracy forces in Iran, although such vocal support has misled some in theIranian democracy protestors give a universal sign past to anticipate actual U.S. assistance, which was not forthcoming.

So Obama is walking a narrow public political/diplomatic line here. And no one knows what, if anything, the U.S. might be doing secretly to support/assist/advance the protesters.

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