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IRAN: 'Street' newspaper is being distributed by protesters

Street Times

The European Photo Agency has posted this photo of a newspaper being issued by Iranian protesters. It's called Street because all photos and stories are from demonstrators on the streets of Iran. Distribution has been focused on Iranian Internet users in Tehran.

Tweets popping up with "#Iran" also have been echoing the cry for protesters' voices to be heard. Opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi's website said that because the opposition has no media presence in Iran, all need to help spread his message, "One Person = One Broadcaster." It was in the same spirit that "Street" was compiled and sent out.

-- Amber Smith in Los Angeles

Image: Street newspaper is being issued by Iranian protestors.  Credit: EPA

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@Iranian & Soheil: thank you for your translations!

English translation of front matter and lead editorial now up online here:

We should get the whole thing translated! if you want to help please contact me at the site above

This is an astounding job of people helping people to pass the word, in the most important uprising of our time. The amateur videos on the news is terrifying. I think it is so important for the Iranian people to know that many countries are now protesting in solidarity with them. My prayers are with you all.

the title says:
in order to confine the influence of the students on the current situation, the university dorms were ordered to be closed.

left column, from top to bottom, it reads:
hundreds of thounds of people marched from 7th Tir Sq. to Toop-khaneh Sq. [Imam Khomeini Sq.] in Tehran
The coup organizers' violence is vast in small cities

right column, from top to bottom, it reads:
iran in bloodbath
iran khodro co.'s workers on strike

Raphael I'm gonna translate the headers:

Right upper angle on pink background: Long live people's governance, long live resistance to the Coup d'etat, death to dictatorship.

Main page headers:
- In order to eliminate the influence of university students on the current situation, a decree was issued to close the university dermitories.
-Iran in blood bath.
-Irankhodro (biggest automaker in the country) workers on strike.
-Hundreds of thousands walked (demonstrated) in Tehran from Toupkhaneh to Haft-e Tir sq.
-Crackdown is fully underway In provincial centers (cities other than Tehran).

What is the original link to the "Street" paper? Could you please add it to the article.

Anyway to get a translation of that photograph?

Free Iran from the yoke of Islamofascism... Iran should be free


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