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AFGHANISTAN: U.S. brings roads, cows and chickens to the Panjshir Valley


The Panjshir Valley, 120 miles north of Kabul, figures big in the modern history of Afghanistan. It was from this lush valley that the guerrilla movement that chased the Russians from Afghanistan was centered.

The U.S. is making major efforts to win over the villagers, who are notoriously suspicious of outsiders. New roads will cut down on isolation, radios will allow news from the central government in Kabul to filter in.

Mini-loans allow for the purchase of cows. Farmers are being taught drip irrigation and row cropping to increase the yield from fruit trees and wheat fields.

Each woman is eligible for 12 chickens to produce eggs to be sold at market.

"We work within the local government to teach self-sufficiency; we are not going to be here forever," Army Lt. Col. Steve Lancaster told American Forces Press Service.

-- Tony Perry, San Diego

Photo: Villagers and U.S. soldier in Panshir Valley. Credit: U.S. Air Force 

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Good to hear positive things are happening to the Afghan people, they have suffered enough and we all wish for the war to be over.

You cannot win the war in Afghanistan by soldiers, it has to be won by plumbers, carpenters, electricians, farmers, welders and builders.

Glad to hear that the US is doing some positive things in Afghanistan. In the general media, all we hear about is the accidental bombing of civilians and how the Taliban are winning back Afghanistan.


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