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IRAN: Hamas office declares cyber-war on Israel

Hamas_svg_2The Tehran office of a Palestinian political group has announced it is offering cash prizes for any intrepid computer whiz who hacks into a "Zionist" website.

For the second year in a row, the representatives of Hamas in the Islamic Republic are holding a contest to encourage techies to break into the websites of hard-line Israeli political organizations such as Shas or Hagana, according to a report published in Tabnak, a Farsi-language news website.

Winners will receive cash prizes equivalent to about $2,000.

Hamas announced the competition at a media expo now underway in Tehran.

Contest organizers describe the hack-Zionist-websites-for-cash competition as a "peaceful and non-violent initiative."

It's also a bit of tit for tat. A group of Israeli hackers recently boasted of breaking into a Hamas website and uploading the Israeli national anthem onto it.

Hamas accused Israelis of breaking into one of their websites some years ago and diverting traffic to a pornography site, called "Hot Motel Horny Sex Sluts."

Observers noted that the contest gives a chance for Iran's many under-employed but tech-savvy computer geeks to earn some quick cash with their expertise.

— Ramin Mostaghim in Tehran

Photo: Logo for the Islamic Resistance Movement, known by its Arabic acronym, Hamas.

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Agreed, not much new except the fact that it is still happening. I'd hardly call such attacks peaceful, and they often target any Jewish site or Zionist site. That would be the equivalent not of attacking Hamas's site, but of attacking any Muslim site, from educational sites through to the websites of local mosques. We also covered this issue previously (since 2005) and have examples of sites that were hacked and messages that were left there. See the hackers section: We naturally also were attacked by some of these hackers... and our site is about countering online racism and providing facts on Zionism - how that makes us a "fair target" for terrorists I fail to see. This is just another form of terrorism.


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