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EGYPT: Toys in Gaza's tunnels

Gaza_tunnel All kinds of things are hustled through the ragged tunnels beneath Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip: militants, weapons, medicine, migrants, tools and livestock. The other day Egyptian security officials arrested smugglers trafficking toys to Palestinian children.

Agence French-Presse reported that the “smugglers were nabbed after emerging from a tunnel, which they were using to slip a large quantity of children’s toys into the coastal strip.”

Israel, which sealed the borders to Gaza after the radical group Hamas took control of the territory in 2007, and the U.S. have blamed the tunnels for a flow of weapons. The underground labyrinth bustles with masked men, shovels, buckets of dirt and pirated electricity.

A recent United Nations report described the tunnels as a “vital lifeline” for goods to reach Gaza. Thousands of people are believed to work in the sprawling network. Since January, 40 people have died in collapses, shootings and other mishaps in the tunnels.

--Jeffrey Fleishman in Cairo

Photo: A smuggler descending into a Gaza tunnel. Credit: Associated Press

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I think toys should be allowed in gaza because the innocent victims need a semblance of normalcy. Without a semblance of normalcy there will be more and more children siding with the men whom do the drug and gun runs as well as other pirated booty. There has to be some compromise between Israel and those in Palestine, when the world puts sanctions on other countries they have deals where food, medicine and essential needs are able to be traded in order not to keep the civilians in a sense of panic and disorder and also to keep infectious diseases at bay. It has been shown study after study that if children in very stressful situations have a toy, it helps to calm them down and able to use their imagination to escape some of the horrors around them. So in retrospect certain things should be alowed in while otherskept out and toys, medicine and essential goods are not in the equation of can not have.

very sad

its so sad what the Israeli blockade forces Palestinians to do. Its even more sad how silent the world is on this issue. They live poor atrocious lives


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