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IRAN: Foreign policy ain't no popularity contest

An annual poll commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corp. ranked Iran as the country with the most negative influence on the world.

But its arch-rival Israel shouldn't gloat too much: the Jewish state ranked as the country with the second most negative influence.

Popularity_3 The poll results, released this week, show that while Israel's negatives slipped from 57% to 52%, negative views of Iran’s influence have held steady at 54%, making it the most negatively rated of the countries tested for the second year in a row.

“The poll suggests that Iran continues to pay a price for its nuclear stand-off with the United Nations," said Doug Miller or GlobeScan, who was among the pollsters.

Pakistan followed Israel as the third most unpopular country.

The pollsters asked 17,457 people across 34 countries between Oct. 31, 2007, and Jan. 25, 2008, to rate whether Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the U.S.A. and the European Union had a mostly positive or negative impact on the world.  In addition to GlobeScan, the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland oversaw the survey.

Among the countries that fared well in the study were Japan, Germany and the European Union who scored the highest marks, while America's standing improved slightly after years of deterioration.

Those who say the U.S. has a negative influence declined from 52% to 47%, while those who give Uncle Sam the big thumbs up increased from 31% to 35%.

Pollster Steven Kull suggests the worldwide hoopla over the prospect of a President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton may have bolstered America's image abroad:

It may be that as the US approaches a new presidential election, views of the US are being mitigated by hope that a new administration will move away from the foreign policies that have been so unpopular in the world.

Russia's image showed the greatest improvement. Its positives jumped from 29% to 37% this year and negatives dropped from 40% to 33%.

Tell us below which countries you think have the best and worst influence on the world.

Borzou Daragahi in Beirut

Graphic: Changing attitudes toward the U.S. Credit: BBC World Service

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I left Iran in the shahs time 1978 and been back recently, I found in my returned that the country is certainly different, its laws and Islamic ways. But I also have found a country with identity very proud and opinionated and educated society by no means quiet but very expressive. All unhappy with some things in their country and happy with most other . But all of them hopping that the west and other nations stop their imposing and world wide dictatorship style of imperialism and sanctions and come round to a fair respectful and open market negotiating, tendering for their needs, exports and imports. I also noticed they are all trying to prove to the world that they will overcome all lives problems, shortages by either producing it themselves or importing it from another oppress nation. I noticed a proud nation no way willing to go back to the days of allowing the western masters telling them what to do where to go what to were what to eat and how to be. I noticed people who are celebrating their freedom, their wining of wars against imperialists and foreign invaders., people with two set of history one Great Persian one and the unique Shea version of Islam and proud of both. Do not even think of forcing them to allegiance, just talk, negotiate and reason with them. That country has more intellectuals and world aware people than you may think, change will only come with in not forced up on them . Isolate them they will develop all products necessary for their survival and supremacy. As the old English proverb says (Desperation is the mother of creation). Negotiate and allow them to open their doors use the best of your culture and respect theirs, let them see you as a friend to their region and culture and only than you will see change with in.

What do you expect?

Lets analyse the underlying reason for these results:

Fact- Negative image of Islam………………….
Fact- Iran and the double whammy, Islamic and under attack from US since 1980s
Fact- US tried to fit Iran up in anyway possible by “association” to the 2003 crime in US that also killed many Iranians!
Fact- Big business and lobbyist in US and UK and most of the other industrialised countries run their governments and help create policies!
Fact– Same Governments and their big business masters own the popular media and what they show and print!
Fact- The same media have been producing none-stop intensive and daily negative propaganda against Iran as part of these policies!
Fact- General population in the west is ignorant of geography, politics and realities of what goes on in their own back-yard, let alone the rest of the world!
Fact- The same general population accept and believe everything they read and see in the media!
Fact- After over 4 years of daily propagandas, demonising Iran, the only thing the Joe public knows about Iran is what they have been fed by the media!

The Survey:
Now, lets go and ask them what they think about Iran?
Which country do you think is the most dangerous to the world?

Oh, this is surprising!
They seem to believe what we have been telling them every day for the last 4 years!

It must be true!

The poll shows the great job Zionist-linked media like Reuters Fox news CNN BBC and ... have done in recent years... an unreal orchestrated biased propaganda against Iran is giving fruit . GOOD JOB BOY!!!

Iran's image around world, especially the WESTERN

WORLD, is so bad that Iran wouldn't even try to fix it,


GOALS and that's the priority not it's image, and Iran is more concerned about it's


THE "WORLD" in general.

Where is the world in this BIAS TREATMENT of Iran's Nuclear Case:

international law is nothing more than INK on paper, iran found this out the hard way!

Yeah and where was the "world" when Saddam invaded Iran? Soviet Union, All Arab dictatorships, Euro, and America/Britain all funded Saddam, soooo this has nothing to do with justice.

lets remember:,16641,19870817,00.html

at the end of the day where is Saddam now? where is Soviet Union? where are all these former enemies of Iran? all withered away in the annals of history!

Iran is now on the RISE!

As Dick Cheney would say, "So?"

thats y i say that US should talk to Iran.. right now the US has all the middle eastern countries in its with iran and get it into the pocket... this will leave only one enemy for the US i.e al qaeda.the US will get another puppet which will be more brutal in crushing al qaeda than its wahhbi counterparts.and israel will have three puppets in its pocket..
1. the United States
2. the arab world
3. iran


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