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Are Trey Parker and Matt Stone en route to EGOT?

After sweeping the Tonys last month with "The Book of Mormon," Trey Parker and Matt Stone may be on their way to getting the elusive EGOT. That's the grand slam of showbiz peer-group awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

With four Emmys under their belts for animated program for "South Park" (2005, 2007-2009) and four Tonys for "Mormon," these partners and best friends are only missing the Oscar and the Grammy.

At first glance, it may seem premature to call these guys EGOT front-runners, but when next year's Grammys are taken into consideration, things get more interesting. "Book of Mormon" is a shoo-in to win the next Grammy for musical cast album.

That means all they'll need next is the Oscar. Back in 2000, Parker was nominated for an Academy Award for the original song "Blame Canada" from the "South Park" movie. Stone was left off the ballot because he didn't contribute to the lyrics. Now that they're on a hiatus between seasons of "South Park," one wonders if they're eyeing their next movie project. No plans have been announced yet for "Book of Mormon" to be adapted to the big screen, but that's certainly a future possibility.

If Parker and Stone are lucky enough to win the EGOT, they'll join 10 other artists who've won all four industry awards in competitive categories: Mel Brooks, John Gielgud, Marvin Hamlisch, Helen Hayes, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, Mike Nichols, Richard Rodgers, Jonathan Tunick and the most recent EGOT winner in 2002, Whoopi Goldberg.


'Book of Mormon' big winner at the Tonys

'Book of Mormon' sees ticket demand surge, raises prices

Tony Awards: Backstage with 'Book of Mormon' winners

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Trey Parker, left, and Matt Stone backstage at the Tony Awards in June. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press

Tony Awards: Back stage with 'Book of Mormon' winners

"When you die and you find out that God is a Mormon, what will you say to get off the hook?" I asked the creators of "Book of Mormon" moments after the musical swept the Tony Awards.

"Look at the box office," Trey Parker replied. "Scoreboard!"

Parker suddenly got serious and didn't have a snarky reply when he was informed that he had just tied a Tony record set by Josh Logan, who bagged four awards in one year for the original production of "South Pacific" (1950). Parker's four wins: best book, score, director and musical.

"We riffed on people getting awards enough that we have to walk that line carefully," said Trey Parker, grinning.

When he was asked, "Will there be a 'South Park' episode making fun of 'Book of Mormon'?" he replied, "No, because that wouldn't be cool."

-- Tom O'Neil


Tony Awards: Back stage with John Larroquette

Tony Awards: Back stage with Sutton Foster and Norbert Leo Butz

Will 'Book of Mormon' be snubbed at the Tony Awards?

Who would have guessed that the chief creative talents responsible for the hottest musical on Broadway would also be the mavericks behind "South Park," the potty-mouthed animated series on Comedy Central that has spit-roasted every sacred cow within sight?

Book of mormon Broadway news

Now "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are widely considered to be the front-runners to win best musical at the Tony Awards for "The Book of Mormon," but beware: Their history at showbiz peer-group awards is rocky.

On the plus side, "The Book of Mormon" opened last week at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway to rapturous reviews. The L.A. Times described "Mormon" as "boisterously outrageous" with "the propulsive verve of a runaway hit," while the notoriously cranky New York Times veritably gushed with praise: "hie thee hence, nonbelievers (and believers too), to 'The Book of Mormon,' and feast upon its sweetness."

One potential downside — lots and lots of "South Park"-style blue humor — has been smoothed over by the glowing notices. Plus, Parker and Stone cowrote the book, music and lyrics with Robert Lopez, who shared a Tony in 2004 for the score of another hit musical with a sweet heart and a foul mouth: "Avenue Q." The show is produced by Scott Rudin, who's won Tonys for staging best musical "Passion" (1994), best plays "Copenhagen" (2000), "The History Boys" (2006), "Doubt" (2005), "The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?" (2002) and "God of Carnage" (2009) plus best play revival with "Fences" (2010).

"South Park" has 10 Emmy nominations for best animated series and four wins. That's not too shabby, but neither Parker nor Stone has ever been nominated for their prodigious voiceover work, nor have they been cited for comedy writing or penning any of the show's numerous musical ditties. It can't be the ribald material. Heck, Justin Timberlake shared a recent Emmy for penning "…. in a Box" for "Saturday Night Live."

(Emmy voters are notoriously stodgy about that voiceover category. Despite giving life to many iconic characters on "The Simpsons" for nearly 20 years, longtime castmate Harry Shearer didn't earn a nomination until 2009.)

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