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Golden Globe nominations: 'Zombies are just cool'

AMC's new big hit, "The Walking Dead," received a Golden Globe nomination for best drama on Tuesday. Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, the show about a zombie apocalypse was only six episodes long but broke basic cable viewing records.

Kirkman said he had no idea it was nomination morning when he received congratulation calls from AMC and an e-mail from his publicist. The show, shot in Atlanta in June, was rushed to air in October, which Kirkman called a "ridiculous, completely unreal process for me."

"It's always good drama to see real human characters responding to absolutely horrible situations," he said, trying to explain the show's phenomenal success. "There is no more horrible situation than the end of the world. And zombies are just cool ... I never in a million years thought this comic book would get made into television. Zombies eat people. You don't see that on television every day."

Kirkman said he's pleased with the way the writers of the series have adapted his story and changed it along the way because "it keeps it interesting for me."

The writers use the richness of the comic book as its source but depart from it because of the difference in the two mediums, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd said.

"I think there's a global zeitgeist about pending catastrophe, whether it's global financial collapse, natural disasters, H1N1 flu," Hurd said. "People are consumed by a sense of when is the other shoe going to drop. The zombie apocalypse is about finding hope and overcoming despair. ... Plus, zombies are a lot of fun. That's why this show has connected in a way that people didn't expect."

The show's second season begins shooting in the spring. AMC has ordered 13 episodes.


Maria Elena Fernandez and Scott Collins


Photo: Zombie invasion on "The Walking Dead." Credit: Scott Garflied/AMC.


Oscars for 15 sci-tech achievements

3dglasses5121 Fifteen scientific and technical achievements, ranging from performance capture systems to photorealistic digital imagery and a host of 3D technology (a lot more developed than as depicted at left), will receive Scientific and Technical Academy Awards. The 46 individual recipients will honored at the annual awards presentation Feb. 20. 

Though the winning achievements may seem a bit like complex algebra to all but those in the industry who utilize them, each has made an impact on the entertainment business; Industrial Light and Magic's Imocap system brought to life the human-crustacean hybrids in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," while cutting-edge visual effects companies such as the Oscar-winning Weta Digital have sung the praises of the ARRISCAN film scanner. 

The 2010 winners differ from their predecessors in that they were not required to have been developed and introduced in 2009; instead, they had to show a proven track record of contributing "significant value" to the business of moviemaking.

The list of winners, along with a (much-needed) explanation of their workings, is after the break.

— Paul Gaita

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