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Emmy mystery surrounds 'Sons of Anarchy' star Katey Sagal [video]


At the upcoming Emmys, Katey Sagal ("Sons of Anarchy") teeters on the edge of getting an overdue nomination for lead actress in a TV drama series.

On the plus side: Sagal has strong awards momentum. Earlier this year, she won the Golden Globe. Last week came the good news she's nominated for the new Critics' Choice TV Award. That may suggest an easy Emmy nomination is next, but beware: Sagal could be fighting a weird Emmy curse. She and "Married … with Children" costar Ed O'Neill were never nominated during their 11 years on that classic sitcom. (By contrast, she received four Golden Globe bids as Peggy Bundy.) Neither scored Emmy bids last year now that each of them is back on the air. O'Neill was the only male adult star of "Modern Family" who was snubbed by TV academy voters.

To blame may be the notorious snobbism of Emmy voters, those elite Hollywooders who were probably repulsed by the delightfully trashy Bundy clan and now may be put off by Sagal as chief biker babe of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

"I would argue for our show that I don't look at us as trashy people," she says with a wry smile in our webcam chat. "I look at us as all different classes of people. Gemme [her character] and Clay [Ron Pearlman as her husband] are the hierarchy of that world, so we have a certain sophistication about us. That's what I would say!"

Looking back at "Married … with Children," however, Sagal admits, "We were kind of, obviously, looked over." Specifically, she thought it was "kind of weird" that her costar Ed O'Neill was never nominated. "I thought, wow, this is the funniest guy on television!"

However, "when I won the Golden Globe for 'Sons of Anarchy,' he was really proud of me," she says. "He was included in all my pride of it too."

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: FX Network


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HFPA names new president; Philip Berk named chairman

Aida The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., the governing body behind the annual Golden Globe Awards, has named Aida Takla O'Reilly the new president of the organization for the upcoming year. She succeeds Philip Berk, who served in the position for eight years and was named chairman of the organization.

This will be O'Reilly's second term in office. The Egyptian PhD, who has been a member of HFPA since 1956 representing Dubai, previously held the presidency from 1994 through 1996.

"I believe in the vitality of the membership and what we have to contribute to the future of the industry both here and abroad," O'Reilly said in a statement. "Now let's get back to work!"

Jorge Camara was elected vice president of the organization. Serge Rakhlin was named executive secretary ,and Ali Sar is now treasurer. The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards presentation is scheduled to be held on Jan. 15.

-- Nicole Sperling

Photo: Aida Takla O'Reilly. Credit: HFPA

Poll: Will Ashton Kutcher be a real winner on 'Two and a Half Men'?

Ashton Kutcher newsCharlie Sheen was nominated four times for best comedy actor at the Emmys and twice at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards for "Two and a Half Men," but he didn't win for that role. Now comes news that he'll be replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who was never nominated for "That '70s Show" -- or for much else, for that matter. Kutcher isn't quite a darling of showbiz awards unless, ahem, you count that Razzie he "won" earlier this year as worst actor for "Killers" and "Valentine's Day."

But now we must wonder: Could Kutcher be nominated -- and, egads, even win a serious Hollywood award -- in place of Sheen on "Two and a Half Men"?

The idea isn't as preposterous as it may seem at first blush. Sheen won a Golden Globe when he replaced Michael J. Fox on "Spin City." So maybe Kutcher might nab a Globe nom or win, if he fails to reap Emmy or SAG love?

In our message boards, I asked our readers if they think Kutcher might score Emmy attention. Sample responses below. See more here.

seanflynn: Kutcher is a very talented comedy actor -- certainly far more than Sheen was before getting on this show. He has been burdened by inferior movies for the most part, and I'm not saying that with Cary Grant material you'd ever approach that level, but to the question, sure I think he could easily be an Emmy contender.

Brilliance inmorbid: The only reason "2.5 Men" received the Emmy recognition it has is because at one point it was by far the highest-rated sitcom on TV. Times have changed, and with the exception of Jon Cryer and Holland Taylor voters aren't looking for this show any longer. However, lead actor in a comedy has been so weak these past couple of years that Kutcher could slip in there. There are too many variables to guess right now.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Ashton Kutcher in "That '70s Show." Credit: 20th Century Fox TV

HFPA sets key dates for 2012 Golden Globes

OK, award trackers, you now know what you're doing now in January. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. announced Thursday morning that the 69th Annual Golden Globe awards will be held on Jan. 15, 2012, the same time frame as this year's show.

While there was much lamenting this year over the fatigue that accompanies the long season, nothing is changing date-wise with either of the major shows in 2012: The Oscars will still be held on the same weekend at the end of February and the Golden Globes will attempt to set the stage for the season with its mid-January event.

Maybe for the upcoming event, the HFPA will choose a host and a Cecil B. DeMille honoree that won't spend the majority of the broadcast ridiculing the organization, like Ricky Gervais and Robert DeNiro did at this year's gala. 

-- Nicole Sperling

Photo: Ricky Gervais and his partner Jane Fallon at this year's Golden Globe Awards on  Jan. 16. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Poll: Get real -- Can Lindsay Lohan ever win an Oscar?

Lindsay LohanWhen she appeared on the "Tonight Show" this week, Lindsay Lohan, age 24, was asked by Jay Leno where she sees herself at age 30.

"Hopefully, sitting here after I've won an Oscar," she replied. "That would be ideal."

Before Lohan became enmeshed in ridiculous tabloid scandals, she actually displayed real promise as an actress. She won Teen Choice and MTV Movie Awards for "Mean Girls" and a Kids' Choice Award for "Herbie Fully Loaded." She was among those nominated at the SAG Awards for best ensemble for "Bobby," which was nominated for best drama picture at the Golden Globes. There was even serious scuttlebutt that she might nab an Oscar nom for "Bobby."

However, LiLo eventually ended up getting such lousy film offers that she won three Razzies for "I Know Who Killed Me," a horror film so horrible that it set a new record for most Razzies in a year (eight).

Next up: She's been cast as the wife of John Gotti Jr. in "Gotti: Three Generations," but it's unclear if she'll be prohibited from appearing in the film due to jail time and her sentence to community service.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Lindsay Lohan and Elijah Wood in "Bobby." Credit: Weinstein Co.

Round 3: 'Mad Men' vs. 'Boardwalk Empire' at BAFTA TV Awards

"Boardwalk Empire" conquered "Mad Men" at the last two kudos battles. "Empire" ruled the race for best drama series at the Golden Globes and best ensemble at the SAG Awards. Now they're pitted against each other at the BAFTA TV Awards in the race for best international series, a match-up that also includes "Glee" and the original Danish version of "The Killing" that inspired the new Americanized adaptation currently unspooling on AMC. "Mad Men" has won this BAFTA category for the last two years.

Boardwalk empire mad menBritish sci-fi series "Misfits" leads the BAFTA list with nominations in four categories: best drama series, supporting actor (Robert Sheehan), supporting actress (Lauren Socha) and new media. In the series contest, it competes against rival sci-fi program "Being Human," updated detective series "Sherlock" and the super-hit "Downton Abbey." Surprisingly absent from this list is the modern update of "Upstairs, Downstairs," which was widely compared to "Downton" this past year because they both contrast the lives of upper- and lower-class folks.

The London Guardian crowed, "If there were any doubt as to who had won out in the great 'Downton Abbey' vs 'Upstairs, Downstairs' toff-off, the BBC program's lack of nominations against 'Downton's' two (drama series and supporting actor for Brendan Coyle) only underlines the ITV drama's supremacy."

The Guardian took a potshot at one contender in the race for best comedy series: "There's always one BAFTA nomination that makes you do a double take. This year it's 'Mrs. Brown's Boys,' which gets the nod in the sitcom category at the expense of shows such as 'Friday Night Dinner,' 'Grandma's House,' 'The Inbetweeners,' 'Him & Her,' and, most notably, 'Miranda,' which aren't nominated. Perhaps the judges thought it was mandatory to include an actual joke in the comedy nominations."

The trophies will be doled out on May 22. Here are some of the top nominees. More here.

"Boardwalk Empire" (U.S.)
"Glee" (U.S.)
"The Killing" (Denmark)
"Mad Men" (U.S.)

"Being Human" (BBC3/Touchpaper Television)
"Downton Abbey" (ITV1/Carnival Films)
"Misfits" (E4/Clerkenwell Films)
"Sherlock" (BBC1/Hartswood Films)

"Mrs. Brown's Boys" (BBC One/BOCPix, BBC Productions, RTE)
"Peep Show" (Channel 4/Objective Productions)
"Rev" (BBC Two/Big Talk Productions)
"The Trip" (BBC Two/Revolution Films)


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Jon Stewart demands apology from Ricky Gervais for Golden Globes

Ricky_Gervais_golden_globes_newsWhen Ricky Gervais visited "The Daily Show" on Thursday, former Oscar host Jon Stewart took Gervais to task for his recent job emceeing the Golden Globes.

"Here's what you have to apologize about for the Golden Globes," Stewart harrumphed. "Making people like me -- who've also hosted these events -- feel inadequate by being that funny. It hurt my self-esteem, and I think you do owe me an apology."

"This is what I think I should apologize for about the Golden Globes," Gervais replied, then uttered an obscenity bleeped out of the racy telecast. "If they ever came to my standup, their heads would explode. That was toned down, that was daytime TV. What did I say that was so bad?"

On David Letterman's show, Gervais recently said about his Globes gig: "I didn't think I did anything wrong. They were just jokes. I did nothing wrong, and I wouldn't apologize for it. ... These people are the most privileged, richest people in the world. If you can't joke about them, what can you make a joke about?"

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. Credit: NBC

For sale: John Wayne's Golden Globe for 'True Grit'

JohnWaynesTrueGritGoldenGlobeThe Golden Globe that John Wayne won for "True Grit" (1969) will be sold this fall by Heritage Auctions. Many items from the actor's estate will also go on the block, including one of the black eye patches he wore in "True Grit" plus costumes from "Sands of Iwo Jima" and "The Green Berets" as well as more than 50 of his personal scripts.

Prior to the sale, the items will go on display in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles between Sept. 16 and Oct. 6. To get a better, up-close look at the statuette's photo, click on the image at right to enlarge.

Expect the Golden Globe to fetch a minimum of $10,000. Back in 2004, I purchased the Globe won by "Ben-Hur" as best drama of 1959 for $14,000 in a competitive sale held by Julien Auctions.

Both Globes were omens of later Oscar victories, of course, but Oscars bestowed after 1950 cannot be sold. There are no similar restrictions governing Globes.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Heritage Auctions

Remember Charlie Sheen's 'sober acid trip'?

Throughout his 30-year career, Charlie Sheen has won only one major showbiz award: the Golden Globe for ABC's "Spin City" -– a victory that surprised him so much that he called it "a sober acid trip."

Charlie sheen news story

Back in 2002, Charlie Sheen was considered a longshot to win best TV comedy actor. His competition included Tom Cavanagh ("Ed"), Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier"), Eric McCormack ("Will and Grace") and Frankie Muniz ("Malcolm in the Middle"). He had just replaced the beloved Michael J. Fox, who was battling Parkinson's disease. Fox had been such a Globes fave that he was nominated four consecutive times and won three trophies.

Sheen had some big shoes to fill, and by awarding him the win, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. decided that he filled them just fine. Strangely, the Emmys didn't follow suit. They didn't even bother to nominate Sheen for "Spin City," so the Globe win truly was a special moment for the one-time party boy who seemed to be getting his act together.

Sheen devoted his Globes acceptance speech to thanking lots of people, including Fox, his bosses at DreamWorks Television and ABC, his costars Barry Bostwick, Heather Locklear, Michael Boatman, Richard Kind and Alan Ruck, his parents and his fiancee, Denise Richards, who later would become his second of three wives.
Sheen gave the audience a chuckle when he said that the shocking win felt like a "sober acid trip." Nine years later, the joke doesn't seem as funny.

On Monday, Sheen's people informed TMZ that his contract with CBS stated he's to be paid for the duration of "Two and a Half Men's" run, whether or not he actually appears on the laffer. They're calling it the "Michael J. Fox clause," alluding to a similar contract between Fox and "Spin City." After Fox left that show in 2000 and was replaced by Sheen, Fox continued to receive a paycheck until ABC eventually pulled the plug on the sitcom in 2002.

When Sheen signed his "Two and a Half Men" contract back in 2003, the same clause was apparently put into effect. In other words, even though Sheen is out, he could still collect payment for all future episodes. Talk about winning. But will that contract hold up since he was fired? That's one the lawyers will be battling out.


Poll: Can 'Two and a Half Men' finally win top Emmy without Charlie Sheen?

Remember Charlie Sheen's 'sober acid trip'?

Poll: Will the Emmys snub Charlie Sheen again this year?

Uh-oh! Russell Brand professes 'love' for Charlie Sheen


— Tom O'Neil

Photo: Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.

Are the Oscars copying the Golden Globes' cyber strategy?

"Why are the Oscars going so crazy using social media to promote the show?" another Oscar reporter asked me yesterday. "Are they just trying to reach a younger, hipper audience?"

Yes, that's part of it. James Franco and Anne Hathaway are young, sexy hipsters who love to communicate with fans via Twitter and Facebook, so why not let the Oscarcast cohosts run amok in cyberspace to help promote the event?

Golden globes facebook

But, take note: doing so does set up one twist. If most pundits are correct and "The King's Speech" wins best picture, then that means "The Social Network" -– the movie about Facebook and, well, social networking will lose the top award even while the academy is going wild on Facebook and Twitter and other social networking venues to lure viewers into tuning in to watch the Facebook movie lose.

Ah, well, that's showbiz. The more likley reason the Oscars is tapping social media so much is because of the success experienced recently by the Golden Globes, which credited heavy digital promotion for
helping to pull in 17 million TV viewers on Jan. 16.

Below are some stats issued by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.:

• On Twitter: More than 730 million impressions for the Golden Globes topic were created and 466,000 tweets sent. These tweets reached more than 39 million accounts.

• HFPA’s @goldenglobes account was the No. 1 mentioned account on Twitter. It received nearly twice the mentions of the next most mentioned account (@JustinBieber)

• HFPA’s @goldenglobes account was the No. 1 retweeted account

• The number of messages from the HFPA's @goldenglobes account that were retweeted were more than the other top nine accounts -– combined

• On Facebook: After only a two-month period, the HFPA was able to add more than  144,000 fans to its official Facebook account.

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