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Emmys: Will a 'Modern Family' star win best supporting comedy actor?

Modern family 2

The race for best supporting comedy actor at this year's Emmys comes down to which "Modern Family" actor is most helped by his costars' submissions. Four actors from the comedy are nominated this year, more than any other show has ever earned in this category, which means that voters will be watching four submissions in which all four men appear. That's why shows with multiple nominees in a category usually win, instead of splitting the vote.

Last year's winner, Eric Stonestreet, will probably not repeat. When he won, he had submitted the episode "Fizbo," in which he defends his boyfriend's honor while wearing a clown suit. But this year he has entered "Mother's Day," in which he complains about being treated as a woman in his relationship with Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). He complains in most of the episodes submitted by "Modern Family" actors, which may not play well to voters. But his bigger problem may be that his costars' scenes in his episode may be better than his own: Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill have touching, funny scenes in which O'Neill is embarrassed about crying over his late mother.

O'Neill submitted "The Kiss," in which his wife (Sofia Vergara) tricks him into performing strange rituals during a dinner preparation. He later expresses regrets over raising a son who is afraid of intimacy. But that episode's main storyline helps Ferguson, who is uncomfortable being kissed by his boyfriend in public.

Ferguson submitted "Halloween," in which he struggles to get out of a Spider-Man getup when he discovers that he's the only one who has come to work in costume. Appearing in costume helped Stonestreet last year, and the physical slapstick stands out against his costars' performances, though Burrell does have a strong subplot in which he fears for the security of his marriage.

Burrell's episode gives him the benefit of playing against type. In "Good Cop, Bad Dog," his happy-go-lucky character must reluctantly play disciplinarian to his disobedient teenage daughters, until he goes overboard by leaping onto their car and taping their computers shut. In O'Neill's subplot, he must deliver tough criticism to an eager entrepreneur, but proves to be a big old softy when he adopts the entrepreneur's dog. And Ferguson must figure out how to leave for a Lady Gaga concert while Stonestreet is sick in bed.

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Finally, Emmy jackpot for Ed O'Neill?

Ed oneill

Poor Ed O'Neill has endured a long streak of snubs before journeying to the Emmys, but now it looks like it could pay off Sunday with the ultimate Hollywood happy ending: an Emmy win.

In 1987, the funnyman starred in Fox network's "Married with Children" as Al Bundy, a role he played for 11 long years. Not only were O'Neill and his costar Katey Sagal snubbed by Emmy voters every season for playing the rude, crude Bundys, but the sitcom entered the Emmy history books as one of the longest-running series to never win a single award.

After that series ended, O'Neill guest starred on many different shows including "The West Wing," a series with major Emmy clout. But he still never managed to wrestle up an Emmy nod himself. All of that looked to change last year when his ABC comedy "Modern Family" started attracting Emmy buzz from the moment it premiered. Unfortunately for O'Neill, that award season ended with him being the only adult cast member to be snubbed. Once again, Emmy slapped O'Neill.

When nominations were announced this year, O'Neill fans rejoiced as the actor finally received his first Emmy recognition. Was he nominated because of the Emmy backlash from last year's snub? Or did Emmy voters simply come to their senses? Whatever the case, he's up for his first trophy this year, and he even has a great shot at winning.

According to predictions at GoldDerby, O'Neill is in second place to take home the award for comedy supporting actor. Experts, editors and users have "Modern Family" costar Ty Burrell out in first place, with Chris Colfer ("Glee") in third, last year's winner Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family") in fourth, Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family") in fifth and Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men") in last place.


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-- Tom O'Neil

Left photo: Ed O'Neill in "Married ... with Children." Credit: Fox

Right photo: O'Neill in "Modern Family." Credit: ABC

Chris Colfer and Walton Goggins to present Creative Arts Emmys

Chris colfer glee

Chris Colfer and Brad Falchuk of "Glee" and Walton Goggins and Graham Yost of "Justified" are among the new batch of presenters who will dole out prizes at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sept. 10.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences also named Rebecca Romijn and Paul Scheer ("NTSF:SD:SUV"), Priscilla Presley and Steve Binder ("Elvis' '68 Comeback Special"), H. Jon Benjamin and Adam Reed ("Archer"), and Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens ("The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway").

They join previously announced presenters Jon Cryer and Chuck Lorre ("Two and a Half Men"), Connie Britton and Jason Katims ("Friday Night Lights"), Mitzi Gaynor and Bob Mackie ("Mitzi Roaring in the 20's"), Alison Brie and Dan Harmon ("Community"), Phil Keoghan and Bertram Van Munster ("The Amazing Race"), Noah Wyle and Robert Rodat ("Falling Skies"), Nick Tweed Simmons and Gene Simmons ("Gene Simmons: Family Jewels"), Kiernan Shipka and Matthew Weiner ("Mad Men") and Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett ("Survivor").

The Primetime Creative Arts Emmys will be held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.  An edited version of the telecast will be aired by ReelzChannel on Sept. 17.


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-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Chris Colfer in "Glee." Credit: Fox

Which 'Glee' episode should Chris Colfer submit to Emmy judges? [Poll]

When Chris Colfer was nominated for best supporting comedy actor last year, he had one obvious episode of "Glee" to submit to Emmy judges. "Laryngitis" was packed with everything –- angst, humor, tension, suspense and even a rattle-the-rafters musical number. In it, his gay character, Kurt, tried to pass as straight to please his disapproving father but failed and ended by defiantly belting out a variation on "Rose's Turn" from the musical "Gypsy."

Colfer lost to Eric Stonestreet, who submitted the "Fizbo" episode of "Modern Family," but most Emmy pundits believe that it was a close contest. Now that Colfer is back in the race and will soon be exiting "Glee," the pressure is on. The recent Golden Globe champ needs to make a strong new episode submission to the judges if he wants to catch up with Emmy. But which one? Colfer has many good segments to choose from, but not one standout.

He's up against all four adult male cast members from "Modern Family": Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill, and last year's winner, Stonestreet. Conventional wisdom might suggest the "Modern" men will split the vote, but not so at the Emmys. Every actor submits one episode for consideration, and with four "Modern" actors in the race, each will have the advantage of appearing in four different submissions: their own and those of their co-stars. That's why a show with multiple nominated actors in a category tends to win.

We ask our forum posters for their views. Samples below. See more here.

Glee - Born This Way Kurt Gay Likes Boys

RBurton: I'm on the fence between "Never Been Kissed" and "Born This Way." In the former, he has one explosive dramatic scene and a few genial, subtler ones alongside Darren Criss. There's no telling how that would play to Emmy voters, who'll be viewing this alongside traditional sitcoms.

FEDEclown: DEFINITELY "Duets." I think that is his most competitive one for comedy. The other episodes that he is considering are just not enough ("Grilled Cheesus," "Never Been Kissed," "Born This Way").

Brilliance inmorbid: I don't know why anyone is even considering "Born this Way." He doesn't have much screen time and annoys with the material he does have.

Atypical: Ideally I'd hope that Chris Colfer would submit "Prom Queen" as his tape. It has both great comedic and dramatic moments in it, and I think it best represents what Kurt went through in season 2 (dealing with homophobia and bullying).

LonePirate: He should submit one where he is acting and not whining, provided such a tape exists.

MissyGal: If he wants to go with a tape with the most impact, he needs to go with "Prom Queen." It's not a comedic tape, by any means, but it makes a strong impression.

Jss0058: He isn't going to out-"funny" the other contestants with any tape, so he should go with his best work of the season which is "Grilled Cheesus."


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-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Chris Colfer in the "Born This Way" episode of "Glee." Credit: Fox TV

Emmys: Chris Colfer is delighted by nomination, saddened by his limited time on 'Glee'

Chris Colfer

For Chris Colfer, the breakout actor on the Fox hit "Glee," getting his second Emmy nomination in as many seasons of the show was a great way to start his day. He took a moment to talk about his delight with the news.

You’re like the Emmy boy now.

That is one title I would love to have for the rest of my life.

Were you already awake and waiting for the call?

I think I've gotten to the point where now if someone calls me that early in the morning, I know it’s good news. I was asleep in my bed; I wrapped late last night on the film I’m doing. I slept right through. And it was cool because I got a call from my parents first. They beat everyone to the punch, and I was happy with that.

Are you nervous about your costar Jane Lynch hosting? Scared she’ll spill some of your secrets to the whole world?

I think I have just as many secrets on her that she has on me. I was so unbelievably proud of her when she hosted "SNL," and I cannot wait to see her take on the Emmys. And I’m mostly excited that I’m nominated because it means I’ll have a better seat to watch her. If anyone knows Jane, she’ll kick butt.

We've all just learned that your Kurt character will leave 'Glee' after next season? Were you as shocked as the fans?

I think the overall breaking news of it surprised me. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. It's definitely not my choice to leave the show, but I understand it’s the right choice. The show is very real. To have the character grow up and leave and graduate, it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s more of a big deal because not too many shows have ever done it before. We see the characters until they’re in their early 30s.

Since we won’t be seeing that with Kurt, where do you see him post-graduation:

I always imagined him running his own magazine. Kurtain magazine -- it would be like a Vogue-type publication. I don’t know. I love Kurt so so much. And I’m so proud of what he’s done this past season: He really went through a lot and experienced a lot. I’ve received thousands and thousands of letters from viewers who’ve just identified with him so much. It’s fantastic. I’ll miss that.  But at least it’s planned, and I’m sure it will be a nice goodbye.

Kurt did endure a lot this season. How will we see him develop this year.

Apparently, they’re going to go in a lighter, comical direction, which is good. I’m tired of crying in every scene.

Who else are you rooting for at the Emmys?

The biggest one -- that I was not surprised by -- was Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste in the guest category. She is just an amazing, amazing human being. I am more happy for her nomination than I am for my own.


HBO dominates the Emmy nominations

Emmys: Best comedy nominees

Complete list of 2011 Emmy Awards nominees

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Chris Colfer, center, with "Glee" co-stars Dianna Agron, left, and Naya Rivera. Credit: Adam Rose / Fox

What will be the big jaw-dropper among Emmy nominees?

Emmy302You can always count on the Emmy nominations to include shockeroos. What will they be Thursday morning when the list is revealed? Commenters on our message boards have these hunches (below) when asked to name just one. See more predictions here.

Beau Salant: A Showtime woman will not get nominated. My prediction: Laura Linney.

blueprint: No Betty White.

thesmartone: Wendie Mallick in Supporting Actress

Moviemjk102: "Fringe" breaking through in a big way -- Series, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor.

problemchild: No Chris Colfer, "Glee" (Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)

oopschoice: Patricia Heaton is in, while Martha Plimpton is out.


Emmy nominations preview: What will be in ... and out?

Can Kyra Sedgwick cop another Emmy for "The Closer"?

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo credit: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Emmy wish list: 'Fringe,' 'True Blood' and 'Coon and Friends'

Snooping through the Emmy wish lists posted in our message boards reminds me to draft my own. Here goes:

1) TV's top-rated and most beloved comedy, "Big Bang Theory," should finally get the last laugh by being nominated for best comedy series.

2) "Friday Night Lights" wasn't on the Emmy radar for years, but then, surprisingly, Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler were nominated last year, offering hope that the show might have a shot at a best-series bid as a farewell present. Call it catching a Hail Mary pass.

3) Speaking of goodbye gifts, can Steve Carell ("The Office") finally get an Emmy, please?

Coon and friends south park4) When "South Park" is good, it's a masterpiece, as proven by the trilogy of episodes grouped as "Coon and Friends" at the end of last season. It deserves to win back its crown as best animated program, which it usually wears every other season. (Frankly, it deserves an Oscar, but I'll settle for it winning another Emmy.)

5) Speaking of animated fare, it'd be so nifty if "Family Guy" sneaked back into the lineup for best comedy series like it did two years ago.

6) John Noble is the greatest thing on that terrific series "Fringe." Delightfully creepy.

7) Sexually creepy = Anna Paquin. She's aces on "True Blood," which was nominated for best drama series last year even though Paquin was snubbed in the actors lineup. Catch-up time.

8) Speaking of catch-up, Ed O'Neill was never nominated during his 11 years on "Married … With Children," and he was the only male adult star of "Modern Family" not nominated last year. Enough!

9) "Glee" star Chris Colfer was robbed last year when "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet won best supporting actor. Now, let it be Colfer's turn.

10) Everything goes in and out of favor, even Emmy favorites, but I would be quite happy if "30 Rock" rallied at the Emmys and won best comedy series again -- just like "Cheers" did late in its run.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: "South Park."  Credit: Comedy Central

Chris Colfer on Emmys, Golden Globes and, oh, yeah, his future on 'Glee' [video]

Glee chris colfer golden globe"Glee" star Chris Colfer has faced a lot of drama on the awards scene. After losing the Emmy last year to Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family"), he rebounded spectacularly and won the Golden Globe. Then he lost at the SAG Awards to Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock") and now the whole cycle begins again as Emmy season returns. What does he think of it?

Colfer loves it. "When I was growing up, I was an awards show junky, so it's so much fun and exciting," he says in our webcam chat. "When I get mentioned in a category, it puts me over the moon. It's great when you get into it and you see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, what it takes to get nominated, the voting process — it's pretty overwhelming."

Colfer is particularly overwhelmed right now by his schedule. He took time to chat with Awards Tracker via webcam just before he checked out of a hotel room and dashed off to the airport to catch a plane to London for the "Glee" concert tour. There wasn't time to fix the lighting in his hotel room for the webcam so the ambience looks a bit, ahem, dramatic.

Perfect backdrop for Colfer talking about the future of his "Glee" character, Kurt. Recently, series creator Ryan Murphy freaked out "Glee" fans by revealing that the student characters on the show will graduate in 2012 and new student stars will arrive. Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch will remain as "the male and female lynchpins of the series," Murphy told Ryan Seacrest.

Does that mean Colfer and costars will be off the show? Or will there be a spin-off series?

"I don't know what I can say on camera with a straight face and what I can't!" Colfer replies nervously when I ask him for the dish. "I would just tell the fans: Don't be worried. That's all I'm gonna say because a lot of fans are worried that the characters are going to graduate and leave the show, but that's not necessarily the case. Don't fret."

— Tom O'Neil

Photo: Chris Colfer with his Golden Globe last January. Credit: NBC


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Inside peek: Here is 'Glee's' Emmy campaign DVD package

The 14,000 members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences just received the Emmy campaign DVD for "Glee" shipped by 20th Century Fox TV. Inside are lots of photos, including images of Matthew Morrison with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Colfer with Darren Criss. The DVD contains three sample episodes of "Glee": "The Substitute," "Original Song" and "Born This Way."

Click on images below for larger, close-up views.


'Glee' recap: Four solos and a funeral [Video]

Emmy inside track: The comedy series race

— Tom O'Neil

Glee on Fox TV news

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Emmy inside track: The race for supporting comedy actor

Chris Colfer Glee Modern Family TV newsThere's a very good chance that all six of last year's Emmy nominees for best supporting comedy actor will return. That means the "Modern Family" trio likely will be back: Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and 2010 winner Eric Stonestreet. But, hey, what about their poor costar Ed O'Neill, who's never nabbed an Emmy nom, not even back during his "Married With Children" heyday?

If O'Neill finally sneaks in along with his "Family" members, that means one of the other 2010 nominees must go. But recent Golden Globe champ Chris Colfer ("Glee") is so red hot right now that he's a lock for a spot, of course, and could finally win because he's way overdue. And nobody's bumping 2009 Emmy victor Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men"), who gets a big sympathy hug for all the tiger blood he's had to swallow of late. That leaves Neil Patrick Harris, who finally won Emmys last year, not for "How I Met Your Mother" but for guesting on "Glee" and for hosting the Tony Awards. He's overdue to win for "Mother," so surely he'll be nominated.

Knocking very hard on this category door are Mike O'Malley ("Glee") and  Oliver Platt ("The Big C") plus a few others. Below, my handicapping.

-- Tom O'Neil

Ty Burrell, "Modern Family"
Chris Colfer, "Glee"
Jon Cryer, "Two and a Half Men"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, "Modern Family"
Neil Patrick Harris, "How I Met Your Mother"
Nick Offerman, "Parks and Recreation"
Mike O'Malley, "Glee"
Ed O'Neill, "Modern Family"
Oliver Platt, "The Big C"
Eric Stonestreet, "Modern Family"

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