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Emmy contenders: The nominees speak their minds

Sue Sylvester 
With all the excitement over their Emmy nods, the nominees have a lot to think about these days. But more important than what they will wear or who they will thank at the Sept. 18 ceremony were far more pressing questions such as, “Is Jane Lynch going to tease me?” The Envelope had a chance to run this and other thoughts past some of the Emmy contenders; here's what they're thinking:

As Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” Jane Lynch can be downright mean. With her as host, are you nervous that she’ll poke jabs at you during her monologue? And what would she tease you about?

“Who could be the meaner person.”
— Margo Martindale, “Justified”

“She probably could talk about my [character’s] terrible wardrobe. Or the fact that I never smile.”
— Mireille Enos, “The Killing”

 “I love her, I think she’s going to be incredible. But we should all be a little worried.”
— Connie Britton, “Friday Night Lights”

“Bring it! It’s all in good fun.”
— Matt LeBlanc, “Episodes”

Betty white “Oh, she’s a great gal; she’s fun. I’m not afraid of her. I’m a big fan.”
— Betty White, “Hot in Cleveland”

"I’ve known her for a long time. She’s certainly a searing character. She’s always been very sweet to me in person, so I’m hoping she might give me a 'get out of jail' card [otherwise] I’ll just have to roll with the punches."
-- Johnny Galecki, "The Big Bang Theory"

“If she brings me up in her monologue, I’ve got reason to be nervous. But she’s very funny. I hope I can be recognized by her. That would be an honor.”
— Kyle Chandler, “Friday Night Lights”

“I’ve worked with Jane. She’s a great broad and hilarious. She can do anything she wants. She can sit on my lap. Or maybe I can sit on hers.”
— Amy Poehler, “Parks and Recreation”

“I’d be so happy to get a hard time from Jane Lynch. She could say anything and I’d laugh. I adore her!
I’m sooo excited. I’m such a huge fan!”
— Evan Rachel Wood, “Mildred Pierce”

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Emmys: Betty White 'so thrilled I can't see straight!'

Betty White Emmy nomination

Talk about your comebacks. Was there a time when the world didn't love Betty White? Not at the Emmys. White has received so much Emmy love over the years that the awards should be renamed the Bettys. But for the octogenarian comedic actress, the recognition never grows old.

How did you take the news?

I’m still in shock. I’m so thrilled I can’t see straight!

Did you think you might score a nomination?

Not a chance! I didn’t even remember this was the day.

Your "Hot in Cleveland" costars didn't receive the recognition you did today, does that upset you? 

You know [sighs heavily], Valerie [Bertinelli], Wendie [Malick] and Jane [Leeves] -- I represent the four gals. I wish with all my heart one of them had done this -– there’s no way of separating us. I think somebody made a big mistake. We’re having the best time on the show. It’s the happiest set I’ve ever been on. This is such a thrill.

I’m going to be 90 in January and to get this thrill now, I can’t be coy about it. Cloris [Leachman] is still way ahead of me, though.

How will you spend the rest of the day?

I’m going to take my Pontiac -- that’s my golden retriever -- to the vet, he has an appointment. No champagne brunch for me. But I’ll be sitting and smiling all day.

How did your role evolve?

You know, she’s not a very nice lady -- she’s just the broad the other gals got stuck with when they moved to Cleveland. I did the pilot with the idea that I wouldn’t get involved if it got picked up. You do so many pilots and they hardly ever get picked up. But I did the pilot and had such a wonderful time with the girls. So when we got picked up, I’d had such a wonderful time, I said, "Sure, I’ll do a couple more."  I have the backbone of a jellyfish!  

What's the atmosphere on set like?

There’s not even slightly any competition. I hear these horror stories -- sets where people don’t speak except when the cameras are rolling. How do you do comedy if you don’t enjoy each other? One hazard is we’re all prone to break-ups … we get hysterical with laughing easily. We hang out together. We laugh and we talk and we enjoy being together. Every week. It’s a privilege.

Also, it’s such a great break to be doing it in front of a live audience. For a while, multicamera shows in front of a live audience were starting to go away. I can’t tell you what the audience adds. It changes our timing completely.

What else lies ahead for you?

I’ll be 90 in January! I’m working on another book -- this one’s about the L.A. Zoo and my friends there: my four-legged friends. It’s a [nonfiction] picture book. I’ve been working with the zoo as a volunteer and board member for 40 years. A lot of the animals are personal friends.

And I have a new game show. I’m executive producing and introducing the various sketches. It was a big hit in Europe and they asked me to do it here. It’s older people getting the jump on younger ones and getting the last laugh!


Emmys: Best comedy nominees

Emmys: Comedy actor, actress nominees

Emmys: Comedy supporting actor, actress nominees

-- Deborah Vankin

Photo: Betty White. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

What will be the big jaw-dropper among Emmy nominees?

Emmy302You can always count on the Emmy nominations to include shockeroos. What will they be Thursday morning when the list is revealed? Commenters on our message boards have these hunches (below) when asked to name just one. See more predictions here.

Beau Salant: A Showtime woman will not get nominated. My prediction: Laura Linney.

blueprint: No Betty White.

thesmartone: Wendie Mallick in Supporting Actress

Moviemjk102: "Fringe" breaking through in a big way -- Series, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor.

problemchild: No Chris Colfer, "Glee" (Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)

oopschoice: Patricia Heaton is in, while Martha Plimpton is out.


Emmy nominations preview: What will be in ... and out?

Can Kyra Sedgwick cop another Emmy for "The Closer"?

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo credit: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Betty White: Hot at the Emmys again ... and again [audio]

Betty White

Betty White has so many Emmys (seven) that she's now within striking distance of catching up with her past "Mary Tyler Moore" costar Cloris Leachman, who reigns as the monarch of TV's top award with eight.

"I have to catch up!" she said in our podcast chat. "We can't have Cloris ahead of me, can we?"

Actually, Betty White can not only catch up with Leachman, but she could surpass her this year since White is on the Emmy ballot twice: in the races for supporting comedy actress ("Hot in Cleveland") and supporting actress in a TV movie/miniseries (Hallmark Hall of Fame's "The Lost Valentine").

In the movie/mini race, she faces tough competition from the likes of Evan Rachel Wood ("Mildred Pierce"), but White has a very good shot at winning for "Hot in Cleveland," which has helped to rev up her career even more at age 89. So did receiving that Emmy last year for hosting "Saturday Night Live" plus the special career achievement award she received from the Screen Actors Guild.

White and I discuss her much-awarded career in our podcast chat. Click on the right-pointing arrow below to listen in.

— Tom O'Neil

Photo: TV Land

No Emmy divas among 'Hot in Cleveland' stars

Hot in Cleveland 1

TV academy members got a surprise when they opened the Emmy DVD package just received from TV Land. Inside was the news that all four stars of "Hot in Cleveland" were "pulling a 'Modern Family,'" so to speak — they're all competing in the supporting category.

Most Emmy pundits assumed Wendie Malick and maybe even Valerine Bertinelli might opt for lead comedy actress, leaving the supporting slot to Betty White and Jane Leeves. Splitting their ranks into two categories could prove to be a smart campaign strategy. After all, when all four male "Modern Family" stars aimed for the supporting comedy race last year, one, shockingly, got snubbed: Ed O'Neill. Eric Stonestreet won.

When Betty White starred in another sitcom packed with veteran divas, "The Golden Girls," the costars split into lead and supporting categories. White competed in the lead race for four years along with Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan and three additional years without them. Estelle Getty dipped down to the supporting race. Their divide-and-conquer strategy worked nicely. White won in 1986, Arthur and Getty in 1988, McClanahan in 1987.

Of course, the move by the costars of "Hot in Cleveland" may be motivated by factors other than campaign strategy. None of them probably wishes to upstage the legendary Betty White, whose role on the series is clearly supporting. White is Emmy royalty, with six past wins.

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Comedy Central/MTV Networks Comedy Awards nominations announced

So you thought the awards' season was officially over on Feb. 27, Oscar Sunday?

Think again. Comedy Central and MTV Networks have created the Comedy Awards, which will be telecast on April 10 on Comedy Central, Spike TV, TV Land, VH1, CMT and Nick at Night.
 Nominations in 15 categories were announced Tuesday. The nominees were chosen by the "Comedy Awards' Board of Directors,'' which includes director James Burrows, Stephen Colbert, Brad Grey, Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Rivers and Seth MacFarlane. The winners will be chosen by an invitation-only voting body from members of the comedy community.

The nominees are:

Comedy Series

"30 Rock"

"Eastbound & Down"

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

"Modern Family"

"The Office"

Comedy Actor-TV

Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"

Ty Burell, "Modern Family"

Steve Carell, "The Office"

Danny McBride, "Eastbound & Down"

Tracy Morgan, "30 Rock"

Comedy Actress-TV

Tina Fey, "30 Rock"

Jane Krakowski, "30 Rock"

Jane Lynch, "Glee"

Betty White, "Hot in Cleveland"

Kristen Wiig, "Saturday Night Live"

Comedy Actor-Film

Russell Brand, "Get Him to the Greek"

Will Ferrell, "The Other Guys"

Zach Galifianakis, "Dinner for Schmucks"

Paul Giamatti, "Barney's Version"

Jonah Hill, "Cyrus"

Comedy Actress-Film

Tina Fey, "Date Night"

Anne Hathaway, "Love & Other Drugs"

Helen Mirren, "Red"

Chloe Moretz, "Kick-Ass"

Emma Stone, "Easy A"

Late Night Comedy Series

"The Colbert Report"

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"

"Late Show with David Letterman"

Sketch Comedy/Alternative Comedy Series

"Children's Hospital"

"Funny or Die Presents"

"Saturday Night Live"

"Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job"


Stand-Up Special

"Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening"

"Bill Maher...But I'm Not Wrong"

"Louis C.K.: Hilarious"

"Ricky Gervais: Out of England 2"

"Whitney Cummings: Money Shot"

Comedy Film


"Easy A"

"Get Him to the Greek"


"The Other Guys"

Animated Comedy Film

"Despicable Me"


"Shrek Forever After"

"Toy Story 3"

Animated Comedy  Series

"American Dad"


"Family Guy"

"The Simpsons"

"South Park"

For a complete list of nominees, go to

-- Susan King

Photo: Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin star in NBC's "30 Rock," which garnered seven Comedy Awards nominations. Credit: Nicole Rivelli / NBC Universal

Betty White on the half shell

Five-time Emmy champ Betty White poses as Botticelli's Venus while appearing with her "Hot in Cleveland" costars on the cover of an upcoming issue of Emmy Magazine, published by the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences.

Inside the issue, White confesses how she got involved with the TV Land show: "We did the pilot, and three weeks later it got picked up for 10 shows. I never saw a quicker turnaround in my life. They asked if I would do some more, and I explained that wasn't our deal. They kept going, 'What if you only had to work three days?' What if this? What if that? They made so many concessions that I was embarrassed to keep saying no."

--Tom O'Neil


Photo: Emmy Magazine



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