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Amy Winehouse was robbed at 2008 Grammys, poll says

July 26, 2011 |  3:06 pm

Amy Winehouse Back to Black newsA whopping majority of the more than 1,500 respondents to our Awards Tracker poll say Amy Winehouse was robbed at the 2008 Grammys when "Back to Black" lost best album to Herbie Hancock's "River: The Joni Letters."

Response tallies: 63.29% (1,000 votes) said she deserved to win; 15% (237) said rival nominee Kanye West should've won for "Graduation"; 11.96% (189) voted for the Foo Fighters' "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace; 6.71% (106 votes) said Hancock deserved to win; and 3% (48 votes) believed Vince Gill should've prevailed for "These Days."

Below, some snarky remarks from the comments section of our poll:

Sam Lunt:  "If she hadn't just died, no one would care about the Grammys from three years ago. If she hadn't just died, there would not be so many voting that she was robbed. After JFK was killed, a poll was taken and one of the questions was 'Did you vote for JFK or Nixon?' 75% answered that they voted for Kennedy. In the actual election, it was almost a 50-50 split in the popular vote between Kennedy and Nixon. I think this is a similar situation."

Walter O. Neal: If the Grammys were about Artistic Excellence you would see more singers who sang, musicians who play instruments and musical artists who do both at the same time! Apparently, Amy Winehouse didn't measure up to their pathetically low bar."

Jay Gant: "Grammys are a joke. Want proof? Two words: Milli Vanilli."

Brendan Gale: "Lucky to get a Grammy at all! Just a kid who knew the shape of a bottle and how to drive on white lines.


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— Tom O'Neil

Photo: The "Back to Black" CD cover. Credit: Republic Records.