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Connie Britton and 'Friday Night Lights' aim for Emmy touchdown [Video]

Connie-britton-friday-night-lights-news"I literally thought a mistake had been made," Connie Britton confesses about what crossed her mind when she heard that she and "Friday Night Lights" costar Kyle Chandler were nominated for Emmys last year. "Because, you know, 'Friday Night Lights' never gets nominated."

This is, shockingly, true. Even though the gritty series about high-school football in a small Texas town won the TV Critics Assn. Award for best new TV show when it debuted five years ago, it struggled to get on the Emmy scoreboard. It was mostly ignored by other top showbiz awards, too, and even by TV viewers. It was saved from cancellation only when satellite service DirecTV agreed to co-produce the show in exchange for exclusive, first-run rights. Thereafter, NBC could air it on broadcast TV to generate additional revenue.

The clever structure of the production deal surprised the TV industry and, amazingly, it worked to help "Friday Night Lights" scrimmage for a few more seasons. Then, just as it was shooting its final episodes one year ago, came the good news that it finally reaped major Emmy nominations for Britton and Chandler. But it still failed to make the big score: It wasn't up for best drama series.

Could it happen now that the show is off the air? Yes, as I explain to Britton in our webcam chat. Other shows, such as "Star Trek: The Next Generation," finally got their first nomination for drama series after their last season. There's a lot of good will toward "Friday Night Lights" in Hollywood right now and there are some open slots in the category. Two of last year's nominees aren't currently in the running: "Lost" is off the air and "Breaking Bad" isn't eligible again until next Emmy season.

"It would be a really lovely testament to this show we love so much to have it recognized in its final season," Britton says. "It would be poetic."

Watch the video for the full conversation, but there are spoilers if you haven't finished the season.


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-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: NBC

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I don't know how winning an Emmy can mean anything after the award and nominations are continually given to shows that are clearly inferior to Friday Night Lights and (in the past) The Wire.

Bill is correct. This should have a spoiler alert warning. Even though I watched the final season on DirecTV, it still isnt fair to those watching it now on NBC. Please attach a warning. This show is too good to spoil.

Yikes! Spoiler alert, please! I paused frantically at 6:56, but it was too late.

This is one of the best shows out there in tv land, if it this was taken off the air we would be just heart broken...My son calls every friday night "date night!"
We make popcorn and cuddle up and watch Friday Night Lights, greatest show on the air, eat our popcorn and gave an amazing night together!.

FNL is one of the best drama's ever to grace the air waves. The fact that so many other shows get nods over this one amazes me. You made a great point about Breaking Bad not being part of the Emmy's this year because that will open up a slot just for for FNL I think. With such a great ending season I dont think FNL will need a show to drop off in order to get nominations though. Thank God for this show, it has been an amazing ride.

why on earth did you show the show's final scene before it aired on NBC?


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