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Inside peek: Here is 'Glee's' Emmy campaign DVD package

The 14,000 members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences just received the Emmy campaign DVD for "Glee" shipped by 20th Century Fox TV. Inside are lots of photos, including images of Matthew Morrison with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Colfer with Darren Criss. The DVD contains three sample episodes of "Glee": "The Substitute," "Original Song" and "Born This Way."

Click on images below for larger, close-up views.


'Glee' recap: Four solos and a funeral [Video]

Emmy inside track: The comedy series race

— Tom O'Neil

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Glee DVD credits TV news

Photos by Tom O'Neil for the Los Angeles Times

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Well this just feeds what i have been saying. FOX is going to cast the spotlight on Klaine, Gwyneth and Colfer.

Its interesting that for all categories these are some of the episodes they chose. Substitute highlights Paltrow. Original Songs highlights Colfer and Criss with more emphasis on Criss. And BTW highlights Colfer.

Im curious to see what the other 3 will be but i can tell you that FOX is not only highlighting all three writers but inadvertently bringing attention to the following actors: Colfer, Paltrow, Criss, Michele and Rivera. Rivera is in a strenous position though because of Lynch but fingers are crossed. The others are a lock for a nomination. I wish them all good luck.

I agree with you guys about sending episodes like "Grilled Cheesus", "Silly Love Songs" or "Furt". The thing is that Glee has three writers. So, in order to showcase every writer (Brennan/Falchuck/Murphy)...they send the above episodes. Each of these writers send the episode they feel it's unique, and the one that showcases talent. "Grilled Cheesus" is too controversial, "Silly Love Songs" is amazing, but "Original Song" (both by Murphy) is better because it shows how constructive and talented the writers are at setting something new.

"Original Song," again posed some controversy when it aired among many parents and news reporters about the kiss scene between Kurt (Colfer) and Blaine (Criss). Fans might have been okay with it, but I do not know about the judges on their level of homphobia, especially the episode airing at a Primetime TV network. Maybe, the episode goes to show how the writers portray the risque section of a delicate situation like homosexuality.

"Born This Way" - by far was the BEST episode we have had this season, because it really shows how good Glee is in connecting plots with songs. It actually gives a new meaning to songs like "As If We never Say Good bye" (Norma in Sunset Blvd), or "Born this way" (Gaga).

"Substitute" just shows how hard a number like "Singin' In the Rain/Umbrella" mashup takes to produce. Carol Burnett herself mentioned that that number was amazing! I like the three episodes they have sent.

"Glee" should never submit anything from the second half of the season. Their first half is always the stronger of the two.

they went with "the substitute" and "original songs" over "grilled cheesus" and "furt"??? the former were meh (though "original songs" showcases lea's incredible voice), but the latter had substance and heart and showcased some amazing acting (chris colfer in "grilled cheesus" was at his absolute best).

Wish I was a voting member.

They should have sent the Valentines day episode and the superbowl as well as the Grilled Chesus episodes. Those were the best of the season. The 3 I just listed would gove them several Emmys hands down.


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