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Poll: Will Ashton Kutcher be a real winner on 'Two and a Half Men'?

Ashton Kutcher newsCharlie Sheen was nominated four times for best comedy actor at the Emmys and twice at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards for "Two and a Half Men," but he didn't win for that role. Now comes news that he'll be replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who was never nominated for "That '70s Show" -- or for much else, for that matter. Kutcher isn't quite a darling of showbiz awards unless, ahem, you count that Razzie he "won" earlier this year as worst actor for "Killers" and "Valentine's Day."

But now we must wonder: Could Kutcher be nominated -- and, egads, even win a serious Hollywood award -- in place of Sheen on "Two and a Half Men"?

The idea isn't as preposterous as it may seem at first blush. Sheen won a Golden Globe when he replaced Michael J. Fox on "Spin City." So maybe Kutcher might nab a Globe nom or win, if he fails to reap Emmy or SAG love?

In our message boards, I asked our readers if they think Kutcher might score Emmy attention. Sample responses below. See more here.

seanflynn: Kutcher is a very talented comedy actor -- certainly far more than Sheen was before getting on this show. He has been burdened by inferior movies for the most part, and I'm not saying that with Cary Grant material you'd ever approach that level, but to the question, sure I think he could easily be an Emmy contender.

Brilliance inmorbid: The only reason "2.5 Men" received the Emmy recognition it has is because at one point it was by far the highest-rated sitcom on TV. Times have changed, and with the exception of Jon Cryer and Holland Taylor voters aren't looking for this show any longer. However, lead actor in a comedy has been so weak these past couple of years that Kutcher could slip in there. There are too many variables to guess right now.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Ashton Kutcher in "That '70s Show." Credit: 20th Century Fox TV

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I wonder what the plan is to introduce Ashton. I like him so much more than Charlie. I with they could make the show more family oriented. Less low life stuff and just lots of comedy and fun. I really am a fan of Jon Cryer and watched because of him. Charlie is so full of himself when you see him do interviews. Of course I realize he is in need of help. Wish Ashton and all the cast and crew good luck.

Don't take this wronge I like Ashton but 2 1/2 men will never be the same no matter who plays charlies role the show will flop.

Firstly the poll on award winning is already so wrong . atleast should start with if Kutcher could fit in the 2&half . Btw choosing Kutcher can't be more wrong , chunk try to choke his neck as i see .

Ashton Kutcher is 13 years younger than Jon Cryer (33 vs. 46) but he plays the role of an older brother?
nah... that can't be right

seanflynn is just too funny, i like Ashton Kutcher (he is handsome, can't deny it, i am girl after all..haha) but come on the guy is not a thespian, get over the cheerleader Ashton are too old.
Charlie Sheen has some subtle comedic timing, Ashton Kutcher is cute..nuff said, don't talk about awards, it is ridiculous.

It is WAY WAY too soon to start any award talk for Ashton Kutcher. The first episode has not even been shown or worked yet. The question cannot be accurately answered at this time. As a loyal and dedicated appointment viewer of Two and A Half Men since day 1, of course it really hurt to see the obvious downslide of Charlie Sheen and having the season shortened with a long hiatus. I decided to play the waiting game in hopes of a successful 9th season and to that I will be glad to see the show back on air and hopefully, back on track.

The writing is brilliant and acting is superb from the cast. Welcome back, Jon Cryer (aka Alan), Angus T. Jones (aka Jake), Holland Taylor (aka "Mom"), Marin Hinkle (aka Judith), Conchata Ferrell (aka Berta).

Hope Ryan Stiles (aka Herb) and Melanie Lynskey (aka Rose) will be added too unless Rose is tied into the storyline of Charlie's exit. And that Jane Lynch will guest star once in awhile. It will be a fascinating new season, for sure.

>Kutcher is not whitty and intelligent enough to play that position.

There is only one person I dislike more than Charlie Sheen, that would be Ashton Kutcher....I won't be watching

Oh no, please tell me we have just been Punk'd! Maybe if we are lucky he will play EVELYN'S new husband.

Stick a fork in it...2 1/2 Men is done. Chuck and Charlie can go on and bicker but they both made millions off the show over the years. I certainly won't be watching again.

Don't do it Ashton things can't b that bad for you and a mill thats all they'd give ya? Why would u try this ? It is like if they tryed to fill Charlie in your old 70's show Chuck needs to get over himself and get Charlie back to work . Ya all don't have to like one another it's not about that. It's the art of acting this is Charlie's baby.If he came back ya all would make more money then ever.And we the people would have something to laugh about once aweek in these bad time's come on guy's get over it. I am yet another person that may check it out but I no i won't be watching this was Charlie's baby and that's it .Dum Dum Dum.All those in hollywood if your really CHUCK'S friend talk to him for real and watch your back act's like he has no backbone, got to look out for guy's like that BIG BABY that he is lol lol

Hugh Grant would have been a great choice but no way would he do 26 TV episodes...he used the interest in him publicized... never intending to take the gig in the first place.

Kutcher is a lousy choice...initially will draw ratings due to interest...then the ratings will slide downhill within a month.

Can't blame Moonves, his other sitcoms have suffered ratings losses without King Charlie churning out new episodes.

With the CBS upfront presentation 5/18...Les needed to get "someone" on board to replace Charlie...Les and Lorre will be able to con the ad guys into buying into this plan next week in New York.

Put me down for "very disappointed" in the Kutcher selection!

Kutcher is not in Charlie Sheen's league.

TV execs use the same actors over and over again..regardless of their failures...surprised they didn't ask Jimmy Smits, Don Johnson, Jerry O'Connell, Christian Slater, etc. who they put in one loser pilot and/or series after another. Totally out of touch!

gimme a break.

2 1/2 men will struggle onwards, but it will never be the same. it certainly will no longer be the most watched comedy show on tv.


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