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Will Kirstie Alley's crash hurt 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Kirstie alley dancing with the starsAs if "Dancing With the Stars" hasn't had enough trouble at the Emmys, Kirstie Alley's spill could trip up its award hopes too.

It's bad enough that "Dancing With the Stars" has never won the Emmy for best reality-competition show. From 2006 to 2009, "Amazing Race" zoomed past it, and "Top Chef" came out on top last year. Worse, America's most-watched dance show has never won the Emmy for best choreography. For the last four years, it has lost that contest to rival hoofer program "So You Think You Can Dance."

On the other hand, maybe Kirstie Alley's addition to the show is an Emmy lucky charm. She's won twice, after all: best comedy actress for "Cheers" in 1991 and best actress in a TV movie for "David's Mother" in 1994.

-- Tom O'Neil

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Firstly, she's not fat she's plump. Anyway, that out of the way....."Dancing With the Stars" is a tough gig for anyone, let alone a middle aged woman. I think she's looking great and I hope this can kick-start her exercise regimen if nothing else. Good on you, Kirstie! And I agree with other commenters here - make another movie!!!!! Maybe a comedy about "Dancing With The Stars?"

Wow! Kirstie Alley still does not fade. She still good in dancing. Bravo!

Ms. Alley( I feel like an ass calling you that,because were the same age) Its truly only out of respect for you. I think you did wonderful out there and it looked like your dancers hnee buckled on HIM not you. You were wonderful and look fabulous. your the first actress I've ever written to, I miss your show and lemars. Do A movie soon I'm a fan so i'd be their.

One of your fans an friend

Sonja Farnsworth
Granite Falls North Carolina

I think it is just awful how so many people can say the things they have about the mishap that kristy had while dancing, it looked like Mark's leg gave out and the fall could not be helped wether a partner is thin or heavy I do not think it would have made a difference. So give it up people, if you have to make such smart remarks don't watch the show and maybe step in front of a mirror and look at yourself, you are not perfect, only the GOOD LORD is so keep your smart remarks to yourself. They still finished great. keep up the good work Mark & Kristy. No need to send me any smart emails as I will just ignore them.

I think Maks and Kirsty are a delight. They're having the most fun and laughing more than anyone on that show this year. I love the dynamic. Maybe Maks was told to lighten up, because his attitude did need a little adjusting, but if you watch him closely, he's genuinely enjoying Kirsty and they are great together. Kudos!

What opera did Kristie Alley dance to?

Hurray for Kristie and Maks. Watching her dance puts joy in my heart. It's a real shame that she has to put up with the unkind remarks for despite what some are saying, she's shown grace and elegance in her performances. Also my respect for him has increased immensely for the way he conducted himself. BRAVO to the both of you. I'd really like to see you win the trophy.

this was great
they danced so well & made it look like
so much fun & so inviting.

Great Job

He dropped her because SHE IS FAT.
Have you tried to pick up a fat chick? It aint easy.

...poor guy

Get over it this is what makes the show. This happened move on. Kristy adds more life to this show. I think max n Kristi should re-dance I want to see them dance their dance and I am sure a lot of your viewers agree.

funny. really funny to watch this.

There's no blame here, or else there's blame to go around. Maks' thigh started to give out, you can see the tremor as his foot goes not-quite where he wanted it. Kersti is not a trained dancer, nor is she 90 pounds, so she couldn't mitigate the problem - she doesn't have the training to counter Maks' issue, and it's true that a more standard weight dancer would not have put as much strain as the problem developed. Really, though, it's not like Maks didn't know the move was coming. They've done a great job balancing Kersti's admitted health issues with what a dance requires. The fact they both got up and *finished the dance* with *grace* is testament enough.

Overcoming the 'crap happens' is what live performance is all about. If that's got anything to do with Emmy's, well... Then they're judging the wrong thing.

i don't how many of you are aware of this, but maks had a bad skiing accident when he was younger and was told he wouldn't be able to dance again, and he'd always walk with a limp. it took a lot of work for him to be where he is, but he does have steel rods, etc., in that leg and he needs to warm it up very extensively to dance. THAT is what happened-the dress size of his partner wouldn't have mattered.

i think Christie handed it like a champ. she is special. i wish they had a show called dancing with the non stars. i would give anything to be on it. i wish that more than ever
vickie joy

i think Kristie is a real champ. she handled it with class. i wish i was famous i would love to be on the show. maybe you can do a rich and not famous show. i wish this the most to dance.
vickie joy

To all that find humor in dissing on Maks OR Kirstie - get a life. And to all who are that hateful, maybe you should get your little dancing shoes on and see if you have a big enough "set" to dance with no those with negative comments, are you the pot or the kettle? I'd LOVE to see all the people with hate filled comments dance, and then we'll sit here and poke fun at you, regardless if you're skinny or not!

Hey, stuff like that happens all the time. It wasn't anyones fault! Don't you think Maks should have been more prepared, & isn't he the one that decided to do that move? I bet the haters out there aren't 60 years old & certainly don't look as good as she does! Keep it up Kirstie :)

Hello - you have the story wrong, Kiriste didn't fall. It was her dance partner Maks, who took the tumble bringing her down. It was not her fault. Even with the tumble they both got right back up and finished their performance and received 21 judges points. Not bad, when compared with the judges scores for other couples. Go Kirstie and Maks!

Why are you all so quick to judge? First of all, Kirstie should be commended for being woman enough to step out and dance on national TV. I have seen plenty of women on the show with "dream bodies" whose skill can't even come close to hers. I am a petite woman who does many cardio dance routines and I sometimes get muscle spasms in my legs that can knock me to my knees. So take the incident for what is was and stop hating Kirstie. She is a beautiful, talented woman who is giving it her best shot and all of you who are making nasty comments need to zip it and correct your own faults before judging her.

Ok, all you PERFECT individuals, professional dancers (conclusion based upon the extreme authority of your comments) commenting here about Kirstie's weight, that it was her fault for the fall due her weight, etc; 1) Yes, Kirstie is heavy; she is the first to admit it, give her credit for her respectable dancing and trying to lose weight through this venue as other celebs have done. Anyone who has EVER had a want to lose weight knows that it is hard. And before you all start attacking me for my comment - I weigh 105 pounds and never have been over 110 pounds max. 2) Unless you are a professional dancer do not sit there on you ivory throne and think you know how this fall occurred. As a professional dancer, I could see that Max's thigh muscle was showing weakness before the fall. Max is a professional dancer he would not have added the routine to his choreography had he felt Kirstie's weight was an issue which would result an injury to him. Take the man at his word when he said that fall was his fault and not Kirstie. We all who have been watchers of DWTS know that Max would say so if it was different for he has done so in the past. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

No, Kirstie's fall will hurt DWTS; she is not the first to fall on the show. Or is this writers problem the weight issue, idiot. The thing that is hurting the show are Len and Bruno and all the stupid gimmicks they come up with the latest being the stupid "DWTS dance troupe". The DWTS dance troupe did not impress, in fact appeared more like dance class students. As for Len he is a dinosaur who has not oblivious by his comments kept up with the evolution of dance. Bruno with his over to top comments and constant sexual references, which I find offensive and demeaning. Furthermore, Len and Bruno just can’t seem to help themselves from being cruel in their critic. Do they have no concept of critic with compassion?

Not really much of a fall. I expected more of a full face splat.

Awww I bet he's not looking forward to Argentine Tango. All the leaning from one leg to another would require Maks to carry her weight on one leg.

He fell because of Kristie's weight. That particular dance move had her full weight on Maks' leg. People should stop making excuses for the weight.
And Carol, geez, your analogy is off. Why would anyone complain about the pairing of a big, heavy man and a woman half his weight? She does not have to carry him, does she? Kirstie is over weight. It's a fact. She may be good in dancing, but all that weight is obviously too much for Maks. They ought to not ask heavy women on the show if they insist on having those dances that require lifting. That's not discrimination. Just being realistic. :( The pro partners can't choose who they get paired up with. Maks did not have a say on this. Poor guy.

How about that headline??? "Kirstey Allie Falls on Dancing With the Stars". Was she alone out there?

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