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Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood: Who sang best at the ACM Awards?

Carrie Underwood Taylor Swift ACM Awards newsAt the Academy of Country Music Awards, rival country thrushes Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood staged bravura music performances that brimmed with high energy, defiance and rockabilly swing.

Swift crooned along with a country clan of musicians on the porch of a backwoods house that might be found floating in the Blue Ridge Mountain mists. The tune was "Mean," which seems to lump all of her music detractors into one symbolic loser with a drinking problem. Furiously, she sang at him:

"I can see you years from now in a bar
talking over a football game
with that same big loud opinion but, nobody's listening
washed up and ranting about the same old bitter things
drunk and grumbling on about how I can't sing."

Underwood, by contrast, donned a sexpot outfit and took to the stage to sing "Undo It," but got ambushed by Steven Tyler, who urged her into joining him in a riff on "Walk This Way." The duet pumped up the audience at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but it got a bit creepy when Tyler, age 63, puckered up his giant lips at 28-year-old Underwood and sang, "Just gimme little kiss like this." Trying unsuccessfully to hide her horror, she turned away and expertly dodged his lurch. Underwood is a newlywed who recently married hockey star Mike Fisher.

-- Tom O'Neil


Poll: Best performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards?

How did Taylor Swift pull off that shockeroo at the ACM Awards?

Photos: CBS

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Taylor Swift is The Best ! ❤

i am sorry taylor iam a super fan but most of the votes are for Carrie Underwood ; but i still vote for u .

taylor swift is the best ! most influential country singer of all time ! she is the best...she's really the best coz she's the entertainer of the year :)))) proud to be a swifter ! i love you taylor :)

Carrie vs Taylor? What a joke!
The winner is obvious...CARRIE
Reba, Martina, Miranda all of them are better competitors against Carrie...
Taylor...sorry, ZERO

Carrie won hands down.

Sorry, but calling someone a Liar, Pathetic, and alone in Life, a Drunk is MEAN. How many of her songs are putting down people. By the way, I do like Taylor BUT Taylor's fan should stop calling people MEAN because by doing that they are being MEAN too.

Stop Hating Taylor!!! She did amazing! All you are is mean!

Taylor Swift did awesome. Obviously.

And for all of ya'll hating on her, all you are is MEAN. And a liar. And pathetic. And ALONE IN LIFE. And mean. And mean. And mean. Why you gotta be so mean?

--------------------- (;

For all you people hating on Taylor, stop it.
In fact, stop hating about everyone.
Why does YOUR opinion matter so much? You don't need to write a whole paragraph about how horrible Taylor was and how "tone-deaf" she is. It's just plain RUDE. Taylor has tons of fans worldwide and has sold millions of albums. She is nice, humble, and talented.

So don't be "comparing her" to Carrie. They are both great singers, but you don't need to be bashing Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Just think if people were bashing you like that!!!!!!

Taylor sang better! Both performances were great, but Taylor Swift honestly had a deep connection with the song and the audience and the theme was really meaningful.

Well, we know why the LA Times did this poll. Has nothing to do with who performed better because we know that already and so do they. The world and the video has spoken. But the LA times did it to get a fan war going so they can get hits to their site, which they have, including me. They are not too stupid. They know Taylor fans will vote for Taylor regardless and they know Carrie fans will vote for Carrie regardless. So, then it comes down to which fans feel like sitting there and voting the most and has nothing to do with how either sang. First of all, one was a duet and one was not and they were completely different types of songs so where would the comparison be anyway to be honest. Brilliant move LA Times on inventing a worthless poll to get hits.

Okay..Carrie was so great!! and Taylor was also amazing!! but i voted for taylor well for me she is better, that's my OPINION..everybody has an opinion right?
i mean carrie is like country rock or something..while taylor is country pop..
they aren't really fit to be compared..(opinion)

Carrie is always awesome and Taylor cannot carry a tune and every
song sounds the same.


Read again, "Poll: Best performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards?"

I admit Taylor sounded less than her usual dreadful live vocals. But achieving such feat by a less than average singer that she is does not make her performance the best of the night. If Steven and Carrie's duet did not connect as much, the audience wouldn't be having so much fun and would have slept through it. And mind you, Taylor Swift's music isn't the best either.

okay .. c'mon guys, yeah that's TRUE, Carrie Underwood got all of us like 'whhoaaw!' She's really amazing but she should sang her song that day.. It was just a copy of an Aerosmith concert, 'twas not her original.. Taylor Did greaT! she's awesome! besides, thats her SONG :)

hey! the title says "Who sang best at the ACM Awards?"
but in the POLL its "Who gave the best music performance at the ACM Awards?" the BEST MUSIC not performance and voice RANGE :D grow up peole :P

my vote's with Taylor^_^

Carrie should have been nominated and she would have won!


TarrieSwunderwood-"And guys, give taylor a break! She's 21 compared to carrie who's 28; her voice WILL improve. she's already improving." Carrie was 21 on American Idol and she could sing. Taylor can write but to make excuses for her singing ability over and over again just doesn't make sense any longer. Some of the Disney kids sing better. Taylor will never have the singing chops-sorry-

Hey taylor, keep it up!!!!!
Sing so many songz as much u can!
I love all of ur songz!!!!!

This freaky ! TAYLOR SWIFT is so much better than CARRIE !

Carrie Underwood is way better. The way she carries herself is better, she should have won the award. But my vote goes to Taylor because of her connection with the audience and no, she has fans older than 18. Her genre isn't entirely country, it's country pop. So get your facts right before criticising her.


How could you even say you are the Entertainer of the Year if you were actually begging for votes? It's like begging for the award. Yes, she is shameless. Unashamed for begging for votes and acting surprised when she won the award.

By the way, those criticizing Carrie for singing rock , Swift has made records with John Mayer, some other new rock band, and sang live with Stevie Nicks. Seems like every single singer is doing that now--even Jennifer Nettles and Rhianna!

Carrie Underwood is an amazing entertainer as is Swift. I don't really think the two can be compared because their styles are so different. I think Carrie has taken more negative criticism through the years than has Swift. Her personality is not as outgoing as Taylor's, and that is not a bad thing. People just perceive it as being bad. I think she is a very sincere person who gives everything she has to her performances as does Taylor. The duet at the awards show was great.

Carrie handsdown. Great vocals and a wonderful range. I admit Taylor is gorgeous, writes well and reaches out to her fans, yet the quality of her vocals is not even comparable. Yet it really boils down to fan base and album sales... anyway, so Taylor won... too bad they do not have a songwriter of the year, because she would win that. I still prefer Carrie, love her voice.

For vocals and overall Carrie, handsdown. For writing and reaching out to fans and all her world tours Taylor. Yet I do agree, Taylor does not have a good voice in that respect. She has limited range, yet she is a personality and reaches out to her fans, because at the end of the day who buys the concert tickets and albums. I prefer Carrie and would still more than likely vote for her.

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