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Poll: Will Robert Pattinson win a Razzie for 'Water for Elephants'?

Razzie Award voters slobber over Robert Pattinson so often that it's almost impossible to imagine they won't pour it on for "Water for Elephants."

RPattz has been nominated three times over the last two years, but, alas, mysteriously, he keeps losing. When he was nominated for worst actor of 2010, he got trounced by Ashton Kutcher ("Valentine's Day," "Killers"). The previous year, when Pattinson was up for worst supporting actor for "Twilight: New Moon," he got beat by Billy Ray Cyrus ("Hannah Montana: The Movie"). He and Kristen Stewart lost worst screen couple that year to Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper ("All About Steve").

Water for elephants Robert Pattinson newsThis year, Pattinson has a new "Twilight" installment due out –- "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" –- that could result in his next Razzie nom, but he sometimes earns bids for two films at once -– like last year when he was nommed for both "Twilight: Eclipse" and "Remember Me."

Arguably, RPattz doesn't deserve to be nominated for "Water for Elephants," which scores a respectable 54 at Metacritic. The film even received a socko review from Variety, which hailed it as "a splendid period swooner that delivers classic romance and an indelible insider's view of 1930s circus life." The L.A. Times enjoyed it too, but added a caveat: "There is quite a bit to enjoy in a film that certainly qualifies as broad-based popular entertainment. But because the ingredients are so promising, there hangs over this serviceable project the wish that it had turned out better still."

However, "Water for Elephants" was panned by the New York Post, Time magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Salon blamed Pattinson for "glowering" too much, but the New York Times noted, "Mr. Pattinson is only partly to blame for the fatuity of a character who even in the novel is really a generic male ingénue with no personality."

To a large degree, RPattz gets picked on by Razzie voters just because he's a heartthrob, like recent champs Hayden Christensen and the Jonas Brothers. Surely, that means he'll "win" someday soon.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Robert Pattinson in "Water for Elephants." Credit: 20th Century Fox

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The Razzie's need a new name: DJGVOS.
Dumb, jealous guy's vote on stuff.

I don't think people want to look beyond him playing a "sparkly vampire". I've seen other films he's been in - Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, The Haunted Airman, How To Be, Remember Me and Water For Elephants. He can actually act! I don't think he's the world's greatest actor, but he is not as horrible as people want to make him out to be.

Too bad there is'nt a Razzie for news articles because Tom O'Neil deserves one for this.

C'mon! Give the guy a break will ya? How long is he going to be 'penalised' for doing the Twilight movies? By the way, the role of Edward Cullen calls for him or any actor for that matter, to frown, to look like he's emotionally constipated etc etc...basically the character isn't as colourful but the movies are based on the books! What do you expect! I think he's an excellent Edward. Rob could have so easily killed that 'character' for the fans but he didn't. Not a fan? Don't watch any of his movies, period!

who wrote this vile piece ? jealous much ? retract your claws & cease frothing on the mouth !

Hollywood has always been prejudiced against heartrob actors. I remember what they used to say about a lot of older heartrobs. Now that they're older they've achieved a level of acceptance. But it's same old same old. why?JEALOUSY. This is the land of EGOMANIACS. You think they're not envious of a young good looking and talented guy having so much success? Puhleaze! This is also the land of PARASITES. Had Twilight been a failure, they would not have given this guy the time of day. Now all of a sudden everybody's an expert on him. They're not fooling anybody. They're using his name to get ATTENTION, RATINGS, INTERNET HITS, & SELL MAGS because that's what parasites DO.

@jess. really? yeah ok.

Obvisoulyu this article is paid by RPatz because he's probably disturbed by the amount of negative reviews he's getting for his horrible performance in WFE. But it's not working. All the world knows he is one of the worst actors in Hollywood right now.

It's odd. Brad Pitt, tom Cruise, Johnny Depps were 10 times more hearthrobs than Pattinson but the razzies never mentioned them. Why? LOL Yes, Cristensen, Jonas Brothers and Pattinson have the same level of actin akills: ZERO.

In a year that's already given us the wretched Alex Pettyfer in Beastly/I am number four and the awful cast of Red Riding Hood, you're still bringing up this guy? Move on.

With the exception of Twilight, Pattinson is choosing roles and films that are fresh and human.
When there are soooo many ridiculous movies and horrible actors in them, why would the Razzie's even mention him?
Why even write and article like this? It seems to me that the media and most of the men in the world are determined to nip this guys career in the bud.
The worst thing that can be said about his performance in Elephants is that it was perhaps a little too nuanced.
He is interesting and tasteful and does'nt insult my intellegence.

This article is obnoxious. Leave the kid alone already. He's come a long way since Twilight 1.

The people is only two type; 1. SMART; 2.STUPID. ROB ,I LOVE YOU!

'Im NOT a twihard but I think rob is a terrific actor' LMAO. Twihards, why so transparent? It's not working girls...

Haha they keep saying that the razzies 'need attention', that's why they choose RPatz. NO LOSERS, IT'S BECAUSE HE'S A LOUSY ACTOR, PERIOD. Get a grip idiots.

Twihards will keep going crazy but yes, the razzie is his this year! Don't pay attention to those lunatics. Let's make justice to this guy.

LOL the robtards are already going mental about this article...OF COURSE that atrocious actor deserve the razzie. Stop being ridiculous and give him one already. Don't pay attention to all the twihard stupid excuses, if you think he's like Hayden Christensen or Jonas Brothers, he definitely DESERVES IT.

WHY is everyone so hard on 'heartthrobs' in the movies? Is it jealousy that they are so young and have been 'chosen' by Hollywood to make movies or what? Hayden Christensen was a genius in Life As A House and was only 19 when it was made, he recieved a Golden Globe nomination for it. Both Hayden and Peter Saarsguard received Best Actor awards for Shattered Glass. I saw The Twilight movies and wasn't impressed but have seen Pattenson in other movies and he's quite good! To make snap judgement can deprive you of some really good movies and really good performances.

He mysteriously doesn't win because he shouldn't be on the list in the first place. He keeps getting nominated because of the 'let's dog pile on the Twi star' mentality. He was great in Water for Elephants. We'll see if there's any less hatred for him at the end of the year. Twi hate would be the only reason he shows up on this silly award list. Great article. Not.

I normally do not post comments, but felt the need to do so. I saw the movie this weekend and love it. Thought Robert Pattinson was Great! I plan on seeing it again this weekend with a couple of my friends who saw the movie and thought everyone did an excellent job. Is there a personal issue with this young fellow that would make you assume that he should be nominated for a Razzie? At what point did critics and columnists become cyber bullies. Just asking!

I am not a fan of Twilight. I saw the first movie and it was awful

I watched Water for Elephants without any expectations just for the fact that it is my favorite book and I came out SURPRISED AT HOW GOOD THIS BOY IS NOW

I watched Red Riding Hood and Just Go with It this year, those boys deserve the Razzie and not Pattinson

Razzie need to draw attention to their awards and therefore nominate the most popular actors and movies of the moment and those are not necessarily the worst. I am surprised that LAT blog missed to mention this obvious fact. It's the same story every year. Razzie go only after popular stuff. If they nominated actors and movies that were truly bad, no one would know about Razzie Awards' existence. I will not be surprised if Pattinson gets nominated again this year because he is a current IT boy. He still has Twilight movies coming out, and fanboys (read Razzie voters) hate them and everything/everyone associated with them. Taylor Lautner, another hunk from those movies got nominate too. He is less visible though so no one is really interested in him. Kristen Stewart female lead in Twilight was nominated as well. You get the picture.

No matter what Rob does, some people won't give him a chance. Like the person who wrote this piece.

Water For Elephants is the Titanic gone to the circus...the storyline premise is pretty much the begins with an old survivor like Titanic...the love story is a forbidden love like Titanic...and has a disaster happen like Titanic...anyhoo, I'd give pasty-face the Razzie for doing a Leonardo DiCaprio schtick...why not?

We were watching that Jerry Weintraub doc on HBO last night. Looking at a young Elvis with an outlandish pompadour, my wife commented that Pattinson looked a lot like him. Future biopic in store?

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