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James Franco seeks solace from Oscar's worst host ever: David Letterman

"I never dreamed of being, like, the best Oscar host ever," James Franco tells David Letterman on Friday's "Late Show." "It was never on my list of things to do. It doesn't mean I didn't care and it doesn't mean I didn't try hard, but here's the hypocritical thing. Leading up to the Oscars, I couldn't hear enough about how, oh, people don't care about the Oscars anymore. It's dead. It's at the end of a long awards season and who cares about it? Well, as soon as you don't host the way they want you to, they suddenly care and won't shut up about it!"

"I know, I know," replies Letterman, who's widely remembered as the worst Oscar host ever after his disastrous job emceeing the ceremony in 1995, honoring films made in 1994. When Franco asks Letterman what his own experience was like, Letterman replies, "It was horrible. Yes, I can't even remember what it was. It was horrible. I was so bad that they talked for a while about shutting down the motion picture industry ...  I was God awful."

Below is a preview of the interview.

-- Tom O'Neil

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James Franko is talented and fun to watch when he is acting in a film. So what if he wasn't the best host? Bring back Hugh Jackman!

Correction - David Letterman was possibly considered the worst host until this year. James Franco (who I like very much as an actor) now holds that distinct honor by a long shot. It's too bad he badmouthed Ricky Gervaise before hand and stating that he "bombed" at the Golden Globes. James, James, James. Ricky was a rock star compared to the dull, uninspired, manikin like performance you gave at the Oscars. In fact, Letterman's stint looks pretty good by comparison. I only hope the Oscar show producers can learn from their mistakes.

Charles how on earth did you derive that meaning? He never mentioned Hathaway in the interview. I can't even find an obtuse or implied reference to her.

assuming comment posted by Charles Brandon is an April Fool's pronk ... really?jp

First off: I LOVE Late Night David Letterman -- forever a watcher and followed from NBC to CBS... watched Johnny Carson & D. L. on J.C. ..... etc...the MUSIC!!
Jams Franco -- is much better than the academy awards hosting -- he was NOMINATED forheavansake -- and conversation about was spot on .. i thought the girl was so franticly ambitious and egomaniacal that J.F. couldn't win .. much less the lame lines he was given ... ANY way...
(when I visit my sons in Brooklyn we always try to get tickets, but are too late , likewise gift shop was closed last time...)
xx jp

Well I declare, So James Franco thinks that Anne Hathaway is to blame for his rotten performance at the Oscars this year. Son I've got some news for you. You were terrible on your own right. Anne was trying hard to save your silly ass.
Live with the fact you not a good host for carmal corn.


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