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Grammy overhaul: Bad news for Beyonce?

The radical revamping of the Grammy Awards will reduce the number of categories from 109 at the last awards show to 78, and will achieve this in part by lumping various current categories into one. The move is getting mixed reactions. Below are some comments from our Grammy message boards. See more here.


 Atypical:  That's pretty awful to  combine the male/female performance categories into a solo category like that, and then lump instrumental solo into that too and cap it at five nominees. Booooo. My head's spinning from all of this ish.

Beastialg: The unification of the pop categories will cause a massive migration of submissions to other categories, especially the dance ones. Pity, since I think a lot of great "under the radar" artists like Robyn or true dance electronica artists will have a harder time getting there.

Troy: Wow. People like Beyonce, Kanye, Alicia, better thank their lucky stars they have accumulated the number of Grammy's they have. This change is definitely going to make it more competitive and prevent artists from racking up 15 Grammy's in a short amount of time.

mjsbigblog: OMG I would NOT want to be around Beyonce when she sees this.


Guru: Less categories and less nominees does not guarantee quality. All bets are off. No one is a front-runner.

DoubleD: I absolutely love this change. If you want to win a Grammy, then you'll have to earn it. Grammy voters have been nominating way too much garbage lately. I mean look at the forgettable filler that clogged up the pop, rock and R&B fields these past few years. Unfortunately, this change may make it harder for under the radar acts to win Grammys especially in the R&B field.

jbboy: Lumping in male/female vocalists into one category is the WORST decision the Grammys have ever made. Simply ridiculous.

Fighting4Justice:  Let's give this a go and see how it works out. We've all been complaining that they needed to make some changes, and they did. Kudos to them.

-- Tom O'Neil


Grammy Awards get a major overhaul, including revamped categories, changes in voting procedures

Photo: Beyonce at the Grammys in 2008. Credit: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

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How are guys going to call Beyonce the world's most talented woman when you haven't seen all of the talented women in the world. That's hypocritical. When it comes to almost everything but religion, people don't seem to have a problem with making absolute statements like this. You might want to change your wording to say something like, "She's one of the world's most talented popular women in the world." That would make more sense.

thats some bull to do that now beyonce gone relly beat people lol. she'll get like 20 something grammys in the nexxt 5 or6 years so yeah

Next change, can we STOP calling these pop acts "artists".

Let's start calling them musicians and THEN maybe the music industry and so called artists will step up and actually make good songs.

Bjonceys and such, even a semi-musician like Gaga, are entertainers, nothing more. They are worked in conference rooms and with marketing teams doing micro-market profiles and doing powerpoints on who they will appeal. Its all a farce.

As for the actual Grammy changes... I'm sort of glazing over them... as much as I love music, I could care less... back to my Todd Rundgren vinyl 24/96 transfer...

I strongly disagree these changes will affect a talented powerhouse like Beyonce who DID earn 16 Grammys,but that is depending on the Grammys to PROPERLY nominate deserving artists AND for the Grammy members to VOTE PROPERLY! The absolutely ridiculous spectacle of Taylor Swift winning AOTY over the elite Talent of Beyonce makes me dubious that the right nominations will happen and the right winners chosen,and so does the fiasco of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga being up for AOTY this year! Neither of those albums were worth an award much less AOTY, and in particular Gaga had an EP,and really did not qualify for the full length AOTY category...Perry is just mediocre. So,until the nominations are on point and the VOTING CORRECT,then the Grammys will continue to lack relevance....

I totally agree with Lena. Something is wrong when Beyonce can rack up that many awards in such a short time span. It's because she has so many songwriters, producers, etc working on her one project and her voice is the vehicle promoting it. When money drives who wins (control over number of spins at radio stations, music videos, etc), it is never fair.

Not sure why it would be bad for Bey??? Bey is super talented and will continue to win her share of awards.. it will be bad for those that are borderline stars and now will not even sniff an award. Bey will win no matter how you slice it, maybe now they will give it to the person that deserves it, rather than just for ratings----are you listening Taylor Swift?

If you think Bey has too many awards, she should probably have you think "Listen" did not deserve the grammy award? They just had to try to spread it around.
Bey is coming H.A.M. in 2012 for another round.

"Beyonce is a 16-time Grammy winner and yet Diana Ross has never won a Grammy?"

Sad. Very sad.

Why is it bad news for Beyoncé? I think its bad news for her competition. They were safe with the traditional R&B field but now it's gonna get thougher.

I don't agree with the male/female mix though. A lot of artists will be overlooked and they might not even show up.

Let's not forget the Grammys are also desperate of ratings. Beyoncé, Kanye, Jay-Z, Alicia are grammy favorites because they're popular and well-known for bringing amazing performances. If I 'm Beyoncé, there's no way I would show up to bring a show-stopping performance and let the Grammy go to Jennifer Hudson, Melanie Fiona or Fantasia. Let's keep it real, The show-stoppers are safe or should be safe.

Beyonce is a 16-time Grammy winner and yet Diana Ross has never won a Grammy?

The wrong people are still going to be nominated and chosen.

I agree with the revamping. I think the Grammy's has made it super easy for young artists (Beyonce, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, etc.) to rack up awards in such a short time span. You have artists who've been in the business for at least 30 years and haven't gotten this many Grammy's. Diana Ross doesn't even have one. Since when can rappers outpace veterans like Diana. In a way, the Grammy award is losing its value or prestige because it's becoming more easily obtainable. I don't even think any of the aforementioned artists will appreciate the awards now that they have so many. Michael Jackson never earned as many as Jay-Z and Beyonce have and he's a superstar -- one of a kind. They don't make stars like him with that much focus and discipline.

They're fighting a growing drop in quality without properly identifying the source of the problem. The Grammys have proven to more or less try to make cute statements by giving their awards to people who are on the more indie scene which is nice but the award should go to the artist with the most firepower in terms of popularity, originality, and impact on pop culture.
Take this years Best New Artist going to Esperanza Spalding. I love her, really I do. But don't you dare tell me Justin Bieber shouldn't have gotten it. In terms of impact to our pop culture and album sales and media appearance and profitability, he GREATLY outdoes her and somehow these are thrown out the window in terms of judging the BEST new artist.
And this isn't a one time thing. Back long ago, the same thing was done to Eminem. This was the year he EXPLODED into the scene and everyone was talking about him yet the voters went for the safer option and chose someone less "controversial".

In short, I'm not convinced this changes anything. In fact, I think it could really end up as a disaster.

If winners keep being determined by popularity, press, politics and payment$, then no...there is no bad news. But the 4 P's will always be apart of the music industry.

No, this is bad news for the lesser girls who have never and now certainly will never see a Grammy in their lives.
Why you worried about Beyoncé boo? she got Grammys up the a**.

And how is this bad news for Beyonce when she is already Super Talented, already have 16 Grammys and Over Rated ? This just makes it hard how the Under-Rated Artists .

Queen B Yuh Rockk ! ; Can't wait for your new albumm !

how is it bad news for beyonce when she already has 16 and in a few years wil be one of the most awarded artist in grammy history ?

I'm sorry but how exactly is this "bad news" for Beyonce when she has already achieved 16 Grammy award wins? The bad news is for the lesser known talented artists who will stand even a lesser chance of receiving an award or nomination because now the competition is stiffer and the biggest names with the most votes will overshadow them even more.

This will make the Grammy all about the most popular artist, and all the under rated and under the radar artist won't stand a chance now. But i do think that combining the male and female categories is good, because now it is the best artist out of the all artist and not the best male out of the males or the best female out of the females. Its going to be interesting on how many artist will no longer win grammys.

It's about bringing back the music. Good move.



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