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Poll: What do you think of Taylor Swift winning the top ACM Award?

Taylor Swift ACM Awards newsSomething seems odd about Taylor Swift winning the Academy of Country Music Award for entertainer of the year.

Obviously, voting members of the academy weren't too wild about Swift this year. They snubbed her in all other ACM Award categories. In the race for best album, they preferred Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" to Swift's "Speak Now" and they gave the prize for best female vocalist to Miranda Lambert over Swift.

But academy members no longer decide who'll win the trophy as entertainer of the year, as they did a few years ago. Now voting is open to anyone who wants to click a button at the ACM website poll. Maybe that award shouldn't be given status equal to the ones chosen by ACM members? Maybe ACM should do what film festivals do and create a special "audience award" or "people's choice" prize that distinguishes it from the jury's accolades?

Carrie Underwood won the entertainer's laurel in 2009 and 2010, but ACM didn't put her on the ballot this year. Is that fair? Would she have beaten Swift as she has in the past?


Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood: Who sang best at the ACM Awards?

How did Taylor Swift pull off that shockeroo at the ACM Awards?

Poll: Best performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards?

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Taylor Swift. Credit: Academy of Country Music

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I just want to say that I was stunned when they called her name honest I couldn't believe it, I had checked with one of the polls it showed Taylor had a mere 6% of the vote where Toby Keith had 58% so can someone please tell me how she got so much of a lead. She had folks on twitter offering iphones or a chance rather to win one if you voted for Taylor but even that didn't work. I feel its the same as the CMA's now, they want for us to be idiots and believe that our voting is making a difference when they've long ago decided the winner, no way should she have won it and no matter how you feel about Taylor you've got to be honest in comparission to Toby Keith she has along way to go. I could have handled anyonelse well except for Miranda winning, as all of these other artists have more than proven their are just that entertainers and have worked many years to show us all a really amazing show, but when you have kids I realize she is now past 20, however its just rude to hand her this award when only a couple of years ago she herself opened for them, its a sham, I'll never be naive enough again to ever bother to believe and vote again. This is just my opo.

Well of course she deserved this award. Where have y'all been???

End of subject.

I don't think Taylor Swift should have got entertanier of the year because when you think of someone for this adward you think of Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisly, George Starit, anyone but Taylor Swift.

Why do Carrie and Taylor fans always seperate themselves??!? I love Taylor - she's a good songwriter, good at reaching out to her public and a good singer. I know she doesn't have the best voice in the world, but I respect her even more for that, cuz it's alot harder for a person with her voice to succeed than it is for a person with Carrie's voice. On the other hand - I love Carrie, Iher voice is really good, her songs are touching, and I love her personality. She seems so real to me, maybe it's cuz I've been a fan of hers since the day I saw her American idol interview when I was 11. So I've watched as she's worked and reached were she is today. They are both great, and considering Carrie wasn't nominated, sure, Taylor deserved it....weeeeeelll I would have preferred Brad but that's just me

Taylor is a wonderful entertainer. That's why she won. I've seen and been to her concerts and she puts an amazing show. Taylor doesn't have a great voice but she knows how to put a show together. The award is ENTERTAINER of the year, Not vocalist of the year.Taylor sold over 20 million albums worldwide and all her concerts sold out in minutes. She deserved the award.


you could only vote once you idiots. it does not take rocket science to see taylor is a true entertainer, regardless. carrie can sing better, but what else? and carrie's album came out a year and a half ago, and some of her tour dates got cancelle due to lack of attendance, where as taylor's sell out in minutes and seconds. wether you like her or not, taylor is no question EOTY. why do carrie fans have such a hard time with taylor? taylor has more apeal and talent. carrie is talented however, but taylor has 20 million facebook fans, a sold out european and US TOUR, AND 20 million albums in just 5 years. carrie has an impressive 15 million, with more albums and time on her hands. she did nothing to prove she was EOTY carrie fans are rude and ridiculous. taylor is more famous. get over it.

My friend and I are wondering why you did those things? We like you for who you are!We were mad when we found out what you did to your hair! I know people change and all,but we love you! Please don't change TAYLORSWIFT

Taylor deserved to win if she didn't beg for votes or leave flyers on seats at her concerts, and bribe her fans to vote for her. The ACM should never let anyone offer cameras or tickets to fans to vote for them.

I'd say the crowd was pretty excited during her duet with Steven Tyler. Probably the most "exciting" performance that night.

Okay, so,
-For whoever Taylor sucks at singing - SHE'S A GREAT SINGER. If she isn't, then she wouldn't sold 20 million albums or sold her newest album, Speak Now, 1,000,000++ in the first week of release!
-She deserve that award. Oh come on, it's worldwide-people-voted. So? Worldwide-people voted for her. That's a fact.
-Whatever. I support Taylor Swift.
-And, oh yeah, she's still 21. And Carrie is like.. 28? And Taylor is still improving her voice and her songs! No problem okay?(:

For all u ppl who say Carrie couldn't beat Taylor in fan votes are wrong! The Carrie Army has proved it many times including last year when WHEN SHE BEAT TAYLOR FOR EOTY!! AT THE ACM'S. SHE ALSO DID IT AT THE ACA'S 6 TIMES!!! AND AT THE CMT'S!!!!!!

Why is everyone complaining? This award is for Entertainer of the Year, not vocalist of the year. If it was for VOTY, Taylor stands no chance (and I'm a fan of hers) becuz her voice is constantly off key. But EOTY is for stars that have songs and albums that pleases the audience and tours that excite everyone. Carrie has an amazing voice, 500x better than Taylor but like some ppl from AI says, she can't, excite, etc. the crowd.

Whatever. But i do agree with you about Lady A winning that award.

Okay wow, I can't believe everyone is arguing. I personally think MIRANDA LAMBERT is better then both Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Carrie's music is average, but her voice is AMAZING. Taylor's music is not my taste. It's too high school but she is cute and I respect that she writes her own music. Miranda has a beautiful, soothing voice that I can listen to over and over and over and not get tired of it or get a headache and her music is the story of my life. I can relate to all of her music. Her songwriting a bilities are amazing and she play guitar so well. She is a TRUE entertainer. Everyone has their favorites. Please enjoy your favorites without bashing other artists. Everyone has different taste in music.

Don't like either one. I'll take the more mature voices anyday and I'm only 17. They both sound like squeeky little girls.

No one cares about your opinion! Okay?! Taylor Swift deserved that award and she also deserved the other two. Lady Anyebellum's album sucks so it should not have won.

Once Miranda Lambert or any of the other artists in this category design their whole tour, sell out all their shows around the world, play at least five instruments, interact with fans, and write every single song they sing without any help, then they will deserve Entertainer of the Year. But until that day comes, Taylor Swift has already done these things, and she clearly deserves it. She won this award fair and square. It was fan voted, and obviously, fans like her best.

So i do agree with all the people saying Carrie should have been nominated and won.

I agree with Hieronymus Murphy because otherwise it will ALWAYS be the same people. Although I think they should choose 3 people and let the fans choose 3 people so it's mixed up a bit. Then of course let the fans choose the winner on the night of the awards. They always do the EOTY award at the end so let the votes for the others go whenever but the EOTY votes starts at the beginning of the show and ends of course after the last performance. Then again this is just my opinion. And honestly I think if Carrie, Miranda and Taylor were nominated together it would be Carrie or Miranda who would win.

there is lots of peope who deserve to be nominated but they are not as they can only nominate so many and the 6 they did nominated where where to most deserving in there eyes did carrie deserve to be nominated yes but so did tim faith reba george and a hole bunch of other artist but they where not nominated ether so that just means them artist just have to work harder and do more so that next time they will be nominated for the award.

No Taylor did not deserve the award. Whenyour asked to vote for something , NORMAL people will go on and vote once for whatever,as i seen on several sites and places, "oh Im so obsessed with Taylor, I love her. I'm so glad my 500 votes counted. Come on Really ! Her fan base is say 12 to 18 year olds. Most have unlimited texting so why not drop a txt bomb and send the votes. It was done by many little rweens who could care less if she can carry a tune in a bucket, oh shes pretty I want to be a bimbo just like her. truth be told she herself said her voice isn't that good. Entertainer of the year, no way, there were many far more deserving actual talent nominated. Only thing with them was the fans on their part werent obnoxious about the voting, maybe cause it wa adults, duh!
But Taylors little circus act will soon fade away just like all the other no talent wonders, she may be a sweet girl and great to her fans, but honey ya can't sing and were all tired of the whiny, of pitch, chalk board squeeling sound. Go ahead and write about all your oh so many years of expeience, in your lost loves, let someone else sing it that can maybe hit a note on key but ereally doubt nyone cares who you been doing or whatever. I'll just continue doing as I've done, when one of her songs comes on the raido, push that button and Ahhhh! something, anything better comes out, unless of course it's the emergency broadcast tone, no wait it even has a purpose for it's squeel !

As I'm reading all the comments, I'm realizing one thing, why are people forming teams for this? It seems as if you have to be either Team Carrie or Team Taylor and I don't really think that's what this is about..

To be honest, of the nominees I do not think Taylor deserves the award at all.. she's still very young and she still has a lot of time to win this award and she is still very new to this business. I feel like some of her other nominees who have been around and has been entertaining their fans for a longer time should deserved this award. However, this being a fan based voting result, I had no doubt that Taylor would win.

The question was: Did Taylor deserve this award and my answer is no. Carrie not even being nominated for this award is a completely different issue and I think in a way the Carrie fans are hurt by that. Me being a bigger Carrie fan than Taylor fan I know I was very shocked and confused by this. Just a little FYI to the Taylor fans, just because Carrie isn't singing about her broken heart all the time and just because her music "doesn't relate" to every teenage girl it doesn't mean Carrie isn't an amazing performer and entertainer also.

People are making it seem like Carrie didn't even deserve to be nominated because she's not as buzzed about as Taylor or because she's already won twice before but that's definitely not true. Carrie deserved to be nominated for this award as much as Taylor did and Miranda and the other nominees.

My point I'm trying to make is, there is no Team Carrie or Team Taylor so I don't know why people are making it seem as if there is. Everyone in country music is like family so let's try to stop causing drama and creating imaginary teams, both girls are great at doing what they do. My opinion is that Taylor didn't deserve it but I give kudos to her fans who always seem to pull through for her.

Ok LA Times tell me this if carrie is so great and everthing why has she never been nominated for the CMA EOTY award that is giving my the music people. i tell u why the same reason carrie was not nominated this year because she is not an entertainer she is a singer. just look at the diffence between the too. taylor is a mega star who has drawn people from pop and other class to come to country and has giving her the chance to spill over to there class vs carrie who does not have what it takes to get other to come see her she has tried to spillover to other class but has not done well expanding her self. carrie came out like a bat out of hell after american idol and was on top of the world but the AI fame has wore off and she is what she is what she is a middle of the road headliner and album seller. where taylor career is going up and up carries is going down hill. taylor kenny brad george reba keith tim and faith are all top of the line headliners they draw the people carrie does not because she is not entertainer

an entertainer can do world tours like tim kenny brad reba faith george and taylor.
an entertainer can go to any city in the world and sell out the arena and leaveing people wanting more.

an entertainer can sell out a stadium when the ecomoney is in the toliet and still sell out 60,000 seats at a drop of a hat.

look what kenny has done the last 10 years with his tours and all the stuff he does and u will see why he has won multiple EOTY trophys. just being able to sing do not do it for people anymore.

FYI carries 2 ACM;s EOTY awards she won was only becasue of hackers that is why the ACM's changed there voteing this year to stop people from hacking the system and rigging for 1 artist to win. this year everone was giving 1 vote per isp address that was it if u tryed to vote more then once u was vetoed. that way was to make it fair.

i agree, taylor swift's songs have lost their relatability. even if they're about celebrities, they're not meaningful. she's taken a few steps back from what made her in the first place.

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