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Can Taylor Swift finally beat Carrie Underwood at the Academy of Country Music Awards?

Taylor swift acm awards academy of country music

Taylor Swift's "Fearless" (2008) won album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards, but she's never won best female vocalist or any other top ACM prize for that matter. Now she battles her toughest foe, Carrie Underwood, for the crown as best female vocalist at the kudocast to be televised Sunday night in Las Vegas (CBS, 8 p.m. PT/ET).

In 2007, Swift won an ACM trophy as a new vocalist, but Underwood claimed the top prize as best female vocalist that year. Underwood also won in 2006 and 2008. Last year, Swift and Underwood lost to the hottest new country diva on the block: Miranda Lambert. Now Swift, Lambert and Underwood face off against Reba McEntire and Lee Ann Womack. Womack's never won. McEntire holds the record in the category with seven wins, but the last was way back in 1996.

Taylor Swift is also overdue to win entertainer of the year. Ditto Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. Underwood won the last two years, but now she isn't nominated. Swift, Urban and Paisley face off against Jason Aldean, Toby Keith and Miranda Lambert. Toby Keith is the only past champ (2002, 2003) in the category, which usually hails the country music star who had the most amazing concert tour of the year.

There's no suspense surrounding what will win best album of the year. Following up on the group's recent Grammy romp, Lady Antebellum is destined to prevail for "Need You Now," which won best single and song last year at the Academy of Country Music Awards. The album competes in the current race because it was technically released in a later eligibility period. See a full list of nominees in all categories here.

As usual, the ACM Awards will be hosted by Reba McEntire, this year accompanied by Blake Shelton. Presenters include Luke Bryan, Chace Crawford, Celine Dion, Bethany Hamilton, Julianne Hough, the Judds, Miranda Lambert, Nancy O'Dell, Robert Pattinson, Ryan Seacrest, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Young.

The kudocast includes performances by Alabama, Dierks Bentley, Ronnie Dunn, Sara Evans, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Reba McIntyre, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and the Zac Brown Band.

-- Tom O'Neil

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This is for Theresa okay listen Taylor Swift is a great singer I bet you cant sing I bet you fall flat. Taylor Swift sold 20 millon albums in 18 months how many did Carrie Underwood? Answer 2 millon

I think Taylor Swift is better than Carrie Underwood. Go Taylor you rock.

I don't know anyone that really knows music, and talent would ever compare Taylor Swift to Carrie Underwood. If Taylor Swift ever had to be on American Idol, she would not get through the first round. She has no talent, she can't sing. She has alot of help in recording her music. Her voice is not pure, she is flat most of the time. She has a good promoter, and a lot of money behind her. She is now, but won't go on to be a legend like Carrie. Carrie who is in the same class with Dolly Parton, Reba, Loretta Lind, So don't even try to put Taylor in the same class as Carrie.

Im sorry what? Toby keith the most amazing tour of the year'
Whoever wrote this article better sit the hell down. Reba and george strait's tour was the HIGHEST grossing country tour of 2010, it grossed more than double of what toby's tour sold, reba has had more success than toby had last year, the fact that she isnt nominated for EOTY i fricken ridiculous.

Toby keith DOES NOT deserve to be nominated.

Carrie Underwood 2 million abums sold in 18 months!

Taylor Swift 20 million sold in 18 months!

Case closed! Carrie can not even do one concert out side of the us and canada! No one knows her ! Case closed!

You like to give her a few #1's in country only but forget to say that they never even make it in the top 20 in the hot 100 that counts the most! You say she played to 1 mill in 2010 when that is a complete lie as she played to only 778,000 in 2010 and she did not win country concert of the year and that winner had 884,000 in 2010 so if she had a mill why did she not win? she lied lol - carrie is a washed up haz bin that does not belong with the other stars now she is #6 in country music and falling faster then a rock! wave bye bye to Carrie! she is gone= and not worth even talking about!

Can Taylor Swift FINALLY beat Carrie Underwood? Maybe in Taylor Swift's dreams. :->

I'm from Asia and I've got to say, Taylor Swift is popular and loved by the teens here but that's just because she represents POP music. She doesn't represent COUNTRY music at all. No wonder why she sells millions of albums and has an international tour because her music, POP music, is universally accepted unlike COUNTRY which only is accepted in USA.

On the other hand, Carrie may not be as popular here (because she's very loyal to COUNTRY music that's why she doesn't remix her songs with POP the way Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum do) but I myself am surprised whenever I know Asian Carrie Underwood fans who love her music, COUNTRY music!

And the only way to answer the title question is to let Taylor Swift just stand up with a microphone. No tricks. Just herself and her music and we'll see if she's able to reach NOT ONLY the "not-so-high" notes BUT ALSO the "right" ones. Her LIVE versions can't even stick to her RECORDED ones. To think, she's the one who wrote 'em. Tsk. tsk.

I'm sorry, but to whoever thinks country music is just about album sales, you're wrong. And since when has 2 million albums been considered a poor showing? A lot of artist don't even hit platinum. Miranda's album was lauded with critics' praisebut has only hit just over a million. Does that mean she isn't worth investing in? Clearly not.

When you're a COUNTRY artist, the country charts matter. If you're a POP artist, you can check out the pop charts. Carrie has DOMINATED the country charts... she hasn't had an official single hit anything less than top 10. Hell, all her official singles have hit at least the top 5.

All these women deserve their nominations. My loyalties will always be with Carrie, who was completely jilted this year by the ACMs. It doesn't matter because Carrie has a huge fan base (case in point the ACAs), and she won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Ok, if you're going to go by "Taylor's definition of country music" then you are seriously mislead by what country music truly is. In her words, "country music is what you write your life about". I'm sorry but that's just really immature of her to say. ANY artist takes their life experiences and writes about them. Do you think writing names and events into songs was done exclusively by Taylor? She's not the first nor the last.

Taylor Swift isn't representing a genre well when it's questionable she even belongs in the genre in the first place.

Country music is about the hard work and experience in the Southern region of the US. A musical genre that is exclusively defined by them because it's what people in the South live through every day. It's real, ugly, but in the end you're supposed to learn from LIFE and it's GOOD. Because love is part of life, cheating, sweet romance is JUST A FACET OF COUNTRY MUSIC. Taylor only writes sweet little songs about romance. (Pop does the same thing. It's only love, not life.) I've never seen her write an actual good song about life. She's twisted the definition of country music to her own will which is disingenuous in itself because she stands by her definition. All of you who think that "country music is writing about your life" are fooled by Taylor.

Country music has a whole other definition that's impossible to explain unless you've actually lived in the South and experienced the good, bad, and hard times. Taylor has been a privileged girl raised by her family who has lived in the North all her life, and will never know what it means to be raised in the South. It truly is ridiculous the way she keeps thinking that she knows what country music is, and won't hear a word against her own self made definition. It's also why I don't believe she's as "good" as she makes herself out to be because she's not hearing a word from people who do know better than her.

#1 Carrie Underwood's "Play On" Album (2X Platinum)
- Won Album of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards
- Won Album of the Year at the 2010 American Country Awards

#1 Cowboy Casanova (Platinum Single)
- Won Video of the Year at the 2010 CMT Music Awards
- Won Single of the Year at the 2010 ACA Awards
- Won Music Video of the Year at the 2010 FACM Awards

#1 Temporary Home (Gold Single)
- Won Performance of the Year at the 2010 CMT Music Awards
- Won Inspirational Music Video of the Year at the 2010 ICM Awards

#1 Undo It (Platinum Single)
- Broke the CMT record for most consecutive weeks at #1 on the Top 20 chart

#2 Mama's Song

THE PLAY ON TOUR ($29,7 million)
- Dragged more than 1 million fans in North America
- Sold out many BIG venues like the Hollywood Bowl and the Stadium of Fire
- Nominated for Most Creative Stage Production at the PollStar Touring Awards

And more... and more... and moree!!


To Maggie

If Carrie Underwood's Mama's Song and I Told You So, which both peaked at #2, were flops, then you're assuming that Fifteen (#7), Fearless(#10) and Back To December (#3) were HUGE FLOPS. Since when telling the SAME OLD STORY over and over again makes Taylor Swift a country artist? I'm sorry, but she's as country as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. When was the last time Taylor won a COUNTRY AWARD for that matter? The majority of her fans are coming from the POP crowd who doesn't even know who Martina McBride, Reba and George Strait are. She's a good songwriter, but she can't sing her songs DECENTLY. Take her performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards... She was KILLED by all the critics for being SO BAD. Even Scott Borchetta had to come out and protect her from all those comments, which by the way is LAME.

And do you know why Taylor Swift is dominating the Billboard Hot 100 chart? That's because the Hot 100 Chart take into account ALL RADIO STATIONS in America, which by the way, are mostly POP STATIONS. In the other hand, when you look at the Country Charts, she's a total flop.

And tomorrow is all about Carrie Underwood against Miranda Lambert in the FVOTY category.

I hope taylor wins album of the year and/or entertainer of the year. She's not the best singer in the country music, but she is good, and she is a true artist. Nobody else in any of these catergories wrote an entire album completely by themselves, which went on to sell over 1 million copies in its 1st week. Taylor's speak now WORLD tour has been a hugh success so far.
It's so stupid for people to get all freaked out over taylor swift's music becuase it's not 100% country. Country music is about honesty and telling the story, not about banjos and fiddles. Underneath a few electric guitars, taylor's music is rooted in country music. Nobody has introduced country music to as many people around the world in the past 10 years as taylor has. It's because of taylor's music that i listen to country music. She is the best thing that has happened for this genre in a long time.

You people are idiots. Country music is not about the intruments, its the story behind them. A real country artist can relate to the songs and have experienced the story. As far as that goes, that makes Carrie Underwood pop. Shes good, but shes not that country either. And Liveasong, Mamas song was a flop as was I told You so, and her new one. Taylor is the only country artist to have every song on her album on the Billboard Hot 100. No one looks at the country charts. Taylor will forever be on top because she knows how to write a song, and she has so much respect from everyone in the music industry because she does write her own songs. Shes not a talentless little child. Shes everything that a true artist should be. Carrie has been in the buisness longer and her 3 albums have been out longer than Taylors 3 albums, and Taylor just sold 20 million. Carrie only sold 16 million. Cant we just say that they are both great? You dont see people putting all the male artists against each other. Country fans are the best because we are fans of everyone, except when you count the women. I love Carrie and Taylor. Lets just stop comparing them. Ok? Im so sick of it.

There's no way Taylor or Carrie will win best female vocalist. Its between Reba (who deserves it) or Miranda.

honestly, if taylor swift wins for best vocalist, i will be kind of annoyed. Her voice is weak and she can't hit nearly the same amount of notes as carrie. PLus, i like taylor, but her songs aren't even country so why should she win an award the the Academy of COUNTRY awards? doesn't make much sense to me. Carrie should win! :)

x carrie fan ... Carrie will not going anywhere, she'll become a country music legend; her name is written on the country music history. She is a member of OPRY - the Mother Church of Country Music so she always have stage to perform country music for the rest of her life and every time she performs at Opry is always sold out and that's the power of Carrie to bring people to the country music city. She's gone? the answer is NO... on the other hand, her every movement even still in the spotlight and become hot news on the magazine, internet, etc and she still be the one of the best artist who has high demand to perform at prestigious events; Do you remember the tribute to the former president HW Bush just a week ago ?? Besides she always bring the high TV ratings in every the awards show.

Take a look this:

Carrie Underwood's "Play On" Album
- Cowboy Casanova #1
- Temporary Home #1
- Undo It #1
- Mama's Song #2

Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride" Album
- So Small #1
- All-American Girl #1
- Last Name #1
- Just A Dream #1
- I Told You So #2

Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Album
- Mine #2
- Back To December #3

Taylor Swift's "Fearless" Album
- Love Story #1
- You Belong With Me #1
- White Horse #2
- Fifteen #7 (Flop)
- Fearless #10 (Flop)

Let the stats speak. Carrie Underwood is here to stay. Taylor Swift can hardly have a #1 single on country charts. Love Story and You Belong With Me went to #1, because they were also played in POPOPOPOP Radio. She's a Bubble Gum Pop artist.

Oh and... is Taylor Swift a member of the Grand Ole Opry? I don't think so.

To be honest and fairly I can say that Carrie is the strongest candidate to win the FVOTY but if you look at history rarely ACM gives more award than 4 times for FVOTY to someone since 1995 (the highest is 3 times : Faith 1998,1999,2000; Martina 2001,2002,2003; and Carrie 2006,2007,2008), so let we see if ACM will break their tradition. And if the assessment is based purely on vocal, must be honestly acknowledged Taylor is far below than Carrie, Reba, Miranda, Lee Ann Womac, sorry

I think that Carrie Underwood is so so so much better than Taylor Swift. Carrie is actually good live and Taylor is not. Carrie deserves to win female vocalist of the year and she should be nominated for entertainer of the year ahead of Taylor Swift. Everybody loves Taylor Swift because she sings about boys and heartbreaks but Carrie does too as well as things that matter in the world. All Taylor's songs sound the same and I hate it but Carrie's all sound different. In my opinion the only reason Taylor has a career is because she dates boys and then dumps them so she can write songs and make a living for herself. So lets see Carrie is prettier, better at singing, actually has a husband something Taylor will not have anytime soon. I'm cheering for Carrie at the ACM's because she could kick Taylor Swift's butt any day of the week.

That is a no-brainer. UNDERWOOD is the BEST female vocalist in Nashville---maybe the BEST female vocalist to EVER come out of Nashville. When did Swift learn to sing and carry a tune without Auto Tune and studio enhancements??? Until she can sing on key she should NEVER be compared to an Amazing Vocalist like Underwood. NO comparison at all!!!!!! I am graduating this year from college and going into entertainment journalism----and I will be fair to all artists--but I think Swift is a PR product. Does she connect with her audience (Mostly tweens)---Yes. However she is NOT a good vocalist nor does she write songs that are as brilliant as some say. They are very juvenile and immature in most cases. Would I purchase her albums---NO. Who will go down in Country music history?---UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!

I knew I should not have read the rest of the comments on this board but I did. Eddie says "Carrie didn't do much this year since her album did not do well"......Let me be as short as possible. She sang National Anthem at Super Bowl , she performed at Michael Jackson tribute, American Idol gives back, every award show, she co-hosted an award show, she got a role in the soon to be released movies Soul Surfer, she became the FIRST American Ambassador for Oil of Olay, She won 6 ACA Awards, She was chosen by CMT as Artist of the Year, She was on the show "How I met your mother" , she raised money for the Nashville flood victims on "Extreme Home Makeover" , and lastly during her 106 stops on her tour 36 cent from every ticket sale went to childrens charity . On this tour she sold out many venues including the Stadium of Fire and the Hollywood Bowl.....Does anyone want me to add more?

Uhhhh I hate Carrie and her stupid fans. Can someone please kick carrie out of country music. She is so OVER-RATED! Miranda Lambert is the only female right now that is COUNTRY! Hope she takes home every award she is nominated for.

Sure Taylor should win!...if the awards were voted by eight year olds!Which also explains why Taylor sells out her concerts...mainly the parents of those 8yr olds take them to keep them from crying!
None of Carrie's concerts were cancelled because of low ticket sales,she rescheduled one show when the stadium collapsed.Carrie was screwed out of the ETOY.Miranda?...her hillbilly sound is annoying,and well.If Taylor would take voice and singing lessons,she has a chance.Right now,Brad,or Keith deserve to be ETOY

I think everyone commenting on here is just on a damn high horse and should just realize its an awards ceremony.

My loyalty lies with Taylor Swift, but you have to give credit to every artist that deserves it. I personally think that Carrie Underwood is one of the best singers across all genres and that is something you cant even argue. She puts out good music yet she doesn't hold album sales and concert sales numbers to reinforce that. I think that in the past she has been snubbed by the CMA's, she should have at the very least one ETOTY nomination under her belt there. This hasn't been one of her BEST years, but im sure that will turn around. Now, for Taylor it seems everyone and there mothers just wants to hate her because her latest music in not entirely "country". As an ARTIST shes venturing to different sounds and as a fan i respect and am intrigued by that. I wish for the day that she makes an album with the same sound as her first one but that is another conversation. Her music to begin with is crossover. She started out and I honestly think she'll remain a country artist but at the moment she is experimenting like any true artist her age should be. This year she has had the best first week album sales, she has just passed the 20 mill albums sold mark, just ended her Asia and Europe leg of her sold out Speak Now Tour. She was the most played artist of '10. I mean the numbers back her music up for one. She's been criticized damn day and night for her past shaky performance and hey I agree they have not been pretty. She's only been in the business about 5 yrs now and she actually gets better vocally every time I have seen her live. At this moment she's something above then being more than adequate singer. That does not mean she does not have a voice because she more than definitely does she just needs to be more confident when she sings. One of the biggest things Carrie lacks sadly is being a performer. Taylor owns any stage regardless if it is to your likes or not. She is able to connect with her audience. Carrie has yet to find that but like I said that is something that can be fixed. Taylor is still an ambassador of country music even if right now shes ventured a bit from the genre. So I think its great competition between them, Carrie has owned the ACM's for a while now so i think it will be interesting to watch come Sunday night. Finally for all those who keep on saying Taylor is a pop artist you might want to listen to her whole album before you make that assumption. I have yet to hear her latest single on a radio station other than country radio.

Well, its true that taylor is a POP suealla...stop defending taylor, carrie is in it to win it

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