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Poll: Who should host the next Oscars? Will Smith? Justin Bieber?

Oscars shoulder shot

Now that the Oscars are over, the post-mortems are written and sourpusses have crucified the last telecast's hosts, it's time to start asking: who should be the next lamb to the slaughter the next host?

Should Anne Hathaway and James Franco be welcomed back to try, try again? What about recruiting one of the tried-and-true Oscar hosts? Recently, on "The View," Whoopi Goldberg revealed that the academy has asked her to return in recent years, but she said she would only do so if Billy Crystal agreed to co-host. He didn't. In fact, Crystal has made it clear that he doesn't want the job solo either, but we're putting him on our list anyway. Goldberg too.

Hey, since Oscarland is the last province on Earth not yet conquered by Justin Bieber, should it just be surrendered to the Bieb? Personally, I'm rooting for Will Smith, but I think he's too smart to step up.


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— Tom O'Neil

Photo: Los Angeles Times

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You should have separated Hathaway and Franco as voting options. She doesn't deserve to be lumped with him ever again. Anne would have been a decent host had she been provided with much better material and a co-host who actually cared.

As for next year's Oscar ceremony, why don't you provide options for the public to vote for brand new writers/director/producers? Why haven't you written enough about the hacks who saddled Hathaway with dreadful jokes and the director/producer who plunked her down in the middle of an absolute mess of a show?

Justin Bieber or Timberfake??? get real!! AMPAS needs real stars for the awards...not teen idol bums like these two...What the hell is wrong with you???for even suggesting them!! Good Lord!!


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