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Poll: Were James Franco and Anne Hathaway the worst Oscars hosts?

Oscars dragJames Franco and Anne Hathaway are being flogged and roasted so thoroughly for their performance as Oscar hosts that we wonder: Were they as bad as those ultimate fiascos -- David Letterman and Chris Rock?

Personally, I think the worst host choices were those rent-a-clowns brought in from New York: Letterman, Rock and Jon Stewart. They're all great comedians but miscast as emcees of Hollywood's family reunion. My favorite hosts: Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin (when not saddled with Alec Baldwin) because they know how to entertain with heart and humor and to preside with authority.

Let's look back at some of the clunkers who have hosted over the last 20 years. Personally, I think Hugh Jackman did a terrific job, but I'm including him on this list because I concede that there's some disagreement on that verdict. Blame Alec Baldwin for Steve Martin making this list. Martin isn't cited for his solo gigs, which were aces.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Ann Hathaway tried so hard... the antithesis of Franco. He acted like those surly teenagers forced to go to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving -- they show up, but boy do they stink up the place with their sullen business. And if I haveta hear what a supposed brainiac Franco is one more time...(When asked right before the broadcast what he found most fun about the Oscars he ACTUALLY said that going to class for his PhD was more fun. What a poser! So quit already and away with his auto-franco-osculatn' self).

This is so arbitrary, I thought Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were wonderful together, Alec Baldwin is a natural comedic personality, he complimented Steve Martin's comic brilliance wonderfully. I believe that is also the universal consensus,
This year the true bad host was James Franco, he was not up to the energy or versatility of Anne Hathaway, who I think did the best she could with such a low energy cohost.
I think John Stewart was fine, he would probably better with another time, hosting a show that big, sometimes takes time to get better at, I thought he had some great moments, look at Whoopi Goldberg, she has gotten better from her first hosting Oscars, now she is superb.
Ellen DeGeneros also was good, another shot would probably give her the ability to expand her hosting quality.
I like the change of hosting to try new things, I think Lilly Thomlin and Meryl Streep might make a good hosting team, or Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.
The thing is the hosts aren't ever the reason the show drags, it is the nature of the show. Really a great opening and a few good ad-libs is the best a host can do. That is why comedians do so well.
The new producer, in my opinion is not doing a great job, He needs to do better with the memorials. No singer, just music and show the actors on screen, simple don't change what works. Also 5 songs should be nominated every year, just like make up and animated, deserve 5 also.
The songs are a great ways to break up the show, especially if they use good artists, and pick better songs. I miss the film montages, when they are good, which they weren't last year, but if done well they are great and remind us of the movies we love.
Anne Hathaway was lovely, pair her with Hugh Jackman or Patrick Neil Harris and that would be good. I like Billy Crystal and he has done a great job, but h is smart enough to space out his appearances, because he does the same thing each time, and luckily, by his smart timing, this works for him.
But there is no magic host who will ever make the show perfect, it is the director and producer, the Jon Stewart year was more messed up by the direction than by him.
Lay off Anne Hathaway, she was decent, Franco was like a lead balloon, he simply drug her down, and couldn't keep up. So be fair.

Yes, I also thought Hugh Jackman was fantastic. I even checked out his opener again on the YouTube Oscars channel just to make sure. Did you remember that he got a standing ovation? Yep, he did! And that was a year of some pretty lousy, err, heavy movies.

I'd give Anne or Hugh a 2nd try by themselves or as a team (though, I think Hugh is the better showman and at appearing sincere onstage). Could it be that we only got this strange combo of Anne and James because something happened with Hugh behind the scenes?

I wouldn't mind the Academy giving Jimmy Fallon a chance, even he is from New York - to the horror of Tom O'Neill! But he's been on the big screen, has musical flair and has great experience hosting other awards shows. The fella's got game, always leaves me laughing, smiling, and temporarily wishing I was Mrs. Fallon.

Yes, Emma, better writers would be nice : )
But then I liked the SOOOUND thing - and everyone seems to be hating that.


Hugh Jackman is one of the best hosts Oscars ever had! I wished Anne hosts this ones with him. They could have created the same magic just like they did in 2009.

They were great. James did not compete for the spotlight, and quite obviously allowed Anne to "be" the star. I enjoyed them both. Boo to the overly critical boors who'd gripe if they were hung with a new rope!
James' preoccupation may have something to do with his scholarly pursuits.... cut him some slack for having a sense of what matters. Hollywood?? It's all make believe, after all......

Anne Hathaway did a marvelous job! She was funny, beautiful and cheerful. She has a great voice too. Anne did her best to make the most of a mediocre script and a dead pan partner like Franco, would it have killed him to smile and look like he was enjoying the moment?

There is a facebook fanpage that started on Sunday...look it up...its called "Bring Back Billy Crystal to host the Oscars"

Anne and James weren't all that bad. It's the written material that was bad. Just hire better writers!

Obviously you have something against New Yorkers - the problem with having people from New York host the show is that the audience in LA is too STUPID to get their humor.

It would be been better to have kirk douglas be the host who cant talk , walk and is virtually unrecognizeable . Right ?


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