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Poll: Should 'Two and a Half Men' dump Charlie Sheen at the Emmys?

Every year, Charlie Sheen's name gets submitted for Emmy competition by Warner Bros. TV, which produces "Two and a Half Men." The studio and CBS don't have to submit his entry form to the TV academy. Considering that they just fired Sheen from the series, should they even bother? Heck, they'd save the $200 entry fee.

Charlie Sheen news

Sheen has been nominated four out of the first seven seasons of the show (2006-2009), so it is certainly possible that Emmy voters might nominate him again. Would that be a good thing for producer Chuck Lorre and the top brass at Warner Bros. and CBS?

Can you imagine Sheen's comments on the Emmy red carpet or in the weeks leading up to the ceremony? If he gets a nomination, he might claim that it's the industry's endorsement of Team Sheen over Team "Men." Would an Emmy bid help him in his legal battle against the studio and network? The lack of placement on the ballot could be considered a slap at their leading star and the highest-paid person on any series.

Of course, Sheen doesn't have to rely on anyone to submit his name for Emmy competition. He or his reps can do it. Quite a few stars handle the responsibility themselves, but they must be attentive. Tim Allen and Rebecca Romijn were famously left off the ballot in years past because they forgot to fill out the paperwork.

The ultimate snub could come from Emmy voters, however. Indeed, they ignored him last year after nominating him the previous four years.

Two days ago, The Envelope asked Warner Bros. execs via email if they plan to submit Sheen's name this year and so far they have not replied.


Uh oh, Russell Brand professes love for Charlie Sheen

Poll: Can 'Two and a Half Men' finally win top Emmy without Charlie Sheen?

Remember Charlie Sheen's 'sober acid trip'?

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: CBS

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Who wrote this poll, a politician, why is the poll title opposite from the actual poll question... considering I almost clicked 'No' I have zero faith in the integrity of this polls answers.

At any rate,Sheen's job is acting, his personal life has nothing to do with that, if he deserves an Emmy for doing his job then he should get one, period.

If not it would be like your boss saying hey I want to give a $2000 bonus to someone this year who does a good job, but I hate smokers and drinkers so anyone who has ever smoked or had a drink is ineligible; that would be crazy... anything he does outside of his contracted job should have no bearing on him getting an Emmy regardless of personal feelings of Sheen...

That being said if it is up to the exec. of the show to put Sheen up for the Emmy, then they shouldn't, as unscrupulous as it is, an Emmy does help Sheen's case and he can make use out of it, so why help. A clear reason that Emmy considerations should be completely outside of the realm of any person tied in any way to a show whether submitting nominees or anything.

I love this show, but Charlie has to go, replace him, you have 5 very talented actors that will carry the show. Try it for a few shows, say charlie is in rehab, bring in someone with the same character as Charlie, it will work, because people are tired of Charlie thinking he is untouchable and above everyone. Gosh, he should be so thankful to be part of a fantastic show.

I think CBS should bring in a new character to replace Charlie Sheen. Our office continues to have this conversation around the lunch table. We all agree that Charlie should go, and be replaced with a character similiar to him. Maybe a long lost cousin who has been in rehab and he will come to live with Alan and Jake while Charlie goes into rehab. CBS has a great show, and charlie isn't the only character on this show, you have 5 other strong actors. The show can work without Charlie ..... people have lost so much respect for Charlie and watching him on the shows now, takes away from what it use to be. CBS stay strong, you have a great following, fans will back you up if Charlie is written out of the script.

If Charlie is dumped at the Emmy's Warner brothers will only be hurting themselves, Two and a half Men has been one of the best shows if not the Best I've seen in my life, all I can say is the show is not a show without Charlie.

Charlie sheen,john belushi,Ben cousins, as far as i'm concerned are all superstars.and no i'm not condoning drug use or anything else.But as far as being at the top of their chosen profession .They all made it..And deserve to be recognised for their achievements.....

Charlie Sheen is as famous to the Tv/Movies world,As Michael Jackson was to the music world,To alot of people around the world.

Robert. Mosetter


He's a spoiled brat just like Paris Hilton!

Why should Sheen be rewarded for negative behaviors?

If you watch that show, you notice Charlie is the engine that makes it go. He's the whole vibe. I love Jon Cryer but the show is DOA without Charlie.

No! Emmy Awards and other awards are supposed to be about one's work/contribution to the industry and not about the personal stuff.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If he fails, it will not be because of the weakness of his ways but rather because those that hide behind an interpretation reject anyone that does not act the way they believe they should. They will see that he fails even if he is a wizard as they never knew the true intentions of the heart of a man. Because they are too busy pretending what a man should be. My whole life I learned from my moments amazing things that made me able to do things most could not. But even with my life constantly working in spite of my human weaknesses those around me that were unable to do what I could do but also demanded I be like they believed a man should be always were there to reject me when I did not follow their interpretation. This is the real meaning behind You will be hated above all men for my name's sake.... because they never knew the true intentions of the heart of those they hold up like John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus. No they never knew me, but were always there to reject me. The URL I posted with the comment is a post where I said it is such a person that will have the answer and reveals the meaning of this post.

Why is it ok to allow Charlie this lifestyle on tv in front of millions of viewers and not in real life? I don't agree with the lifestyle, but by portraying it on tv, you are sending a message to millions that its ok and funny for them to live like that. I don't think it's anyone's business what Charlie does in his personal life just so his children are well cared for. And I don't think the show will make it without him. He is the show. The other actors are absolutely wonderful, but I think they work well with Charlie. Now stop this nonsense and give us Two and A Half Men back!! With Charlie.

No, he did the work for which he is being considered. To dump him now would be simply punishment for his subsequent behavior, and firing him seems to be sufficient in that respect.


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