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Oscars reactions: 'What a shame, Academy!'

Now that the critics have growled what they thought of the Oscars ceremony, let's hear from the real experts: The Envelope's readers. Below are sample comments culled from a 40-page thread in our forums full of views they expressed throughout the telecast. See more here.

Our posters have such fierce opinions about film awards that they just bestowed their own, which differ significantly from the Oscars. Their choices: "The Social Network" and David Fincher for best picture and director. See more here, including a curious tie for supporting actress.

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Jesse: It was like watching a show that Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom would have produced had they wanted people to actually like it. With the reverse effect in this case. Springtime for Oscar.

cRISS808: Dropping F-bombs at the Oscars? This ain't the MTV Movie Awards.

pacinofan: James Franco would rather get back to his novel or grade some papers.

BriGuy: I think Anne Hathaway's career will really take a hit after this.

Blacktie: What is with Jude Law's Tweety Bird hair?

TWC: Does Celine Dion age?

clementine: That Natalie Portman win washed the bad taste of Tom Hooper's win right out of my mouth.

NW Music Guy: We will remember "The Social Network" years from now, and "The King's...what?" What a shame, Academy.

Atypical: Having Bertie's entire speech dominate over the best picture montage like that? That was tacky, Academy.

ETHELCHARLES: Kirk Douglas gave some needed energy to kick things off nicely

TWC: I hated Melissa Leo's speech. She's turned into a crazy lady and the F-Bomb, while providing probably the only water-cooler moment of the night, was a little much. I cringed when she looked up into the rafters and said, "Wow, there are people up there too!" I hated her speech from start to finish. They should have started playing the music, like they did during some of the heartfelt speeches.

east/west: The only good thing about the show was the stage. Gorgeous setup.

Kams: Anne Hathaway was brilliant as the Oscar host. I wish James Franco was better. I had the impression he was hiding all night long.

Carlton: When Billy Crystal walked on stage, he reminded everybody HOW THIS IS DONE. You could almost feel the audience at the Kodak sigh "Thank God." At least for those few minutes.

esidestoryChristian Bale  - Was rooting for him to win. Adorable when he choked up over the mention of his wife.

westborne: How nice to see the Academy go for "The King's Speech" in such a big way! The prospect of a trendy, overrated piece of junk like "The Social Network" winning was about as attractive a proposition as the award being taken by the derivative high gloss camp of "Black Swan." Both dire choices for BP but thankfully the voters didn't fall for either. Oh, and David "all technique, no heart" Fincher lost out in Best Director as well. Truly, there is a God!

andrew: Really liked the in memoriam segment. Some class for a change and no clapping. At the opposite end of the spectrum Melissa Leo - no class at all. Also no clips for the 10 best picture nominees throughout the night. Good decision, but how about bringing one honorary award back?

24Emmy: I'm in the extreme miniority, but I actually liked the show. It wasn't as good as the last Emmys, but that's to be expected. These are, after all, just the Oscars. I thought Anne Hathaway was a fun host. James Franco didn't do much.

almakay: The good: Christian Bale. The bad: Tom Hooper taking David Fincher's Oscar. The rest of it was either predictable or boring.

Bazookka Joe: Hopefully, it'll be Terrence Malick's year next year. (And now he'll probably lose to that hack Stephen Daldry.)


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-- Tom O'Neil

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Hooray for Hollywood---why? No class anymore. example - Melissa Leo. Sorry a great like Kirk Douglas had to share the stage with her. Also, instead of being ashamed of the life style of many, let's just make a joke about it.

What happened to the Oscar producer's main goal of "not playing anyone off"? It seems to me that they started quite early AFTER letting Melissa Leo ramble on. Some possible good speeches were cut and junk was rampant during the entire telecast.

I doubt the Supporting Actress nominees felt Kirk Douglas was funny at such a "trying" moment. Well, at least Kirk, the ham, THOUGHT he was funny.

It was a great Oscar moment seeing Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win the Oscar for best original score for the Social Network.
Whoever came up with the bright idea of having the King's Speech as the soundtrack for introducing the Best Picture Nominees should be fired. That was insulting to the other films. It ruined the ceremony for me, not to mention that Social Network should have won.

i thought james franco looked tired -- like he had too much on the go and was thinking about his packed schedule/life.
anne hathasy was a better, but not great.

the writing for the show sucked.

it seemed that melissa leo's F bomb was planned to keep her name in the papers for days to come. free media and all that.

the saving grace for me was that the King's Speech was rewarded for the excellent movie it is. To me, it is true movie making and not just about someone who overcame a speech impediment, but about how a quiet, shy man assumed leadership when his country needed it most, despite his fear and psychological trauma that manifested in a speech impediment. by contrast, yes the social network is a story to be told -- but it is not one about greatness, leading a people through world war II -- it's just one of creativity and capitalist opportunism -- not quite the model of duty and integrity that the King's Speech is.


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