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Spirit Awards: James Franco wins best male lead



James Franco has won the Film Independent Spirit Award for best male lead for his performance as real-life canyoneer Aron Ralston in "127 Hours." In addition to being nominated for the role at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, Franco will host the Oscar telecast with actress Anne Hathaway.

Photo: James Franco in "127 Hours" Credit: Fox Searchlight

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Reading some of the comments about James Franco in defferent sites and I thought they are really rude. I think James Franco is trying to improve his education and it totally deserves respect. Good for him!

James Franco is a good actor and seems like the kind of guy you could easily have a beer with no matter how famous he gets. My only problem with 127 hours is that I am watching the movie the entire time waiting for him to cut his arm off. I know in this situation it is impossible, but that movie would have blown my face off if I hadn't known what was coming.

I felt the same about Titanic...except that the acting was horrible in Titanic...seriously it was like a high school play. And not a good one.

Great blog, I check it out all the time. Keep it up!

Fantastic! So happy he's finally getting recognized for an amazing role in an amazing movie. So silly that people didn't want to see this great film because of a 2 minute scene. This is totally well deserved.

Fantastic. So happy he's getting recognized for an amazing role in an amazing film. Totally well deserved.


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