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Poll: What will win the Grammy for album of the year?

Eminem recovery grammyThough I disagree with our forum moderators David "Guru" Schnelwar and Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch over what will win the Grammy for record of the year, I think they're right about what'll nab album of the year –- for all of the reasons they explain below.

Darrin "DoubleD" Dortch's commentary: Katy Perry's nomination here is a joke. Despite the album's hit singles, reviews were brutal and sales were underwhelming. She has zero chance to win. Lady Antebellum won't even win their genre category so they won't win either.

Lady Gaga's album is an EP and mainstream pop albums rarely win here, so she's a long shot as well. Other respected alternative acts like Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins failed to win here, so Arcade Fire's critically acclaimed LP is unlikely to win. Eminem's mediocre drivel will win by default since it's the year's best-selling album and he has 10 nominations.

Who will win: Eminem
Who should win: Arcade Fire
Spoiler: Lady Gaga

David "Guru" Schnelwar's commentary: Eminem's "Recovery" was the best-selling album of 2010. Last year, Taylor Swift's "Fearless" won album of the year and was the best-selling album of 2009. This is also Eminem's third time nominated in this category. Previously, Radiohead and Kanye West were both nominated three times in this category, and the third time was not the charm for either of them.

Lady Antebellum had the second-best-selling album of 2010. They are also nominated for record of the year and song of the year against Eminem. It is not expected that Lady Antebellum will win here.

An album nominated for best alternative music album has yet to win in this category. Arcade Fire is unlikely to be the one to break that cycle.

Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" are both representing the pop field and will likely split the vote. I expect Eminem's "Recovery" to win.

Who will win: "Recovery," Eminem
Who should win: "The Fame Monster," Lady Gaga
Spoiler: "Need You Now," Lady Antebellum

-- Tom O'Neil  

Photo: The cover of Eminem's album "Recovery." Credit: Aftermath Records

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I don't like rap music so I do not think he will win it so predicting that lady gaga won't get the snub like last year. Lady gaga had the hits and 2010 was without a doubt a big year for her. She had bad romance, telephone and Alejandro to prove why she deserves to win.

This one's a no-brainer for Eminem; no serious critic has suggested anyone else for AOTY, and it's his big comeback album. I'm no fan of his work, but he certainly must be respected; after all, he does own an Oscar. Besides, the competition is weaker here; Arcade Fire is too edgy for Grammy geezers, while Lady A has only one hit on its album and Lady Gaga only a couple.

If there's a sleeper in this category, it's Katy Perry. Most of the complaints about "Teenage Dream" seem to be more about "California Gurls" and the album cover than the album itself. Seriously, the title track and "Firework" are MUCH better tracks, perhaps Katy's best ever; they prove she has a LOT more to look forward to than just regurgitating "I Kissed a Girl" for the rest of her career.


I think Arcade Fire should pick up the trophy but their too "weird" for the Grammy Awards and besides in the last 20 years or so most of the best albums have been alternative and still fail to win Grammys (Nevermind, Ok Computer, Soft Bulletin, Elephant, Kid A, etc) I think the only alternative album to have won was "Jagged Little Pill" in 95. Lady Antebellum could win because Grammys love anything Country, I mean every week you got another crappy Country Music special or Awards show and these things get good ratings obviously CBS realizes this fanbase and could give it to Lady Antebellum.

Katy Perry and Gaga are lightweights and just their really for the publicity the awards show will give but I doubt either of them will win album of the year.Then there is Eminem who is ratings gold and had one of the most commercially successful albums of the year, even thought it was kind of is mediocre. Obviously he'll win or Kanye will go up on stage again or the Grammys will be thought of as "anti-hip hop and pro country or whatever"

M&M, Gaga and KP are rediculous drivel and shouldn't even be on the ballot. Arcade Fire and Lady A are the only SERIOUS contenders...I'm hoping for Lady A.

Given Grammy's history, if NARAS wants to play it safe, conservative then Lady Ant. will win...NARAS has yet to honor a hard core rap recording in the top category, so Eminem losing in this category should come as no surprise given that most of Mr. Em's recordings are still heavily laced with misogynist profanities and the same beat rhythms are mostly repetitive throughout...rather dull and no longer shocking in my opinion. Lady GaGa has a chance here but The Fame Monster is just a repeat of The Fame...really nothing new or original and the only standout songs are Bad Romance (a good video btw)and Telephone. Katy Perry is pop fluff at its best and worst. I don't think NARAS needs to embarrass itself even further. A Lady Ant. win would be embarrassing enough. Arcade Fire would be the ideal winner here but NARAS only seem to nominate "alternative" recordings for just window-dressing to show that it is hip and up to speed with trends in the music biz...and to keep critics from howling with despair over the other nominees who they consider not worthy. If NARAS has to choose to give the top honor to a hard core rap recording by either Kanye or Em, I think NARAS will prefer to go with Em over the egomaniacal Kanye...Hell if a mediocre recording by Taylor Swift can win the top honor then Lady Ant. should have no problem here...


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