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Poll: What did you think of the Oscars telecast?

In general, opinion of the Oscars telecast is that it was poor. Yes, it received a few raves (Entertainment Weekly), but it was also blasted as a "bomb" (Hollywood Reporter). (Read a full roundup here.) Maybe the truth is somewhere in between?

Oscars dragPersonally, I thought it was a smartly stylized show with lots of wonderful moments -- like James Franco and Anne Hathaway's "Inception" opener and Celine Dion's understated crooning of "Smile" during the "In Memoriam" tribute. I even liked the kids singing "Over the Rainbow" when the show was over because the segment  was given a big, dramatic payoff. The kids represented Everyboy and Everygirl who suddenly got a shot at performing at the Super Bowl of Showbiz. When they were joined at the end of the song by Oscar winners clutching their gold statuettes as they descended a staircase, that scene reminded everyone of just how far  amateur aspirations can carry you.

But the ceremony was plagued by missed opportunities. Why wasn't Anne Hathaway given a big musical number? Instead, she performed a bit from "Les Miserables" -- superbly -- then was cut off. Sure, it was funny when James Franco came out in drag, but the joke had no punch line. Worst of all: A segment pooling the input of two of the greatest Oscar hosts in history -- Bob Hope and Billy Crystal -- fell flat because it wasn't given time to fly. All night while watching the show, I kept getting the sense that producers Don Mischer and Bruce Cohen were hovering over everyone on stage with stopwatches and vaudeville hooks, too obsessed with trimming the show. (It ended up being one of the shortest in recent history.) They ended up cutting out its heart.

Now tell us what you think. Vote in our poll and contribute your thoughts by clicking on "Comments" above.


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-- Tom O'Neil

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This year's show was quite DULL. James Franco was boring and their little skits with Anne Hathaway was innane and something you would see at a HIGH SCHOOL Variety show. The focus should have been more on MOTION PICTURES. Glad they did not open the show with one of those hokey singing and dancing numbers, best left for Broadway. Next year's show should have more focus on what the Academy Stands for: FILM MAKING. Maybe even a segment lauding WRITERS. I liked the "script" segments and saw the lines of the script as the actors said them. More stuff like that. What about some "out takes and flubs" to show some of the levity that goes on making a film. How come the Oscars with Bob Hope and Billy Crystal were so much better? They need to review years past and see what worked then, and revise it to the present. Franco and Hathaway were very mediocre and boring. Have someone of interest up there. Hope and Crystal did it solo, now you need two presenters? Something clearly wrong.

They went back to the idiotic "The Oscar goes to" nonsense. Last year they had winners; this year just recipients.

The highlight was Mr. Douglas! He was wonderful. The rest was kind of boring.

What bra size does James Franco take? ;)

I found Godfather III better than Anne and James hosting the oscars. My 30th high school reunion was hosted better. Keep James under that rock and take away his pocket knife.

I give it a C-. Aren't there anymore comedy writers available??? Which is why James and Anne fell flat. They're young and perky and appealing but had terrible material to work with. Please no more old stars who shouldn't really be presenting due to some handicap. Nothing against handicap but poor was embarrassing to watch. AMPAS let's start brain-storming for next year.

This is one show I didn't fall asleep to. I waited for the end because I loved, loved, loved "The Kings Speech" and Colin Firth has always been one of my favorites. Yeah to the win! I would sit through all those speeches everyone made just for the last few minutes. The speeches were all right on, even the f--------- slip which doesn't require an apology, especially after all the s--- you hear in the movies these days. That's why I loved, loved, loved "King's Speech". Did I say that already? .

All the ladies looked very stylish. Could hardly wait to see what Ann Hathaway wore next. Exquisite gowns. James Franco doesn't have to be funny or hip. He's just a beautiful soul. He's no Hugh Jackman when it comes to performance but give him a few years, he's going to knock his fans out with his acting talent. And yummy eye candy. I do agree that something more could have been done with him in drag. He's good looking even as a woman. That moment had me smiling.

Overall a geat evening for all of us movie goers who just want to sit back, have a snack, and wait for the best movie, best actor and actress Oscars.

All of the "comedy" fell flat. The only one that laughed at Anne Hathaway was Anne Hathaway. She mentioned several times that this year's production was geared to the 'young and hip' crowd. Please don't insult us, Anne. Who wrote this mess?

I thought Ann Hathaway was good, very stylish and beautiful but a little too silly. James Franco had no personality at all. The Academy deserves much better - let's hope for a big improvement next year.

I was confused by the name Oscar, I thought it was Obama and didn't watch.

What little we watched of it was poor, uninteresting, and boring. Not much to watch or to keep our interest.

Next year , comedy please, certainly there are enough good writers and comedians in Hollywood aren't there?

Bring back Gil Cates as producer.

One of the worst Oscar telecasts in memory. Franco looked bored or stunned the entire night. Hathaway was OK but the program lacked anything fresh or innovative. The list of presenters was questionable (why have Kirk Douglas out there alone when he obviously needed some help, yet Kathryn Bigelow needed Hilary Swank?), and why present Best Director out of order? It robbed any drama there was for naming Best Picture 20 minutes later. Even Billy Crystal seemed off his mark. But hopefully they let him host again next year, and the next, and the next...


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