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Poll: What was the worst part of the Oscars telecast?

Oscars judge law robert downey jr Let's face it. There were lots of horrendous moments in the Oscars telecast. How dare the producers cut the Billy Crystal-Bob Hope segment so short to allow more time for what followed next: that witless, cringe-inducing, never-ending "banter" between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Am I the only one outraged that producers ran audio from "The King's Speech" over video of all other nine films when introducing the nominees for best picture? How insulting! It hadn't even won yet. Couldn't they have waited a few minutes before rubbing it in?

Some people may think Melissa Leo's F-bomb was cool, but my view is this: If they're dropped in a clever way, fine. If not, they're a pathetic ploy for attention.

Many other scenes from the Oscarcast can be judged both ways. What about James Franco in drag? Some viewers may have enjoyed the long, gushing and fawning intros of nominees for lead actor and actress given by last year's winners, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. They made my teeth ache.

Photo: Robert Downey Jr., left, and Jude Law. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images.


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Once you hype something young and hip; you piss of everyone over 40. You should have said nothing. And, we are supposed to sit there and watch an incredibly unhip show--with a few exceptions! You can be very hip and young at heart at any age you fools

Kirk Douglas was excruciating to watch.

Letting Kirk Douglas present an award feels like they are tormenting him rather than honoring him.

The best part was Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. The worst part was Anne Hathaway saying "young and hip". If you've got to say it that much, guess what? You're NOT hip! She was a way too gushy and phony and James Franco was way too stoned (or at least acted like he was). I would think that even if I were stoned, the thought of hosting the Oscars might wake me up a little! It was a weird Oscar night (again!). But, of course, I'll always watch the Oscars no matter how weird and corny.

Kirk Douglas was the worst segment. Nothing against Kirk really...but when someone is that old and not really up to the task of presenting, AMPAS should have went with a replacement instead. It was soooooo embarrassing and aggravating to watch.

Jude and Robert have exceptional chemistry that doesn't come along very often. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't asked to host next year. If not, I hope they are invited to present again.

It was a bit dull as usual. However, I loved the RDJ and Jude Law bit.

How can you say Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law was horrible on Oscar night??? They were the best things about the night!!!

You're usually right on with your comments, etc., but I'm afraid I also have to disagree with you on RDJ and Jude. I also loved the Billy/Bob moment. It was a nostalgic and clever introduction to two equally entertaining presenters.

Robert is almost always the one spark of life in these otherwise paint-by-numbers awards shows, and no matter who he's paired with he shines... He is certainly never "witless". He might actually be an excellent host someday.

Most EVERYTHING about the Oscars was cringeworthy, from the hosts to the musical segments, EXCEPT Jude and Robert. They were one of the few signs of life in the whole affair.

Sounds like someone is jealous of RDJ and Jude's bromance.

Stay mad, bro


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