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Justin Bieber is 'upset' and 'disappointed' by Grammy slaps

After losing the Grammy Award for best new artist to jazz singer Esperanza Spalding and the award for pop vocal album to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber was surprisingly candid backstage.

"I worked really hard these past few years and you know, I'm not going to lie — I was disappointed," Bieber told MTV News. "But, you know, I'm gonna come back [next year] and we'll take a few home."

Justin bieber grammy awardsThe losses have inspired him to "work harder than I did last year," he added. "It's going to be hard, but I'm going to try."

He tweeted to his fans, "As for the awards ... of course I wanted to win. Its been & still is a dream to win a grammy. Was I upset ... yes. But I was happy for her also. Someone said to me tonight its not your successes that define u but your failures. I lost ... but I don't plan on this being my last chance."

Some Bieber fans were so furious over the loss that they attacked Spalding's Wikipedia page with insults and threats. One poster told her to "go die in a hole." Later, the page was cleaned up.

Soon after the Grammycast, Awards Tracker asked our readers if Bieber was robbed at the Grammys by losing best new artist to Spalding. As of this writing, there were more than 1,300 responses who voiced their opinions below. There's still time to add your vote.


-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: Justin Bieber performing with Jaden Smith on the Grammy show. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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I think JB was honest about his feelings and he was humble. Yeah it was depressing to him, but he said he would work harder next year. He is not a sore loser. A lot of people love him or hate him, but he is who he is, get over your hate, hate only destroys the world it adds justice for anyone. As for the liberal remark below I agree. People have become more and more judgmental about people. I love that JB is not afraid of failure, and he takes everything in professionally. He has great morals, and has faith in Jesus, and a lot of famous people have forgotten or never realized that there talent is given to them by the creator of the world, God. I personally like his music and other types of music, and he is a cute teenager and I am too old to be like a crazed teenage fan but I am a fan just not a crazy fan, and I think he can dance. People that give negative comments about who he is, are just jealous people and they probably secretly wish they could be as successful as him. Keep up the good work JB and you will not be washed up by 20, like someone else stated. Continue to Never Say Never, and continue to follow your dreams and don't forget to stay humble, and continue to love the Lord your Savior!!!

Esperanza Spalding is amazing. She most definitely deserved it.

omg y didnt justin win he shouldve one big time he the best who is that chick that won anyway never heard of her grammy people u need to chek the votes AGAIN BUT NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

Justin is just 16 years old. He hasn't paid any real dues. He got all kinds of record deals by the time he was what 15? You know how long some artists have to work before somebody signs them? He is a spoiled brat and has already started believing his own hype. Creating music, creating art, is about the creation of it. Everything that comes to you as a result of that creation - the money, the success, the fame . . . is EXTRA. I would tell Justin stop trying to be a STAR and just work toward being a GREAT ARTIST.

Nowadays you put out 1 hit record and the next you win tons of awards..awards should be given for hard work and excellence over time..If the fans are upset its because they have been trained to believe that because they buy the music their Artist deserves immediate accolades.

I understand it's a Best New Artist Award but that shouldn't just mean record sales that should mean potential to become great Artistically.

The thing about Beiber is he's not as good live as all the hype would lead you to believe, he's just average not great, there are a lot of musicians better than him out there. Also if he won I would of lost all my hope in humanity because he was against artists like Mumford and sons and Esperanza who can actually sing outside of a studio and have real meaning and emotion in their songs.

His fans also seem rather narrow minded and immature based on the comments below at least some of them do, Bieber Extremists........

Justin should've totally won that Grammy but its all good gonna go hard next year trust in believe that like him and Jayden smith said"never say never" and guess what the doubters never get anywhere and thats a fact!!!!!!! peace im out.... yeah he 16 so what not many adults can do it on their own check that

Hey Bieber I love you and i think you should have won. You have an Amazing voice and your super cute im not even sure who Esperanza Spalding is. I've never heard of him and kinda disappionted that you lost but you are young, I loved your movie too. Just try hard next year and hopefully you will winn

Oh, poor Justin. Maybe they could add a new Grammy category so he would be sure to win:
Most Overhyped, or even better,
Most Overhyped with little talent. This one he's sure to win. How about: Future Hasbeen by age 20.
How about: Get this kid out of my face already.

Yeah!, Definitely all of the above. He could win many awards if they added those categories.

How shameful for BeaverBieb fans to attack Esperanza's Wiki page. Such spoiled children! NARAS obviously voted for talent over commercial manufactured hooey. Bieb will just be another teen idol who will eventually fall on the wayside like Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, etc. Bieb it will be best that you just disappear and stop annoying music lovers period!

I get a headache when my 8 year old listens to JB's CD. All that auto-tune and pitch correction hurts. And it's totally unoriginal to boot.

To the all of his fans.
he lost, get over it.
NO! he wasnt robbed, stop pretending he was.

Justin Bieber is sixteen years old. The amount of work Spalding has but into her music is probably triple what Bieber has. Not to mention the fact that Spalding is significantly more talented than Bieber. That's what these crazed fans don't understand. Just because someone is more popular doesn't mean there aren't less popular, more talented musicians out there.

Bieber is reasonably talented but there will always be artists out there who are far more deserving of awards.

A 16 yr old EXPECTS to win a Grammy? A 71 yr old music legend, Mavis Staples, won her 1st Grammy last night; and she has been recording since ( in 1956!) before there was a Grammy Awards. Some of the best and/or most successful people in modern music history never won a Grammy. This kid needs to get a sense of perspective and be grateful that he was even nominated--many of music's greats were never even given that honor and died wishing they had been given that bit of popular recognition. "Pay your dues" and then you can complain; but no 16 yr old should ever believe he or she is entitled to a Grammy.

i think justin bieber should be reconized more for his talents

How could people hate or love him???YOU NEVER MEET HIM!!!!! Yes i think he should have won it,but hes not the only person who could sing.Good luck next year Just-In.Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

He worked hard the last year? Esperanza Spalding is a 26-year-old woman who has worked hard at her craft since was 26-years-old.

Sure, Bieber is the only one who works hard in the business. He's a kid.

you are only 16 (even though you look 12). Too bad your adoring 12 year old brainwashed fans who think you actually make music weren't there to give you anything. Boo Ho. Although you have a good voice, you dance around like a chicken with its head cut off singing about things that you have no experience to sing about. This is why silly Biebs you did not win because you need to make actually music to win an award. Take a page from Bob Dylan, and go into Folk. This money hungry sex crazed industry will only destroy your soul, which it probably has already. I just hate watching you, I thought you were a girl the first time I heard your voice. And I was like "Oh I like her," it was cute, but no no no please stop making this trash.

Justin Bieber was robbed! He was the best act of the night! That was the last grammys awards show that I will watch. Bunch of Liberals! They don't like what Justin stands for , they instead give awards to losers whose idea of expressing themselves musically is yelling cuss words! Show was a joke !

His fans though, on the other hand, need to grow up. Hey, kind of like Whoopie The Ego Goldberg.

You gotta love the misleading title which implies the beebs was a sore loser. He wasn't; he was simply answering the question and being honest. I don't listen to his music as he's far too young and not my style, but I think he is terrific and so not a whiner. Good for you our little Canadian homegrown boy!

Oh yeah and Happy Valentine's Day ;)

Yeah man (usher voice) that's the spirit Justin!! Lol don't worry baybee, there's always next year :D and seriously, who the hell is that lady???? You should've won BOTH awards - you deserved them after all YOUR hard hard work and dedication! But this is just modivation - so Justin, GO HAAARRRRD ;D

im sad he didn't win :'(

Gee! we have a bunch of Kanye West acting LOSERS.

Did we not learn anything from last night-- Justin is not a USHER Jr.

The direction that they have taken this Guitar playing - ARTIST is - for commercialization only - to make a buck! $$

When he competes with talented people - he loses.

The Grammys is a recognition of your voice and instrumentality - not whether or not you can Moon Walk like Michael Jackson.

GET YOUR OWN THING - stop being a copycat .

Do something original - thats why he lost !

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