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James Franco and Anne Hathaway in Oscar boot camp

In their latest Oscar promos, James Franco dodges mannequins as he "attempts to break the record for the Oscar run," notes an announcer. Bottom video: Anne Hathaway seems a little too concerned about the possibility that the telecast might run overtime.

-- Tom O'Neil

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I'm a huge fan of Franco and Hathaway, and I give them major props for taking part in these promos, but it seems odd to me that The Academy, who is so quick to litigate any misuse of their statuette, name or reputation, can be on one hand so protective of their "image" and on the other condone these ridiculous promos for the awards telecast. Clearly this is yet another example of "dumbing down" to attract a wider audience. What a shame. There was a day when the whole world turned into the Oscar telecast and it was an almost sacred experience, full of real STARS, not just personalities as it is today. I do think that the proliferation of awards shows (Globes, Independent Spirit, BAFTA, SAG, etc.) have tended to dilute the impact of "THE" motion picture award show. Pity.

The really gross ad is where Franco times Hathaway when she's in the toilet. You hear a flush, and she rushes out and slaps hands with him. EWWWW! She didn't even wash, how icky!


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