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Grammy Awards: Live coverage and commentary on Ministry of Gossip, Awards Tracker and Pop & Hiss

Here it is, a lovely February afternoon in Los Angeles, and Staples Center has started to receive its annual parade of pop stars, rock royalty, country cads and sirens, hip-hop sensations -- and those who love, dress, record, market or bankroll them, or any other combination therein. For the latest in all things Grammys -- including information on Lady Gaga arriving like some sort of modern day Cleopatra, please check out The Times' Awards Tracker, Ministry of Gossip, and our music blog, Pop & Hiss. Our coverage will include Todd Martens' live coverage of the pre-telecast awards, occurring now, and the ceremony, which starts at 5 p.m.

It's been a busy weekend in tinseltown -- Arcade Fire kept it real at the Ukranian Cultural Center; Bruno Mars delivered featherweight pop to the glamoratti at Bardot -- so we've been running around, keeping tabs on the Grammy shenanigans. Check out the links below for our take on party patrol so far.

--Margaret Wappler


Grammy Awards: Bruno Mars celebrates his seven nominations at the Smeezingtons party at Bardot

Grammy Awards: Dierks Bentley's hootenanny includes Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Dan Auerbach of Black Keys

Grammy Awards: Mississippi Night at the Grammy Museum: Fat cats and muffler guitars

Grammys 2011: Arcade Fire at the Ukrainian Cultural Center

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he Grammy was a debacle. The PRODUCTION sucked.Stage crews running in front of the camera, confused, putting up mics, bringing in props, moving wires.Eva Longoria, HUH? How'd she get on the show giving an entree speech about the 1st meeting of Bieb and Usher--cue music before she was finished. Confusing footage & who cares? Back to the first set, the homage to Aretha Franklin. Who decided to put these 4 women together? Christina Aguilera sounded like she had bronchitis. My God! It was just plain a bad choice to pair Hudson and her with the others. The whole thing sounded like a Glee production. Best thing about Lady Gaga was the 60 Minutes' interview prior. All the hype over her impending show, after the lackluster performances to that point, begging for her act to be a little, dare I say, meatier, became being pushed, not rolled, on to the stage in a hard boiled egg. What the hell? & who told Katy Perry she could sing? Who? I couldn't wait for the back-up singers. At any rate, I only hear her perform the same 2 songs, EVER! The self-serving, blurry pictures of her wedding flashing behind her singing on a swing were absurd. Related to the show? How? Eminem and Rianna? Crazy dumb. Rianna is beginning to sound like Sinead O'Connor on electric steroids. Will people ever let Dylan have the luxury of basking in his past glory? Mick Jagger must never feed; although his performance seemed far above the others, at the very least energetic. The exception to this was Jones, Urban, and Mayer. What a great combo. Jayden, Jayder, what is his name? paired with the Bieb? Am I missing something? When did he become a performer in that genre. At least he made the Bieb look taller. Indulge me with one more thing. Paltrow almost slipped standing up on the piano. Why on earth did she wear those shoes? I just can't go on. I am now ranting. Going to bed early without finishing the show was an intelligent choice. Perhaps I missed something better after, but I'd rather sleep than watch a show sleep walk through a nightmare in Prime Time. I'm most likely not the best person to review a Grammy, because I honestly don't imbibe in mainstream music. Still, come on, this was just a HUGE train wreck.


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