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Grammy Awards: Arcade Fire wins album of the year

"The Suburbs" -- Arcade Fire

“The Suburbs” was awarded the top album prize -- album of the year -- at the 53rd Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The album is the third from Canadian indie rock outfit Arcade Fire, and the award was one of three trophies the band was up for.

“The Suburbs,” released by Chapel Hill, N.C., label Merge, landed on numerous critics' best-of album lists, including writers from The Times.

The awards — which are considered the highest honor in the music world — were presented at Staples Center and telecast on CBS. Check back for more on Awards Tracker.



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A well deserved Grammy and finally NARAS managed to get it right for a change. After years of embarrassments: Falling Into You, Taylor Swift, Two Against Nature (Steely Dan I love ya but that's not your best work), Toto IV, Christopher Cross, Lionel Ritchie to name a few...Grammy needed this shot in the arm. It's surprises like this that make the Grammys worth watching (sometimes).

Thank you Arcade Fire for reminding us that "sampling" other artist's original material, the way the Black Eyed Peas embarrassingly continue to do so, may not always get you a Grammy. Arcade Fire's original, raw, compositions may not be the sugar candy the KISS-FM crowd is used to listening to in LA radio, but at the very least, Arcade Fire demonstrated on national TV that they truly do know how to play their musical instruments before an audience, unlike several other nominated artists tonight who constantly lipsync their material and pass it off as "live" entertainment in their concert tours, complete with pre-taped music. As a guitar and piano player, I can appreciate Arcade Fire's spontaneous return to the music stage to play the last song of the

Thanks Ashley for such an arrogant comment. Have you even listened to the album instead of judgeing who they are as people? This album is strong the whole way through. Unlike the rest of the nominees. This album is life changing. Its also nice that a small indie band from Canada got the recognition it finally deserved for there talents.

You guys are ridiculous! After a night of rewarding generic, mundane acts, the Academy actually got one right with Arcade Fire. I can't wait to see them and other awesome bands at Coachella in April. Its fine if you're satisfied being forcefed the stagnant trash radio stations put out all the time but at least don't put your dignity on the line defending their occasional award losses. Its just embarrassing!

Haha, awesome comments.

For once, the best Album actually won. Who would have thunk?

And Qwerty, that is a comment for the ages.

A wonderful Canadian band! I own all of their albums. To be honest, I didn't expect them to win but was pleasantly surprised when they did. Their performance was great too. So much energy. They deserved this award in my opinion.

thats rediculos. Thats was Gagas catagory all the way, Ive never even HEARD if them!

The end of the presentation was the equivalent of artistic masturbation. Incredibly disrespectful to everybody who just lost, the rest of the scheduled programming, everybody in the audience, everybody watching... I've got to be honest, I knew who they were, but never bought the record, as I thought it was trash, and still do. When the Grammys stop being about rewarding arrogant hipsters, I'll start watching again, but tonight's the last for a long time. But they were so mind numbingly rude, at that point, the Academy should have snatched the award from their grabby little hands. Didn't they ever think their first performance was so bad that we didn't need an encore? Incredibly arrogant, and they'll be in hipster/indie heaven soon; soon, nobody will know about them, because media doesn't tolerate egomaniacal monsters very well, especially at award shows. Took two years for Kanye, and he created a masterpiece. Don't see them doing the same.

Never heard on this band.
How did they split the odds and win this?


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