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Grammy Awards: Chris Brown loses three Grammys (ouch, ouch, ouch)

Chris brown

Chris Brown may have looked like a winner appearing on "Saturday Night Live," but he took a pummeling at the Grammy Awards, losing three times.

His "Graffiti" lost contemporary R&B album to Usher's "Raymond vs. Raymond." His collaboration with Tank, "Take My Time," lost performance by an R&B group with vocals to Sade's "Soldier of Love."

Most amazing: He didn't lose rap/sung collaboration to Eminem and Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie," which was also nominated. He lost to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind," which also beat "Love the Way You Lie" for rap song.

The awards were bestowed prior to the main TV broadcast on CBS. Brown announced ahead of time that he could not attend due to schedule conflicts.

-- Tom O'Neil

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency


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chris you are talented michael jackson died everyone hating him but i stand by his music no matter what u did i forgive you.i know in your heart u want a second chance but u have to work hard stay out of media dnt give them something to write about,u are talented more than most artist god gave you talent, ibelieve something happen at the grammy,bt let me tell you something keep on bringing up ur talent maybe at the grammys there is no second child i think thy are just being harsh on you they are not jugdes u were sentenced u finished without encounting any problems even the jugde praised you who are they to judge um are a winner chris u hv talent use it. i wish u and riri u can sort things together and the world can say look at them they have fight this thing together they make a great you riri please please take care of chris he need you da most

Chris is a brilliant performer and his performances on SNL was amazzzzzing. You do not hear EHollywood talking about it, the news, nothing. They do not want to give him credit and its not fair. We know he deserved to win on the grammys. Chris fans are proud of him.

chris brown deserved to win at the 2011 grammy awards people are just haters deuces was one of the best songs in rmb it won top 100 song on bet and to work so hard and not get an award is crazy brezzy for life

I disagree w you all & it has nothing to do w CB being an abuser.

CB's music wasnt better than 'NY'. That song was universally loved. Had such a catchy beat, painted a vivid picture of NY; had a crazy good hook : It rightfully won. Wasnt it even the NY Yankees theme last season?

I do think LTWYL shoulda won one award.

Grammys always get it wrong. CB shoulda one Best RB Vocal Perfornance for "With You" from his 2nd cd. He definitely shouda won for "No Air" w Jordin Sparks.

Chris Brown is awesome. He is such a talented guy and I think people have been wrong to have been so judgemental about him. First of all, what happened between him and Rihanna is a part of our world everyday. Domestic violence between couples these days is very common and if it had not been Rihanna would anybody have really cared this much. I think its time people let it go and I hope that Chris Brown will soon realize how many fans he still has and how many of us are behind him. And hopefully he can start touring again because i'm telling you people, I have seen him 3 times in concert and you can't imagine how good he is. I have been to a whole lot of concerts but none compare to him. We love you Chris and hope to SEE you on tour soon.

I truly admire Chris Brown. I wish he could've won at least one of those well deserved grammy's, but I also feel it is politics. So many artists who didn't deserve to win won, but that's all good. Chris Brown will have his day again. He's got too much talent to let this get him down and at least his fans know this. Chin up CB I know you're the real winner :)

chris brown should of wonn !! mayneee . i would of rather seen him then rihanna !! them awards should of went to chriss ! ppl i havent even heard of was nominatedd and wonn . doesnt matter christopher still the bestest ;)

I guess Rihanna is paying bills. You treat her like she's God. Chris is doing really great. Jimi Hendrix never won any Grammys. Are you going to write a hate article about him too?


all i can say is this. based on what's been happening with chris since he's been blackballed, it's truly a miracle that he was even thought to be nominated. Graffiti's album sales were said to be so low yet it was nominated Deuces was the hit record of 2010 but those other songs came out way before deuces became so pupular. Take my time was good but it didn't get any airplay. Again it's still a miracle to be nominated even though it doesn't mean a thing that he didn't win. Grammys do not showcase how much talent a person has. Chris doesn't need a grammy to know that he has a gift and teambreezy is behind him all the way. Personally im glad neither him or rihanna won in the 2 categories they were both in because that would've made even more headlines about chris "beating" rihanna again; only this time in the music scene. All rihanna fans should be happy she got her lil grammy for only girl in the world and she performed so yippee horray now people can stop talking about chris and rihanna's treacherous grammy night. I love them both and even though they both nag my nerves time and time again i will stay a fan to them. Chris is an amazingly talent singer/dancer and rihanna well she's not afraid to flaunt what she has. good for her. plus i like a lot of her songs. So grammy win or not, Chris did do very well the last 6 months of last yr and his new album FAME will probably put him back on top.

Sade FTW!

@Craig I agree!

Actually I agree with all of these posts.

never based some1's talent and success on such cheap awards. now days u can buy an award so why give it any value. dont care wat haters and low life ppl say chris brown i more talented then majority of those so called ''artists'' at the grammys, no need for award to define his talent. u go and do ur thing breezy.

Why hate on Chris Brown? At least he got the three nominations, that's a huge achievement, especially two coming from a poorly selling album and his best chance coming from a song off a mixtape. How about comment on how Justin Beiber didn't win any either (ouch and ouch).

he's a great performer.
I hope he keeps going

I am a little more than disappoint to know Chris Brown lost the best rap/sung collab grammy to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Yes, Empire State of Mind was a great 2009. But its nomination this year was utterly ridiculous. It had no business being on the ballot to begin with. I especially feel that new comer Kevin 'K-Mac' McCall (featured of Deuces) could have used this when to give further recognition to the grand talent this singer/rapper/composer/writer could have used. McCall's mix tape, "Uninvited Guest" will be available for download tomorrow via is website

This is why I don't look at the Grammys, nothing more than a popularity contest! If anything Deuces should of one, Empire State of Mind, if that was the case, they should have gave it to Rihanna and Eminem, and to Sade, Soldier of Love didn't even reach no, 1 on the R&B charts. If they were not going to let him win at least one, they shouldn't have nominated him. They are still stuck in the past, but I guess fear oh Jay Z, is why he won. I guess they forget, this is a man that stabbed another man in the neck, sold drugs, and yes, hit a female in her face. I know there will be haters of CB (mainly white people) that will not like my comment, but who cares!


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