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Anne Hathaway's Oscar promos: Is the slapstick working?

February 25, 2011 |  1:19 pm

Joan Rivers just tweeted: "This Sunday millions of people will tune in to watch the Oscars, and only two of them will laugh at Anne Hathaway's jokes--her parents." The veteran comic has got a point. Check out the latest Oscar promo below featuring Anne as Evita in a bit of a "Rump Shaker" mashup.

The 28-year-old actress is clearly talented as we've seen from her roles in "Rachel Getting Married" and this year's dramedy "Love & Other Drugs." But straight comedy? 

The Oscars producers are clearly smitten with the young woman's talent. Both Don Mischer and Bruce Cohen gushed over the ability of her "comic writer's mind" to come up with alternate lines during rehearsals with James Franco in our story on them here. Perhaps slapstick just isn't her thing.

Rather than amusing, the promos, especially the Evita one, are becoming grating and leave me dreading the extended version we're destined to see Sunday night. Am I wrong? Let me know below. Just a thought: If they wanted a comedian to host the show, they should have hired a comedian.

 --Nicole Sperling