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'Last Airbender,' 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' lead 31st annual Razzie nominations


M. Night Shyamalan may have received best director and screenplay Oscar nominations for the 1999 best picture nominee "The Sixth Sense," but more recently his films are being nominated for the Golden Raspberry -- Razzie -- Awards. His 2010 misfire, "The Last Airbender," makes him a threepeat offender in the Razzie world after 2006's "The Lady in the Water" and 2008's "The Happening."

His 3-D version of the popular animated TV series scored nine Razzie nominations Monday morning, including worst picture, director, remake, screenplay, worst screen couple/worst ensemble and a new Razzie category, worst eye-gouging misuse of 3-D.

Also scoring nine thumbs down was the box-office giant "Eclipse," the third installment in "The Twilight Saga."

Joining "Airbender" and "Eclipse" in the worst picture category are "The Bounty Hunter," "Sex and the City 2" and "Vampires Suck."

Battling it out for worst actor are nominees Jack Black for "Gulliver's Travels," Gerard Butler for "The Bounty Hunter," Ashton Kutcher for "Killers" and "Valentine's Day," Taylor Lautner for "Eclipse" and "Valentine's Day," and Robert Pattinson for "Remember Me" and "Eclipse."

Worst actress nominees are Jennifer Aniston for "The Bounty Hunter" and "The Switch," Miley Cyrus for "The Last Song," all four gal pals from "Sex and the City 2," Megan Fox for "Jonah Hex" and Kristen Stewart for "Eclipse."

Those with the dubious distinction of being nominated in the supporting actress category are

Jessica Alba for four films, "The Killer Inside Me," "Little Fockers," "Machete" and "Valentine's Day"; Cher, "Burlesque"; Liza Minnelli, "Sex and the City 2"; Nicola Peltz, "The Last Airbender"; and Barbra Streisand for "Little Fockers."

The worst supporting actor category includes Billy Ray Cyrus, "The Spy Next Door"; George Lopez for "Marmaduke," "The Spy Next Door" and "Valentine's Day"; Dev Patel, "The Last Airbender"; Jackson Rathbone for "The Last Airbender" and "Eclipse"; and Rob Schneider, "Grown Ups."

Joining "Last Airbender" in the worst eye-goughing misuse of 3-D category are "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore," "Clash of the Titans," "The Nutcracker in 3D" and "Saw 3D."

Nominees for worst screen couple/worst ensemble are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler for "The Bounty Hunter"; Josh Brolin's face and Megan Fox's accent in "Jonah Hex"; and the entire casts of "The Last Airbender," "Sex and the City 2" and "Eclipse."

Vying with Shyamalan for worst director are Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer for "Vampires Suck," Michael Patrick King for "Sex and the City 2," David Slade for "Eclipse" and Sylvester Stallone for "The Expendables."

Besides Shyamalan, worst screenplay nominees are John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey for "Little Fockers," Michael Patrick King for "Sex and the City 2," Melissa Rosenberg for "Eclipse" and Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer for "Vampires Suck."

Joining "Last Airbender" in worst prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel are "Clash of the Titans," "Sex and the City 2," "Eclipse" and "Vampires Suck."

Though the "winners" rarely ever show up to receive their Razzie, Sandra Bullock, who won the lead actress Oscar last year for "The Blind Side," did attend to pick up her Razzie for "All About Steve" the night before the Academy Awards.

The Razzies will be announced Feb. 26 -- the evening before the Oscars -- at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood.

-- Susan King

Photo: M. Night Shyamalan on the set of "The Last Airbender." Credit: Zade Rosenthal / Paramount Pictures

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@05:07 PM. Fantasy setting or not, human behavior should make sense in the context. This movie did not deliver that. "It's a fantasy" is a cop-out. A good movie is a good movie.
Tell a story is all I ask, with believable motivations and reactions on the part of the characters. Maybe even give your characters some "character"!

I don't see all the dumping on this movie. What, not real enough for ya? Hellloooo it's a fantasy movie. It wasn't the typical M. Night flick, that's for sure, but I give him thumbs up for stepping out into the unknown and taking some chances with it all. It was an escape from the sad reality that has become the world right now and isn't that what a movie of this sort is supposed to be? You can even find a little lesson or two in it if you try hard enough.

Ok all you armchair experts and movie directors carry for me I'll hide the popcorn for round two. :) (pulling for ya, Mr. Shayamalan)

The Last Airbender deserves every Razzie it gets. My mom watched it on the plane, never having seen the series and having every expectation of enjoyment, since one of our relatives has a role as an extra. It did not qualify as a good movie, or an entertaining movie.
I caught it on DVD this weekend. As a fan of the series and having followed the development and the controversy, I was resolved to enjoy it on its own, changes and "racebending" and all.
It was awful! The story was not cohesive. The changes seemed random, and had no benefit to the movie. There was WAY too much exposition. The acting was painful. It was as though "look like you want to cry" was the instructions to Aang, Katara and Zuko in every scene. The slow motion was overused. The action scenes were laughable.
I hope M. Night shows up for his award and apologize for that mess. I have seen three of his previous movies and enjoyed all three. I am a minority myself, so it isn't my racism that made me think the movie was bad. Not so bad its good, either. Just bad.

Jessica Alba got four supporting actor noms? hmmm.....

I have to say Sandra Bullock accepting the Razzie in person last year was awesome. That takes guts - and I love what she said in interviews later - AT LEAST ITS AN AWARD!

How could any list of crappy movies be complete this year without adding Going the Distance? Justin Long and Drew Barrymore simply slept walked through this yawner. Although I have to say that since I saw this on a plane it did help put me to sleep. So that's good...

Sandra Bullock is the coolest. Hopefully she will start a trend of people showing up for the awards. After all, just to get nominated means you're doing quite well in the movie business. So why shouldn't filmmakers have a sense of humor about their more questionable work?

(VAMPIRES SUCK would have worked well if they'd simply done some of the scenes from Twilight verbatim).

Some of the reviews for Angelina Jolie cite her bad acting as a particular, in "The Tourist". One critic called her a "comatose sculpure"
But the Hollywood Foreing Press Assn. gave her a nomination for Best Actress in a comedy. This, many feel, was to assure her presence at the awards.

Jajajaja, man that was funny Micheal ! Texting conventions, hilarious, I didn't even know they existed...thanks for the good laugh...

Apparently, the next movie in "The Last Airbender" series is in the works. It seems the first film crossed some $$ threshold which greenlit the second one.

I think most folks (including myself) probably saw the first one out of curiosity or loyalty to the franchise. Don't think that all of these viewers are going to be fooled again.

...matches his accomplishments in The Sixth Sense. He does have his fans, however, and Unbreakable is a very unique film.

I am having a difficult time understanding the extreme level of public hate directed towards Shyalaman, and can only guess that it's racism. There are way worse directors/writers than him, but they don't get the vitriol that's usually reserved only for him, by both members of the public and media. I'm not a fan of all his movies, and think nothing quite

Last Airbender wasn't a great movie, but it wasn't as bad as people said. But Vampires Suck was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and the jokes were sooooo lame many were 40 years old (I've seen them in 1970's movies). Movies like the Last Airbender and Vampires Suck still puzzle me as to how they get funding.

Good or bad, M. Night's movies are money losers so why make more? And a high school writing class could have written a better script for Vampires and a lot cheaper, too.

But, as they say, there are suckers born every minute and that certainly applies to movie investors.

It's obvious that anonymous is a teenage girl who has forgotten that texting conventions do not apply to actual writing. I am an adult with a teenage daughter and I probably am one of the few adults who has read the "Twilight" books. I must have been either especially masochistic or terminally bored. Pure dreck, and the movies are even worse.

My 6 year old loves The Last Airbender. That's who the movie was made for. The direction is actually very good, it's just chic to jump on the anti-Shyamalan bandwagon right now.

The Last Airbender was a really good movie. My wife and I both thought it followed the series well enough to recognize many key scenes from the animated series that were included in the movie. I don't know why it got such poor reviews. The actors all did really good work. The special effects were better than average. Again, I'm having a hard time figuring out all the negativity.

Box office success doesn't always mean the movie is good. Most of the time it means the movie had good marketing, comes with A-list actors and so on. All listed movies are so bad it really makes you wonder what the hell was in the producer's mind, other than the money coming from ticket sales. And so many other movies deserve to get a Razzie.

The Last Airbender - Worst Movie
Taylor Laughtner - Worst Actor (this kid is horrible) (The worst I have ever seen) (I cannot believe this kids gets work)
Megan Fox - Worst Actress

It's so easy to stand on the sidelines and try to shame people who are trying to create. I can't imagine any winner has ever somehow been positively challenged to make something better after winning. It's just mean.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner they three of the best actors in the world and Eclispe was one of the best movies of all time i dont know why the nominated for the worst and actors and worst movie there was some more boring movies out there that should of got nominated for the worst film and actors
Kristen Robert and Taylor Rule
i have also seen most of kristen Stewart movies i have loved every one i have seen seen so they shouldnt be on the list neither should be the movie
Team Twilight all the way


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