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Oscar nominations: Surprises and snubs [video]

Now that the Oscar nominations are out, what to make of it all?

"The King's Speech" leads with 12 and looks poised to duke it out with "The Social Network" for best picture, but "True Grit" proved a bit of a surprise with 10 nominations, including nods for best picture, directors Joel and Ethan Coen (who also are in the running for adapted screenplay), actor Jeff Bridges and supporting actress Hailee Steinfeld. Perhaps an even bigger eyebrow-raiser is "Winter's Bone," which premiered at Sundance a year ago and walked away with four top nominations Tuesday morning.

Among the snubs: Although "Inception's" Christopher Nolan is up for original screenplay, he didn't get a nod for director, leaving him with a career shutout in that category. Also left in the cold were the documentaries "Waiting for Superman" and "Client 9."

For more surprises and snubs, watch the video above as Times film reporters Nicole Sperling and John Horn analyze the Academy Awards.

-- Scott Sandell


'The King's Speech,' 'True Grit' top Academy Award nominations

Oscar nominees react

The full list of nominations


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Angelina Jolie was great in SALT....her facial and physical emotions so much better than Nicole Kidman's botox boring face....she was snubbed again by Hollywood agents who think that cuteness is more important than passion (Jennifer Anitson also fits that description)...that's okay, Angie still has a long way to go!!!

Wow, you guys are snarky about the Coen Bros. "wrong with Hollywood and America today"? Sounds like a Fox news headline! Their work is gritty, clever, sexy, smart, haunting, violent, poetic, and visually stunning. It's the westward expansion, the making of America. Compare it to Kurt Sutter's SOA. Their films have America written all over them- Fargo, for example. Whereas the Social Network is of the moment (and beautifully done), the Coen Bros work shows us the gritty stuff. If you don't think violence was around at our creation, read your history books.

my top ten list for 2010:

Maybe if you saw "True Grit", went in with an open mind, and forget who drected it, you might enjoy it and see why it was nominated. Jeff Bridges would've won the Oscar for it if they hadn't given it to him last year, he's that good, as is the young actress and Matt Damon and Barry Pepper in their roles. Whats wrong with America is two parties, the Democrats and Republicans can't meet halfway on anything. GW Bush sent us looking for a needle in a haystack and now were stuck trying to pull our country out of deep dark hole. The Social Network? Everyone loves it because they sit and wait for a response to their response to his or hers or your response on Facebook, oh gee, I just got a hit, gotta run now....

COEN BROS = GENIUS! What movies are you watching?

The Coen Brothers are a treasure, although I would have nominated Chris Nolan for "Inception" over them for what is, essentially, a re-make. If you only want to go see mindless movies that are meant just to make you happy (and there's nothing wrong with that), you have plenty of options. I thought "Burn After Reading" was hysterical.

I agree with the last person's comments. The Coen Brothers represent everything that is wrong with modern day cinema. To make it worse, It's as if they punch each other in the face repeatedly, spin in a circle, then pick the ending and immediately begin shooting. "Brilliant! Oh, absolutely brilliant ending... I wonder what it means."

The Academy will do what the Academy will do, but I wish to god they'd stop their love affair with the crap that is put out by the Coen brothers. Nihilistic, depressing, and ultimately demoralizing, they are EVERYTHING that is wrong with 21st century America.

After "Burn After Reading" I swore I would never see another Coen brothers production, so perhaps I'm even wrong about True Grit, because it can win 1,000 awards, but I will never watch it. But to me, the Coen brothers epitomize everything that is WRONG with Hollywood and America today.


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