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SAG Awards: John Hawkes isn't 'comfortable' talking about himself [Video]

John Hawkes just got back from the Sundance Film Festival -- an event where a year ago, a small independent film called "Winter's Bone" was just starting to get some buzz. On Sunday, Hawkes was walking the red carpet to talk about his best supporting actor nod for his part in that film, and he said he felt much more at home in snowy Park City, Utah.

"It's an unusual part of the work," said the actor. "I think I'm a lot more comfortable playing parts than talking about myself or parts. But you know something, it's such a gratifying thing to be thought of and certainly, if it draws more people to this movie, 'Winter's Bone,' then I couldn't be happier."

That's the main reason he's looking forward to the Oscars, too.

"Yeah, it's pretty wild," he said of "Winter's Bone" being included in the best picture category at the Academy Awards. "Again, I just hope that more people see the film. I'm very proud to be part of it."

--Amy Kaufman

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I went to high school with John Hawkes (Perkins) and he is a great guy from a wonderful family. My mother and his mother (Pat) are very good friends. Winter's bone is a great movie. I have spent time where it was filmed on location near the Missouri/Arkansas line.

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Very genuine, not like a Hollywood movie. They got it right. Love the soundtrack.

He's a terrific working actor who's been around for years and I'm so happy he got some recognition for his work.

what a nice guy. hope to see more of his acting in the future.


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