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Another chance to shop for a cause -- this time, it's Heal the Bay

Hourglass necklace 
There's no doubt that shopping therapy is a boon to many. But when your shopping benefits a cause -- well, some of us believe that practically earns the shopper a place in heaven (or, at the very least, a reprieve from that other place). 

This time out the beneficiary is Heal the Bay, an organization dedicated to keeping the waters off Southern California safe and clean.  The vehicle is a sale titled Buy the Bay, and the items include:

-- A miniature hourglass necklace that "holds local beach sand to remind us not to take for granted the precious time we spend in our beaches" ($100).

-- "Day at the Beach" scented candles ($30).

Sound of the sea -- A "Sounds of the Sea" glass shell  (at right)  crafted to capture the sounds of Southern California’s greatest acoustic venue -- the beach" ($150).

-- "Beach Babysitter" bubble set ($10).

-- "World's Tallest Sandcastle (Starter Kit)" ($15).

It seems our beaches need all the help they can get. A report released Wednesday said the number of times the nation's beaches were closed or posted with warnings because of polluted water jumped last year to its second-highest level in 21 years.

Just something to think about as we head off into the July 4 weekend. Besides, Christmas is coming ... eventually.


Kora jewelry creates a collection from unexpected objects

Chrysalis butterfly ball raises more than $1 million to help the homeless

-- Alice Short

 Photos: Hourglass necklace and glass shell. Credit: Buy the Bay

Your Stylist: The right dress for any prom princess and necklaces for an accessories amateur

Resident Image stylist and market editor Melissa Magsaysay soothes your sartorial woes in the weekly Your Stylist blog column.

Dear Your Stylist,
I know you usually dispense styling tips, but I wondered if you could offer some shopping guidance as well. A friend’s high school age sister is visiting from a small town in Northern California this weekend and she’s on the hunt for a prom dress that will be different from what all of her girlfriends will be wearing. She wants to keep the gown’s price tag under $300 and they only have one afternoon to find that perfect dress. Can you recommend some stores for her to try? WF, Los Angeles


Ah yes, prom time is upon us and tons of giddy teens are out looking for that perfect dress with all the enthusiasm of a bride-to-be, only with a smaller budget and no massive wedding to plan, just the anxiety of coaxing their parents to extend their curfew.

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Strategic Shopper: Prolonging that holiday glow


I just returned from a snowy week on the East Coast, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my winter wonderland. Here are a few things that remind me of the lake-and-lodge lifestyle I recently left. (And remember, the week between Christmas and New Year's is one of the best times of the year for guilt-free shopping for yourself!) 

For comfort, I find the Gap dip-dye red sweater below reminds me of a roaring fire, the bag and coat of hunter's plaid.

For joy, the OPI nail polish is the perfect shade of glittery Christmas tree ornament red, and leave it to J. Crew to update the classic Aran hat in sparkly metallic silver.

To warm the soul, because I can't find a website that ships Harpoon's spicy Winter Warmer beer to California, I'll have to settle for a sip of Green Mountain Coffee, which isn't such a bad thing, especially when it's Gingerbread flavor.

And since I can't get the L.A. weather to cooperate, I guess I will have to turn the office air conditioning to near-Arctic (which may require a pair of stylish fingerless gloves).

-- Booth Moore

Gap_rage    Pendleton_rage
























Top photo: Vermont snow. Photo credit: Kathleen Moore

Top row: Dip-dyed cardigan sweater, on sale for $34.99 at Gap. Photo credit: Gap; Pendleton x Property Of Portland bag, $250 at Bloomingdales stores. Photo credit: Property Of

Middle row: Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony peplum jacket on sale for $455 at Opening Ceremony. Photo credit: Opening Ceremony. OPI Crimson Carol red, $7.32 at Photo credit: Nail Polish Diva

Bottom row: Metallic Aran Isle Hat $19.99 at J. Crew. Photo credit: J. Crew. Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Gingerbread coffee, $8.49 at  



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